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Create an easier to service swimming pool with the V-Fitting by Infusion Pool Products. With 3 NEW MODELS available, this revolutionary pool return line fitting will save time, money and energy by simply replacing standard eyeball fittings. V-Fittings' 60 degree venturi deep heats by drawing warmer surface water through strategically placed louvers, thrusting it to the floor creating a cleaner, better circulated, swimming pool. Infusion Pool Products

Watch Video V-Fitting Model Options

V-Fitting Features:
  • Increased Directional Flow Enhances Circulation
  • Improves Turnover & Filtration
  • Saves Money on Energy Costs
  • Better Overall Water Quality
  • Quicker Pool Service Times
  • 8 Colors to Choose From
  • Easy Installation
Infusion Pool Products V-Fitting

Contact your Export Manager or visit our Infusion V-Fitting website to learn more about how the V-Fitting can help save time, money and energy.

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