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March 29, 2012


HB 2625:  The fight is not over - Stand With Us!


Yesterday, the Arizona Senate failed to pass HB 2625, which protects the religious liberty of every Arizona employer and stops intrusive government mandates. Planned Parenthood immediately declared victory upon HB 2625's defeat. 

The bill failed by a 13-17 vote. However, Senator Nancy Barto changed her "Yes" vote to a "No" vote so the bill can be brought back for reconsideration at a later date. Today, Sen. Barto moved successfully for reconsideration. Two additional votes are necessary to be able to pass this legislation.


This vote highlights how effective our opponents have been at manipulating the facts of HB 2625 to the detriment of our nation's first freedom - the right to freely practice our faith.


HB 2625 also gives Arizona a strong case to fight against oppressive mandates in Obamacare.


The government should never force any employer to violate his or her religious beliefs by forcing them to cover the abortion-inducing "Plan B" pill in their insurance plans.


This fight is not over! To turn this defeat into a victory, two senators have to change their "No" votes to "Yes."

We need your help! YOU can have an impact on standing for religious freedom by making five phone calls or sending five emails today! The legislators below are the ones we hope will reconsider their "No" votes so that this legislation can pass:


Adam Driggs                           602-926-3016

Jerry Lewis                              602-926-5760

John McComish                  602-926-5898

John Nelson                            602-926-5872

Steve Pierce                           602-926-5584


Each senator listed above has been a strong vote for pro-life measures, including the ban on abortions after 20 weeks. We very much appreciate those stands. On this bill, however, they sided with Planned Parenthood. Encourage them to reconsider their position and stand with us to defend religious freedom.

Use these talking points to craft your email to these Senators:

  • The government should not force anyone to violate his or her religious beliefs. HB 2625 ensures that an overreaching government does not intrude upon our First Amendment rights.
  • HB 2625 strengthens Arizona's case to stand against Obamacare. Those opposing this bill stand with President Obama and his health care mandate that forces religious employers and other employers with religious beliefs to violate their sincerely held beliefs.
  • Despite what opponents say, HB 2625 does not allow for employers to access their employees' private medical information. Senate amendments clarify that there is no way for an employer to access an employee's protected health information. This bill has been distorted by its opponents when it simply protects religious liberty.
  • No one should be forced to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. Current Arizona Law requires employers to provide insurance coverage for "Plan B," a drug that can cause abortions.
  • The Obama administration's actions to require free birth control under Obamacare and current Arizona law impact every person of faith, regardless of their view of contraception or abortion. By forcing employers who have religious convictions about birth control to cover it in their insurance plans, the government is displaying a complete disregard for our religious liberties guaranteed under the First Amendment.

Please forward this email to a friend, encouraging them to stand for religious freedom and to contact these senators.

Pray for this and other CAP-supported legislation. Without the Lord, victory is impossible

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