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National Campaign to Improve Retention in HIV Care  
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2 in 5 have not seen an HIV primary care doctor. Join the community of learners and learn from each other.

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Campaign Headquarters

National Quality Center (NQC)

New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute


90 Church Street, 13th floor
New York, NY 10007


Work: 212-417-4730
Fax: 212-417-4684



To prepare you for the in+care Campaign we have some Pre-work Assignments.


Pre-Work Assignment A: Fill out the Retention Follow-up Pool Tool

The Retention Follow-up Tool is a form designed to help you determine the number of HIV patients who should be re-engaged in your HIV care. You will begin with a current active patient population and end with a list of patients who require follow-up activities.


The Retention Follow-up Tool Instruction Sheet will provide information on how to fill out the form. For those with Adobe Professional, complete the form, save the numbers in the document and email to sfs10@health.state.ny.us.


If you do not have Adobe Professional, you may have trouble saving the form. In that case print it out after filling it in. You may either scan and send to email above or fax to 1-212- 417-4684.


This document is due on October 26th. If you have any questions regarding this assignment please contact Samee Sulaiman at email above or call 1-212-417-4694.


Pre-Work Assignment B: Complete Lessons Learned Document  

Fill out your Lessons Learned Document, which is available on our website. This document will help us collect and share what strategies work in terms of retention. We want this to be a collaborative effort.


Simply follow the instructions and templates on the document to offer us your experiences, measurements, lessons learned and ideas.


Fill out the Lessons Learned Document and email to sfs10@health.state.ny.us. Key findings will be cataloged and posted on the Campaign website. 


Pre-Work Assignment C: Convene Your Quality Improvement Team 

Conduct your first meeting with your quality improvement team and discuss the preparations you need to make to have a successful Campaign. Discuss your goals, next steps and responsibilities.  


Join the Pre-Work Call:

To answer any further questions you might have about the Campaign and to explain the Pre-Work Assignments in a step by step way we are hosting a Pre-Work Webinar. Please join us on October 12th at 12:00pm EST. 


October 12th at 12:00pm EST  

Dial-in#: 866.394.2346
Participant Code: 7843936569

URL: http://www.nqcqualityacademy.org/incarecampaign     


We are excited to review your pre-work and wish you a fruitful beginning to your Campaign!




Clemens Steinbock
National Quality Center 

Connect. With patients.
Collaborate. With a community of learners.
Change. The course of HIV. 

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