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I don't know about you, but I thought Valentines Day this year seemed to be promoted much more than in the past.  I think everyone is tired of listening to all the doom, gloom and negativity in the news and wanted to focus on something else.  My husband and I went to a monthly social in our community that happened to be on Valentines Day.  Everyone was dressed in red. red shoes 

I saw more red shoes Tuesday night than I've seen in a long time!  I was wished "Happy Valentines Day", like it was "Merry Christmas" - it was very fun and heartwarming!  Hope you did something fun and heartwarming too.


Deb Schmitz

"The Money Mechanic" 

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Don't forget about my offer for the month!   Is there a piece of your finances you are frustrated with?  I will help you get peace of mind and clarity on it.  People have taken me up on the offer - $100 to be rid of the pesty thing and let someone else do the legwork.  Most of the requests have been for interpreting insurance policies and what is covered. People want a straight answer from someone who is not trying to sell them something.  I have spent some time talking with different property and casualty (P&C) insurance agents/brokers.  P&C includes insurance on your home, cars, liability, and in some cases business.  I am amazed at how every carrier quotes differently.  I am in the process of interpreting all of this to put in simple language so we all can understand it! 
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Makeover Moments 



Wow, have I been blessed lately.  My passion is to work with women to get their financial houses in order and have fun doing it.  I am fortunate to be working with many new clients.  I have received so many great comments on my book "My Own Money Mechanic, Shifting Gears for a Money Makeover You Can Live With" - THANK YOU!!  But now, here is the $64,000 question ---



The main reason I wrote the book was to help us be PROACTIVE on protecting what we have worked so hard for.  It really is so much easier the younger we are and earlier we act, but as I say, "There's never too little and it's never too late."  Start NOW.  Don't wait for life to throw a curve ball before you do something.  At that point you are REACTING and that usually means your actions are not thought through clearly.

If you have read the book, email me with an action you took as a result of reading it.  That will help me to keep the passion burning and spread the word!        
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My Own Money Mechanic, Shifting Gears for a Money Makeover You Can Live With