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For the past eight years NQC has had the privilege of serving the Ryan White Program community by advancing the principles and practice of quality improvement. As you read the NQC Accomplishments article, take a moment to reflect on your own quality improvement journey. All of us have dedicated ourselves to serving the HIV community and NQC is proud to be a ready partner in that service.


On another note, a hearty congratulations to our 2012 Quality of Care Award winners.  Our reviewers were presented with outstanding applications and engaged in hours of discussions before deciding on the Awardees.  To all of you that applied, thank you for the outstanding work you do.


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Clemens Steinbock,

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> NQC News | Congratulations to the National Quality Center Award Winners!
> NQC News | NQC at the International AIDS Conference
> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update
> NQC News | Eight Years of Quality-Related Technical Assistance
> NQC News | HIVQUAL Releases New Indicators for 2011 Data Collection
> NQC News | Part D Call
> Real World Quality | Al Bishop
> Consumer Perspective | Jeff Allen
> Highlights from the NQC Collection | Empowering Consumer Engagement

> NQC News | Congratulations to the National Quality Center Award Winners!

The National Quality Center (NQC) has been recognizing the efforts of Ryan White Program grantees that have made exceptional improvements in their quality of HIV care. A plethora of quality applications were submitted this year and the reviewers faced difficult choices. Hours of discussion by NQC and the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) resulted in the the field of Awardees you will now read about.  Congratulations to our 2012 winners!


Award for Performance Measurement honors grantees that have significantly strengthened their ability to measure the quality of HIV care and services.

  • The Broward County Ryan White Part A Program Office

Broward County utilizes an integrated data software system to collect data on over 7,000 Part A clients annually. Grantee staff conduct ongoing data-driven QI activities. Data is shared with their Quality Improvement Networks which are comprised of a representative of each funded subgrantee. The Network then works with the Quality Management Committee to develop and implement quality improvement projects to enhance system-wide performance.


Award for Quality Improvement Activities recognizes grantees that have conceptualized and carried out a quality improvement project that led to significant improvement in patient care.

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center HIV/AIDS Program

Preventive care has been a major area of the University of Pittsburgh HIV/AIDS Program's Quality Management Committee's efforts. One quality improvement project explored interventions to increase completion of the hepatitis B vaccine series. As a result of these efforts, vaccine completion rates jumped from 14 to 43 percent.


Award for Quality Management Infrastructure Development honors organizations that have shown commitment to substantial infrastructural change to support and sustain quality improvement initiatives.

  • Kansas City TGA Quality Advisory Committee

This Committee is made up of providers across all Ryan White Program Parts and HIV-infected clients and developed a range of performance measures that have been tracked since 2006. In 2010, the Committee embarked on updating the TGA's Quality Management Plan. This year the Committee is fully adopting the HAB HIV Core Clinical Performance Measures and will be reviewing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy goals and incorporating them into the 2013 Quality Management Plan.


Award for Leadership in Quality recognizes individuals who have demonstrated effective leadership and championed quality improvement at a regional or national level.

  • Terry Hamilton, Director of HIV Services, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC)

Terry has been deeply involved in quality-related activities in her own organization and has also helped take the message of quality to the broader Ryan White community. She was instrumental in the establishment of the HHC corporate-wide HIV Quality Improvement (QI) Learning Network with the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute. Seventeen HHC facilities participate in this work. It includes monthly HHC-wide topical quality improvement conference calls as well as regional or corporate meetings focusing on quality improvement.

  • Terri Moncus, RN, RN Care Coordinator, Albany (GA) Area Primary Health Care, Inc., Rural Model Clinic

Terri oversees the performance improvement program at the Rural Model Clinic and is responsible for a range of activities such as tracking HAB performance measures and participating on various quality-related committees. She has led quality-related efforts to increase both PAP and TB screenings.  

  • Aaron O'Brien, MPH, Roper St. Francis Foundation, Charleston, SC

Aaron currently serves as the Program Analyst for the Ryan White Program and Wellness Center in Charleston SC. Aaron developed the program's data management and quality improvement infrastructure and now serves in a number of statewide and national capacities to further quality improvement work in HIV. He has initiated projects focused on increasing PAP screening and STD screening.


Award for Consumer Involvement in Quality Improvement recognizes outstanding efforts to involve consumers in quality improvement.

  • Robeson Health Care Corporation (RHCC)

Since 2003, RHCC has worked to increase consumer involvement. Initially, many patients in this primarily rural area were reluctant to speak out about the care they received. Staff worked with many patients individually to build their level of comfort and enabled them to be active participants in their care. Over the years, satisfaction surveys have been added, which have informed the planning of PDSA cycles. Now, consumers are involved in how RHCC approaches HAB's performance measures. Data summaries for specific performance measures are provided to consumers at Consumer Advisory Council meetings and participants provided feedback on how to improve performance.


Learn more about the Quality Awards and the 2012 winners | nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/5847/17961

> NQC News | NQC at the International AIDS Conference 


Every two years, the international HIV community comes together to learn from each other. This year, the 14th International AIDS Conference will take place July 22-27 in Washington, DC-and NQC will be there.


