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The National Quality Center (NQC) has been priviledged to work with the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau on many Collaboratives to foster 'cultures of quality' in Ryan White funded grantees. Over the years, the focus of these Colalboratives has morphed from Part-specific to cross-Part initiatives. The five state Cross-Part Colalborative was the first of these efforts. In this issue, you will read about the DC Cross-Part Colalborative and the success it has enjoyed. While this Collaborative officialy ends this month, its journey continues into the future. NQC is proud to have been part of this effort and salutes the efforts of so many dedicated individuals.


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> NQC News | DC Collaborative Update l Transitioning to Full Community Leadership
> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update
> NQC News | Partners in+care
> NQC Announcement | Pilot Training of Consumers in Quality (TCQ) │ Seeking Applications from People Living with HIV/AIDS
> NQC Offering | Part D Technical Assistance Call
> Real World Quality | Lena Lago
> Consumer Perspective | Tyler TerMeer

> NQC News | DC Collaborative Update | Transitioning to Full Community Leadership


The fifth and final Learning Session organized by the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) and the National Quality Center (NQC) for the DC EMA Cross-Part Collaborative is scheduled to take place on May 15-16 in Washington, DC. After 13 months of successes, NQC and HAB are proud of the DC Collaborative's accomplishments and are confident that the Collaborative continues to thrive under the Response Team's leadership. Among the successes of the Collaborative are:

  • Adoption of a region-wide quality management plan
  • Implementation and completion of a regional quality improvement project on syphilis screenings
  • Implementation of a second regional quality improvement project on oral health screening
  • Development of a solid mechanism to ensure consumer engagement in regional quality improvement activities and regional quality management dialogue
  • Creation of a forum where regional Ryan White stakeholders can come together to network, share successes, and troubleshoot concerns collectively 

In addition, two Collaborative members, Sister Patricia Carroll of Unity Health Care and Anne Rhodes of the Virginia Department of Health have joined the in+care Campaign as Local Quality Champions to create an opportunity for the Collaborative membership to discuss matters related to retention in care regionally.


Congratulations to all the members of the DC EMA Cross-Part Collaborative and especially the Response Team on a job well done!


Learn more about the DC EMA Cross-Part Collaborative | nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/17112/38159

> May 2012 | Issue 47 | Volume 5   

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> Upcoming Events | May - July 2012 

May 10 l Meet the Author: Amy Sitipati


May10-12 | NQC Exhibit | American Conference for the Treatment of HIV


May 17 | National TA Call | Integrating HAB Core Clinical Performance Measures into your Quality Management Program


May 22 | Partners in+care Webinar | Connecting our Peers into Care


May 24 l Partners in+care Webinar l Informal Peer-to-Peer Activities to Improve Retention in Care for PLWH


May 24-27 | NQC Exhibit | National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS


May 29 | Part D TA Call | Youth - Adherence and the Use of Social Networking


May 31 l in+care Campaign Webinar l Young PLWH Retention in Care


June 21 l National TA Call l Empowering Consumer Engagement


July 17 l National TA Call l Retention in Care

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> NQC News | in+care Campaign Update


The in+care Campaign has begun its initial evaluation process, which includes a Campaign participant survey and focus groups. These are designed to cross-validate each other and will be used to make adjustments to the Campaign moving forward. Once these evaluations have been completed, synthesized, and analyzed, the products are shared with the NQC community.


Campaign participants continue to submit performance data on the four standardized retention measures that were created by our Technical Working Group and endorsed by HAB. Here is a snapshot of the 3 data submissions so far:


Click here to see the December 20111 to April 2012 data


In addition, the Campaign continues to collect improvement intervention information on retention projects in place around the nation. In the month of March, the Campaign collected information on more than 30 different new projects that have been put in place. For information on these projects, please tune in to the upcoming Campaign webinars and visit the Campaign's website. Click the resources tab to find specific intervention information and tools in the Local Quality Champions folder.


Learn more about the in+care Campaign | incarecampaign.org/index.cfm/75089

> Upcoming in+care Campaign Deadlines 

May 15 | 

Improvement Update Form  Submission Deadline


June 1 | Performance Data Submission Deadline

> NQC News l Partners in+care update 


Partners in+care is a new community for people living with HIV and their allies from around the country who join together to improve our efforts to help people living with HIV stay in care or get into care. Partners in+care activities are designed for and by people living with HIV/AIDS. The primary purpose is to engage people living with HIV in the Campaign. The goal of Partners in+care is to engage 1000 people living with HIV and their allies. Activities will include monthly webinars (see Upcoming Events section for the next webinar) and discussion forums where people living with HIV and their allies can share tips, stories and their voices of experience.


To learn more l http://www.incarecampaign.net/index.cfm/77453

> NQC Announcement │ Pilot Training of Consumers in Quality (TCQ) │ Seeking Applications from People Living with HIV/AIDS


The National Quality Center (NQC) is recruiting people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) for its pilot training program, Training of Consumers in Quality (TCQ), to increase the number of consumers actively participating in local quality management committees or regional quality improvement activities. The rigorous TCQ Program includes extensive pre-work activities and a 2-day face-to-face TCQ Session, which will be held at Drexel University City Campus at 15th St. and Vine St. in Philadelphia, PA between June 21, 2012 (evening) and June 22, 2012 (8am-4pm).


