Are you looking for new business opportunities? Leaktronics Pro Leak Detection Kit offers just that! Traditional leak detection techniques rely on diving, dye tests and pressure tests. These techniques are good but time consuming and can even take an entire day to perform on a large pool. Leaktronics reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to pinpoint leaks! Leaktronics Pro Leak Detection Kit

Pro Kit Features:
  • Two channel headphone amp
  • (2) Transducers - one for general listening, the other specifically to find leaks in pipes
  • Patented amplifier with noise reduction
  • Reliable dye injector
  • Underwater Flashlight and inspection mirror
  • More Features 
  • Leaktronics Video - see it in action
Leaktronics Pro Leak Detection Kit
To learn how this product can open new business opportunities for you, visit our Leaktronics Pro Leak Detection Kit webpage or contact your Export Manager.
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