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June 2011

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Pay It Forward Fellowship Program Benefits War Wounded and Their Caregivers

The "Pay It Forward" fellowship program, established by Home Front Hearts, allows caregivers of our war wounded and/or military spouses unable to work outside the home due to their own health/disability or that of a child/children, to participate in flexible service fellowship opportunities that enable them to assist other military families while earning much needed income.


In many cases, wounded warrior military families face financial challenges due to the drastic cut in income experienced after the injury to the military service member.  Caregivers of our war wounded possess exceptional skills, education, and work experience but often times find limited employment opportunities because of their requirements for a flexible schedule and home-based work.  


Fellows in the "Pay It Foward" program can utilize their current skills, build new skills, and focus their talents assisting other military families by providing resources, support, and understanding as they help these families overcome the challenges they face.  Caregivers work flexible hours, working on projects that fit around their caregiving schedule.  The first "Pay It Forward" fellow began service with Home Front Hearts in mid-January 2011, with a second fellow starting this month.


We currently have a waiting list of potential fellows so if you would like to donate to this program to help support our wounded warriors and caregivers or know a corporate giving department that would be a good match for this program, please email Home Front Hearts' Development Manager, Kate Midden, at kmidden@homefronthearts.org.


The "Pay it Forward" fellowship program is a matching funds program.  For more information on this program visit: http://www.homefronthearts.org/special-projects/pay-it-forward-fellowship/


A Military Father's Day Story "From the Heart"

My youngest child is six years old.  A deployment Cairns Family

baby, she's spent more than half her life without her father.  She's more geographically advanced than the average child her age.  She can easily point out where Guantanamo, Germany, Albania, and Afghanistan are on the shower curtain map we have hanging in the bathroom to play "where's Daddy".  For the first few years of her life, Sara was sure that Daddy lived at the airport because our life sometimes felt like an endless series of trips to and from the airport to pick up and drop off our favorite soldier.

Any one of my four kids will tell you that "being a soldier" is what Daddy does - it's his job.  And they're very clear on how much Daddy hates to leave them to do his job.  But they'll also tell you how proud they are of him.  And how every service member is someone who is also cherished and missed.

I can't fill Daddy's shoes - I'd never even try.  But I drive on each day - that's what we military wives do.  That's MY job until my hero hubby is back at my side.  And until then, at each meal at my table you'll hear,  "Dear God, Thank you for us being a family.  Please watch over soldiers in harms' way.  Please watch over Daddy and his team and their families until their safe return to their loved ones.  Amen"

On Fathers' Day and everyday - may you cherish the fathers and male mentors you're blessed to have in your life.  Remember to pause and acknowledge those families separated by military service - both those deployed and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  On this day when we honor the important men in our life, give thanks to our country's armed services who each day give up milestones, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays in the name of protecting and defending our great nation.



-Randi Cairns, Founder/Executive Director of Home Front Hearts 


The Home Depot Foundation Supports Home Front Hearts!


The Home Depot Foundation selected Home Front Hearts as one of their 2011 Community Impact Grant recipients!


With the funding received from the Home Depot Foundation, Home Front Hearts will provide a Virginia Beach, VA medically disabled servicemember and his family of four with much needed repairs to their home.


 "This support from the Home Depot Foundation will allow us to actually live in our house without worries about safety and health," says Sue, military spouse and caregiver.


One needed repair is heat pump services so the family won't be left without air conditioning - something this disabled service member desperately needs due to his health condition.  Plumbing issues in an upstairs bathroom resulted in a moldy tub ready to fall through a damaged floor.  Another major repair is electrical rewiring so the family won't have to worry about the house burning down due to an electrical fire.  Solving these health and safety issues will help get life back on track again.


There are many more military families who need assistance making the necessary repairs to their homes in order to make them safer and more adaptable to their needs.  Home Front Hearts is working to ensure that all of these families are provided the assistance they need.


In-kind donations, such as paint, roofing materials, and flooring, along with home improvement volunteers, including plumbers, carpenters, and electricians are always welcome!



If you'd like to get involved, please fill out the contact form our website.

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About Us

Home Front Hearts was born of the desire to honor those who serve and their families.  At Home Front Hearts, it is our intention to give voice to the families who also serve when their loved ones are called to duty; and to call to action the communities in which they live.

The mission of Home Front Hearts is to serve the families that serve our country by: providing support and resources to the families of service members, increasing public awareness of the struggles and sacrifices of military families, and engaging both individuals and businesses in building communities that are responsive to the needs of these families.

Would you like to help Home Front Hearts serve military families?  Then spread the word about our organization or click here to see how you can get involved!


Randi Cairns

Founder/Executive Director

Home Front Hearts, Inc.


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Pay It Forward Fellowship Program Benefits War Wounded and Their Caregivers
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The Home Depot Foundation Supports Home Front Hearts!
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