We are asking for your assistance to widely disseminate this request for applications to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) who a) have the ability and commitment to participate in local and regional quality improvement activities, b) are associated with, volunteer for, or work with programs funded by the Ryan White Program, and c) are interested in participating in this pilot training. Completed TCQ applications need to be completed by PLWHA applicants and must be received by close of business on May 31, 2012.


A webinar with more information regarding the TCQ will take place on Friday, May 18th at 3pm. Please dial 1.866.394.2346 and use the conference code 2344547991# to access this webinar. To apply for the NQC TCQ Program, PLWHA applicants must fill out the online application and submit additional application documents to NQC.


To apply online l  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/tcqapplication.


For more information, contact Daniel Tietz toll free at (877) 874-0776 or via email at det01@health.state.ny.us.

> NQC Offering | Part D Technical Assistance Call


Part D programs have been using various social networking tools to support adherence in their young consumers. Join us for a Part D Technical Assistance Call on May 29, 3:00 - 4:30 pm ET, to learn more about this effective strategy. By participating on the call, you will gain a better understanding of:

  1. basic terms and tools of social media
  2. expanded understanding of how to use social media in their work
  3. program barriers and solutions to using social media
  4. resources available for personal exploration

To learn more about the upcoming Part D Call  | nationalqualitycenter.org/partd

> Real World Quality | Lena Lago 


With only a few weeks on the job, Lena Lago, MPH attended NQC's Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program. "I was new to quality management and to HIV. TCB was a great introduction to both," says Lena. "It introduced me to the expectations and the infrastructure of quality programs."


As Monitoring and Evaluation Manager of the Washington, DC Part A EMA, Lena continued her relationship with NQC. During her initial weeks on the job the DC EMA Cross Part Collaborative was launched. "The Collaborative was an effective mechanism for us to organize and plan grantee activities around quality."


Through the Collaborative, NQC provided an array of support to the EMA from subject matter experts to technical assistance on consumer involvement. Michael Hager, Manager at NQC, also conducted site visits with Lena to engage service providers that were not actively participating in the Collaborative.


The quarterly Collaborative meetings served as a great vehicle for getting to know service providers across the EMA. "Over the course of the Collaborative the interaction among providers and across jurisdictions have increased," says Lena. "I know people's names, the organization they work for, their role within the organization, and who to reach out to around certain challenges. Without the Collaborative, it would have taken me more time to establish these connections."


While she has now been in her position for over a year, Lena intends to continue her relationship with NQC, even as the Collaborative transitions to full community leadership. "Working with NQC is always a good opportunity to get the perspective of other EMAs and re-focus on what is important" says Lena.


Learn more about the DC EMA Cross-Part Collaborative l nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/17112/38159

> Consumer Perspective | Tyler TerMeer


When it comes to advocacy, Tyler TerMeer, MS, leads by example. Tyler has recently joined the NQC's Consumer Advisory Committee. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of People with AIDS and is Secretary of the Board of Directors for Advocates for Youth (AFY).


In November 2011, Tyler became Director of the Ohio AIDS Coalition, a division of AIDS Resource Center Ohio (ARC Ohio). It provides education, leadership training, advocacy, and support for Ohio's HIV/AIDS community.


The Ohio AIDS Coalition is currently working to implement NQC's Consumer Training Workshop, Making Sure Your HIV Care Is the Best It Can Be. This training curriculum introduces people living with HIV to performance measurement and helps build the skills consumers need to actively contribute to improvements in their own care. The curriculum provides HIV care consumers with information and skills-building experiences in self-advocacy.


"Through the training we have the opportunity to help consumers build the skills they need to advocate," says Tyler. "A lot of consumers are looking for ways to get more involved and learn strategies to advocate for their improved health outcomes."


Given his own work at both the national and local level, participants in the training have a strong role model. "It is incredibly important to continue to advocate for involving consumers in the provision of care and making sure that quality initiatives are happening," emphasizes Tyler. "Consumers need to understand the standard of care that they should receive and have the advocacy skills to ensure that this standard is met."

> Highlights from the NQC Collection | Integrating HAB Core Clinical Performance Measures into your Quality Management Program


HAB has created performance measures Ryan White funded providers can use in monitoring the quality of care they provide. The measures are based upon input from key stakeholders. NQC has numerous resources designed to help Ryan White grantees incorporate performance measures into their work.


National TA Conference Call: May 17, 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the purpose and definitions of HAB measures as well as HAB expectations for using.
  2. Learn strategies to effectively integrate HAB measures into your QM program.
  3. Learn how other grantees have integrated the HAB measures.

Learn more and register | nationalqualitycenter.org/index.cfm/17403


Quality Academy Tutorials

Tutorial 7: Acting on Measurement - Overview

Tutorial 8: Choosing Quality Measures for HIV Care and Services

Tutorial 9: Collecting Performance Data

Tutorial 21: Statistics 101 and Making Graphs in Microsoft Excel


Access the Quality Academy l



Past National TA Calls

Introduction to Performance Measurement, May 10 and June 14, 2007

Integrating HAB Core Measures into your QM Program, June 12, 2008

Integrating HAB Core Measures into your Quality Management Program, June 11, 2009

Integrating HAB Core Measures into your Quality Management Program, December 9, 2010


Access Past TA calls l



For more information on the HAB Performance Measures | HAB Performance Measures

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