June 2012 

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Don't forget that Linda Bamber hosts "THINK BEYOND PINK" a thought provoking and insightful program on health. This is huge for potential franchise owners as Linda will be promoting the BRAS Franchise concept on each and every program. You can have all your clients tune in as their schedule allows. They will get valuable information on health and prevention.


For previously recorded web-talk interviews log on to:  http://www.WebTalkRadio.net.


Healing with the power of infrared heat, amethyst crystals, and negative ions.


*Improves sleep patterns
*Reduces inflammation
*Eases joint pain and stiffness
*Provides warm, soothing pain relief
*Eliminates toxins in the body
*Increases blood circulation
*Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
*Reduces allergy symptom
* Burns calories and controls weight

1 Session - $30.00
4 Sessions - $100.00

Available for home use!
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Breast Research Awareness and Support News   

                      Flax - A Powerhouse FoodBioMat

I've been letting women know about flax seeds potential for protecting our breasts for years. Our BRAS 2011 calendar even featured a flax seed muffin recipe.But we can really get double and triple benefits from eating this powerhouse seed. 

Recent studies have shown flax's ability to reduce belly fat.  In fact, on a recent Dr. Oz show, he listed it as his #1 cure for the midlife belly   Because belly fat is the all time biggest complaint for women over 40, it's a no-brainer for your diet. And there's more...hot flashes are even found to decrease by 50% over six weeks with flax intake with a difference noted in overall mood and energy. Flax is directly connected to improvements in heart, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

Flax, cultivated in ancient times for seed and fiber, has natural plant estrogens called lignans. These lignans shift the metabolism (or breakdown) of estrogen by the liver and help to burn fat.  During perimenopause and menopause uncontrolled estrogen can contribute to that spare tire effect that we're all trying to avoid. A Harvard University study over 12 weeks showed a diet adding 3-4 Tbs. of flax daily dropped 37% more weight than non-flax eaters.  Another study with mice showed 32 percent less abdominal fat with lignans from flax.

Flax is one of the easiest seeds to add to a variety of foods. Daily intake helps to satiate your appetite and get rid of the muffin top look.  Top your oatmeal with flax, use it as a coating, add to smoothies, meatloaf, homemade quickbreads, granola or flax porridge (like oatmeal). Our bodies can't digest whole flax, so make sure it is ground before use and as fresh as possible for the most nutrients.

Here is a printable version of a few favorite Flax recipes:


If you are jazzing some of your recipes up with flax--make it count.  Clean them up with unrefined salt, minimal natural sugars, coconut or almond milk, and lots of flax.  Sadly, many recipes touting flax put in minimal amounts.  Under 2 tablespoons per serving will not improve your breast health!
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Ladies in the Kansas City area - Mark your calendars!
BRAS Diva Night 
Friday July 27th, 5-9 PM 
$25/person         (Over $100 value!) 
Thermogram Demo 
BioMat Detox 
Energy Healing 
Nutritional Coaching 
DIY Emotional Bach Remedy 
9337 W. 75th St. 
Overland Park, KS 66204 
RSVP to hold your spot: ashleyrhoadesbras@gmail.com 
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During my first visit at BRAS, it was brought to my attention that my lymphatics were inflamed and were congested, which would not have been found with a mammogram. Suggestions were dry brushing, rebounding or mini-trampoline exercises, nutrition, and neutralizing EMF's to fight the lymphatic inflammation. After three months, I had a follow up with the thermography and there were improvements. With the information and a few life changes, I believe these problems will improve over time.  


Linda Bamber, Clinical Thermographer
Breast Research Awareness and Support

The information provided is designed for educational purposes only and is not provided as a professional service or as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical care and if you have, or suspect you may have, a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.