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HornerXpress Xnews XtraIn a world market where consumers are shifting their buying preferences towards energy efficient and 'Green' products, it's important to keep up with the times and understand how you can profit from this trend. HornerXpress Worldwide is dedicated to helping grow your business, we have compiled some product suggestions and tips for you to make & save money!
Making Money - 'Green' Products for the Pool Industry

Products That Will Save You Money

In our industry there is now an incredible array of options you can use to help your customers ‘Go Green & Save Money’ - here’s a list of products we think do both, while keeping your bottom line in the black!
  • AquaCal Heat Pumps - reduce energy costs while delivering the results your customers want. You can heat or cool!
  • AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generators - eliminate adding manufactured hazardous chemicals while effectively treating the pool from the inside. Economical and smart!
  • COVERFree Liquid Blanket - a perfect solution to retaining heat and reducing evaporation, invisibly!
  • Infusion V-Fittings - switch out those old return inlet fittings to improve circulation and help distribute heated, treated water more effectively. Inexpensive and very effective!
  • Variable speed pumps and motors - there are many to choose from for new or existing pools, so contact us for help in selecting the one that best fits your project. The potential energy savings make a good return on your investment!
  • Blue Square In-floor Cleaning Systems for new pools - create a trouble free pool by installing a custom designed in-floor cleaning system that also improves circulation and distributes heated, treated water from the bottom of the pool, saving energy and chemical costs. Offer it with every pool design!

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Products That Will Save You Money

Contact us for more ideas for turning your customers pool into a clean, ‘Green’, money saving machine!
Saving Money - How We're Doing It
Go Green and Save Money Have you ever wanted to get into the 'Green' movement but felt it was too difficult to embrace it? There are so many ways to reduce waste in your businesses and save money at the same time.

Here are just some of the ways we are 'Going Green' at HornerXpress Worldwide:
  1. Reusing paper and printing less - not only does this help our environment but paper and printing costs can easily get out of control. Print only what you absolutely need to.
  2. Eliminating plastic & Styrofoam cups - we’ve gone back to basics with glasses and china mugs
  3. Recycling all cans, paper and plastic - each week one of our Team takes a bag of discarded items to a recycling drop-off point.
  4. Turning off all computer monitors at the end of the day
  5. Reduce faxing and mailing - our goal is to reduce and ultimately eliminate faxes and mailed documents wherever possible. Please make sure you sign up for our Online Ordering - even if you don't place your orders through the system you can access your account 24/7 and download invoices etc. Many brochures and manuals are available via the internet and you can download them to your computer any time!
You may be surprised at how quickly expenses reduce when you choose to reduce your environmental impact!

Closing Suggestions HornerXpress Xnews Xtra
We recommend that you tell your customers what you are doing as a company to be more environmentally friendly. Many consumers today are concerned about their potential impact on the planet - and even if they aren’t, just about everyone wants to save money and improve their pool!

Make sure you have your clients e-mail addresses as it’s an inexpensive way to reach out and is less impactful on the environment too!

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