Posters - NQC will present two posters.

  • Improving HIV Care Through Peer Learning Collaboratives

The poster discusses NQC's efforts to create peer learning opportunities by establishing national collaboratives of federally funded HIV providers. The collaborative brings local HIV providers and city and state governments together to achieve joint improvement goals.

  • Models for Building Provider Capacity for Quality Improvement: Experience from Three National Training Program

NQC discusses its training programs including the Training-of-Trainers (TOT), Training of Quality Leaders (TQL) and Training on Coaching Basics (TCB), and highlights the successful implementation of these national quality improvement trainings.


Booth - The New York State Department of Health will have a booth at the conference and NQC materials on quality improvement will be available. Be sure to stop by if you are at the conference.


For more information on the conference | aids2012.org

> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update:  


There continues to be lots going on with the HAB/NQC in+care Campaign! At this point in the Campaign we have collected sufficient performance data to allow for a more robust analysis. Stay tuned for cool new Campaign products designed to help participants analyze their campaign data.


Campaign staff has been busy analyzing survey and focus group results to improve the Campaign. In response to feedback, efforts are underway to make campaign webinars more accessible and responsive to participants' needs. A wider range of dates and times for webinar programs will be added in the future. In addition, webinars are being designed to be more interactive and new content will be driven by survey responses. The Campaign website has also been enhanced. Campaign coach contact information has been posted and a new portal is available where participants can more easily share their improvement strategies with Campaign staff. In addition, new resources focusing on the use of data have been posted to the Campaign website. Check them out by visiting the "Resources" page on the Campaign website (look in the "Local Quality Champions" folder).


Last but not least, congratulations to St. Louis TGA, the winner of the Campaign photo drawing. Thanks to all the sites that submitted photos.


Partners in+care Update

The Partners in+care Facebook page is a forum for people with HIV from across the United States to share information on their health care and their experiences living with HIV. There are more than 450 people with HIV and those who love them already signed up and sharing on the Facebook page! For more information contact Michael Hager | michael@nationalqualitycenter.org


Learn more about the in+care Campaign | incarecampaign.org/index.cfm/75089

 in+care Campaign Upcoming Events and Activities

> July 9, 4:00-5:00 pm ET | Developing a Model Policy on Using Social Media and Texts to Contact Patients


> Every Mon/Wed 4:00 pm ET | Campaign Office Hours  

Dial-in: 866.394.2346
Participant Code: 418 257 6142 #

> July 2012 | Issue 49 | Volume 5   

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> Upcoming Events | June - July 2012 

> July 19, 3:00 pm ET National TA Call | Retention in Care


> July 24, 3:00 pm ET | Part D TA Call | Using QI Tools 

> NQC Accomplishments | Eight Years of Quality-Related Technical Assistance 


Over the last 8 years, NQC has established itself as an QI technical assistance resource for the Ryan White community. According to NQC data, the vast majority of Ryan White grantees have accessed NQC services. Since 2004, 94 percent of Ryan White grantees used at least one NQC TA service. In a 2012 online needs assessment survey, NQC TA recipients reported high satisfaction with TA received, and 95 percent would recommend NQC to other Ryan White grantees. Eighty-one (81) percent of respondents indicated that NQC services had a medium to high impact in building their expertise in QI. Respondents identified the TQL (91%), TOT (91%), and Quality Academy (85%) as having the highest impact.


Key accomplishments from 2004 to 2012

TA Calls

  • 66 webinars with 6,748 participants
  • 87 percent of Ryan White grantees participated in at least one call

Quality Academy

  • 19,487 tutorials viewed
  • 85 percent of users stated that the tutorials met their QI goals
  • 69 percent of users noted an increase in QI knowledge

On-site TA

  • 58 percent of Ryan White grantees received consultative services

Training Programs

  • NQC implemented multiple national training programs and held regional trainings to build QI capacity
  • 49 percent of Ryan White grantees participated in at least one NQC training program
  • 774 individuals graduated from 23 three-day training sessions and 503 participated in regional training workshops
  • Training of Trainers Program graduates delivered over 400 workshops to over 6,800 trainees


  • Since 2005, HAB/NQC has sponsored five Collaboratives that have increased QI capacity building through peer learning opportunities
  • 140 grantees participated in the five national Collaboratives (34% of Part A, 51% of Part B, 17% of Part C, and 14% of Part D)

QI Resources

  • Over 180 resources are on the NQC website
  • 51,223 resources were given out at 21 exhibit events

Part D Support

  • 94 percent of Part D grantees participated in NQC activities
  • According to a 2011 survey, there was an almost threefold increase in Part D utilization of NQC services from 243 in 2008 to 945 in 2010

in+care Campaign

  • In 2011, NQC launched the in+care Campaign as a voluntary QI effort focused on patient retention in HIV care. It is the largest HIV QI effort of its kind in the United States. Over 400 individuals have signed up in 204 cities across 45 states and territories; close to 52 percent of Ryan White grantees.

