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Annual Plant Maintenance 

Now that we have our gardens in, you may be wondering which plants need dead-heading?  How often should I fertilize?  Oh and watering...did I do that yesterday? 
Here's an article to provide some good basics on the needs of our annual plants.  This should get you up to speed in no time: 


 Annual Plant Maintenance Article 


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Tomato Problems at a Glance: 

Tomato blights are an annual occurrence for many vegetable gardeners. 

Some good preventatives of these diseases are a cleaned garden in the fall, three to fours year rotation of crops (tomatoes, peppers and potatoes share the same diseases), proper spacing of plants for air circulation, and a good mulch that helps plants to stay moist longer between waterings. 

Early Blight and Septoria Leaf Spot are the most common.  Circular spots, grey to dark brown, appear on the lower leaves first and may work up to the top of the plant.  Spotted leaves turn yellow, then brown,  Exposed fruit will sunburn.  Wet foliage helps spread the disease so water the plants early in the day.  Remove infected leaves and spray with Bonide Liquid Copper Fungicide (sold here) if necessary. This Fungicide is also conducive for Organic Gardening.   There are no varieties resistant to Septoria Leafspot at this point. 

Blossiom end rot is a nutritional disorder caused by a variety of factors.  The first sign is a water soaked spot near the end of the tomato fruits.  The spot enlarges and turns brown.  Calcium deficiency is the main reason - it can be caused by water stress.  Avoid large fluctuations in the water supply.  Cold weather or hard soil can restrict the development so that calcium uptake will be restricted.  Ferti-lome Yield Booster (sold here) can be used during the season.  Mix one tablespoon to one gallon of water, spray once a week on overcast days, early in the morning.  

In our region, early fruit set is often hampered by cold temperatures.  Blossom Set (sold here) can help during periods when night temperatures drop under 60F.  The hormone keeps the blossom from aborting at lower temperatures. Later in the season this is not necessary anymore. 

As your tomatoes grow and thrive we also carry fertilizer and tomato cages to keep you going through the summer.  

Organic Gardening Fertilizers   

With organic gaining in popularity year after year, we are proud to carry the Espoma brand of Fertilizing Products. 

Garden Tone 

For the past 80 years, Espoma Tones have defined the naturally beautiful garden. From our famous Holly-tone to our newest product, Flower-tone, each is a complex blend of long lasting natural ingredients, enhanced with our Bio-tonemicrobes. Each Tone has been carefully developed in conjunction with nursery and horticultural professionals to produce outstanding flowers, shrubs and vegetables. No fillers, sludge or inert ingredients are ever used. And since every ounce of every Tone is manufactured in our own plant under our strict supervision, quality is guaranteed.

Long lasting natural organics break down slowly for steady, continuous feeding.

Contains Bio-tone microbes.

Adds organic matter to soil.

Safe. Low in salts so it won't burn

Safe for people, pets, & the environment

We carry: Bio-tone, Garden-tone, Plant-tone, Holly-tone, Tomato-tone, Organic Traditions and Quick Solutions. 

Stop in and get yours today! 



BreezeArt Flags and Mail Wraps

We now carry BreezeArt Decorative Flags and Mail Wraps Magnetic Mailbox Decorations.  


Breeze Art Flag 

 BreezeArt Premium Flags are made of our exclusive SolarSilk 600 denier polyester for greater durability, yet they have a softer, silkier feel for better drape and movement. Permanently dyed. Fade and mildew resistant 


Mailwraps mailbox covers attach securely with a strong magnetic strip along each side of the cover.  This patented feature allows the cover to stay put in any weather condition and enhances the appearance. They are weather resistant, fade resistant, made in the USA and include address numbers to apply on them. This product is so easy to use you can change covers with any season or holiday. 


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Annual plant maintenance 


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