April 2012 

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Don't forget that Linda Bamber hosts "THINK BEYOND PINK" a thought provoking and insightful program on health. This is huge for potential franchise owners as Linda will be promoting the BRAS Franchise concept on each and every program. You can have all your clients tune in as their schedule allows. They will get valuable information on health and prevention.


For previously recorded web-talk interviews log on to:  http://www.WebTalkRadio.net.

Healing with the power of infrared heat, amethyst crystals, and negative ions.
*Improves sleep patterns
*Reduces inflammation
*Eases joint pain and stiffness
*Provides warm, soothing pain relief
*Eliminates toxins in the body
*Increases blood circulation
*Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
*Reduces allergy symptom
* Burns calories and controls weight

1 Session - $30.00
4 Sessions - $100.00

Available for home use!
Contact your nearest BRAS location for more information!

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Breast Research Awareness and Support News   

Ancient Art Brings Modern Day Relief


 The ancient Egyptians were skilled in reflexology.  This healing art spread to the Roman Empire and passed through many other civilizations. Today, this art is being scientifically validated in many studies, including breast cancer and breast health.    



Reflexology is a tool that helps to bring the body back in balance.  Studies show it helps to increase circulation, release pain, stress and tension and boost the immune system.


A 10 minute demonstration of hand reflexology for your breasts is available at all BRAS locations.It can be done at your desk, while riding in a car, or even watching TV.

This is a great link for learning more about reflexology with an  Interactive Chart.
Ladies in the Kansas City area:

Breast Research Awareness and Support presents:


Diva Night

May 3rd, 5-9 PM

$25/ Person                                                      Over $100 value! 

Thermogram Demo

BioMat Detoxification


Energy Healing

Nutritional Coaching

DIY Emotional Bach Remedy




RSVP to hold your spot:

ashley@breastresearchawareness.com or 913-396-2774 


Located at:

9337 W. 75th St.

Overland Park, KS 66204 


                       BRAS Calendar Spotlight


Mom and I are both survivors, she 8 years with Alzheimer's and
myself 6 years with breast cancer. Last year when I had a new  
tumor in the same breast I knew I was done with mammograms.   
That compression was too much! At the recommendation of my  
herbalist I searched on line for a certified thermographer in the  
OKC area with great success. My experience was so refreshing  
and the "bras" connection was very informative and encouraging  
in that others are looking at alternatives to conventional medicine  
in a balanced way.

-Trudy, with Mother, Elfriede 
 Linda Bamber
Clinical Thermographer
Breast Research Awareness and Support

The information provided is designed for educational purposes only and is not provided as a professional service or as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional medical care and if you have, or suspect you may have, a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.