HIVQUAL Releases New Indicators for 2011 Data Collection


If you have not already done so, you can still register to participate in the HIVQUAL Program's review of HIV ambulatory care provided in 2011. The eHIVQUAL application allows for the secure entry of patient-level data and generation of aggregated reports that can be filtered in numerous ways and exported for sharing with your colleagues. Data submitted via the application are also included in key findings and national benchmark reports, providing you with detailed feedback on performance for a wide variety of clinical indicators.


Learn more about eHIVQUAL | ehivqual.org

Learn more about the 2011 indicators and participating eHIVQUAL by registering | https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ehqregistration 


Additional information will be provided about getting started and the submission calendar. Additional technical assistance for programs wishing to develop quality improvement projects based on the results is also available. If you have any questions, please contact us at ehivqual@health.state.ny.us or (212) 417-4620.

> NQC Offering | Part D TA Call


On Tuesday, July 24 at 3:00 PM (ET) NQC will be offering a webinar on the use of process tools to assist you in your quality improvement work.   At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Have an increased awareness of the different type of tools available; and
  • See how QI tools can be used to inform and direct your quality improvement activities

Learn more / register | nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/5847/20597

Real World Quality | Al Bishop


While Robeson Health Care Corporation (RHCC) has been recognized by NQC with a 2012 Quality of Care Award for Consumer Involvement, RHCC has engaged NQC's services on multiple levels. Al Bishop serves as the HIV Service Director for RHCC, which receives both Part C and D funding. The Part D funding has been in place since 2001 and the Part C funding was first received in 2002. RHCC, as a community health center, provides medical services in a primarily rural area. In addition to providing clinical care, RHCC also delivers behavioral health counseling services, with a focus on substance abuse, throughout southeastern North Carolina.


Since their involvement with the Ryan White Program, RHCC has taken advantage of the broad range of support offered by the NQC. Most significantly, RHCC has had on-site technical assistance on a regular basis, which includes nearly annual assessments and help with developing quality improvement plans. "We have had various consultants over the years," relates Al. "In their regular assessments, each has brought a unique and valuable perspective. They all bring something very different to the process, which has really helped us hone our program."


In addition, RHCC has relied on NQC consultants to provide training to staff and has also used many of the NQC's tools, especially those developed by other Ryan White grantees, that are available on the NQC website. RHCC has embraced quality at numerous levels-HIVQUAL, the in+Care Campaign, and local cross-Part initiatives. "Knowing that they have such a wide range of resources-grantee materials, the website, interactions with staff-makes it so easy to take advantage of their services," says Al.  

> Consumer Perspective | Jeff


If there was an extreme reality show about consumer involvement, Jeff Allen could be one of the stars. Currently, Jeff is active in the following positions:

Jeff's own experience has fostered his passion for involvement. "Since I was diagnosed in 1985, I have some bad experiences when it comes to care. They could have been rectified if people had gotten involved," says Jeff. "That is why I have made this my life's work. It is all about making sure people get the best possible care."


A significant focus of Jeff's effort is supporting the involvement of other consumers. As founder of Daytona's Positive Champions Speakers Bureau, Jeff works to train other consumers to go out into the community and speak on fear, stigma, and the importance of staying in care. Positive Champions has received a grant to further the capacity of the organization speaker's bureau to reach out to young people affected by HIV/AIDS. Jeff is also a member of the Partners in+care Workgroup, which is supporting consumer involvement in the NQC/HAB in+care Campaign. He assisted in the development of the Partners in Care Facebook page.


As he works to build the skills of his fellow consumers, Jeff has taken advantage of NQC services to build his own skills, such as the Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program. "I have a tendency to be quite serious," confesses Jeff. "I learned new skills that I can use to put a fun twist on things and make it interesting and engaging. I use the games that I learned at the TCB in the trainings that I conduct. They are important tools for helping people learn."


Jeff will be bringing his own unique experience to his work with the NQC's Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC). "I will come with my personal perspective," he shares. "I've been homeless and I have been an addict. I know that quality care is much more than just HIV care. It needs to involve the entire community." 

> Highlights from the NQC Collection | Retention in Care


The clients that we serve face many barriers that may impact their ability to continue ongoing contact with their care provider. NQC has various resources that are designed to help providers promote retention in their clients.


National TA Call: Retention in HIV Care

July 19, 3:00-4:00 pm ET

This month's National TA call will examine retention in care through a discussion of NQC's in+care Campaign as well as other initiatives. Much attention has been paid to retention over time and there is a wealth of information on how best to keep patients in care. While there is no "one size fits all" strategy, this call will offer effective ways to retain clients and useful tools for managing data.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review performance measurement strategies to assess patient retention in HIV primary care
  2. Review of national retention initiatives (rely on Campaign and SPNS)
  3. Discuss high-impact tools for managing retention data in provider practices
  4. Discuss strategies for the effective coordination of retention activities for network lead agencies

Register Here: http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/e7kl5s0kdkn/event/event_info.html

Past TA Calls

Where are my Patients? Strategies to Improve Patient Retention, July 7, 2011


Improving Patient Retention: May 13, 2010


Supporting Patient Self-Management: October 9, 2008



List of patient self-management resources.




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