Old But Always New

Spring has arrived and once again we're getting ready for the next few busy weeks ahead.  Henning has the greenhouses filled to bursting with colorful annuals, lush hanging baskets, perennials, herbs and rosebushes.  At Forth Floral we've always grown our own garden plants right here in our greenhouses.  
Starting with my Great-Grandpa, Peter Philipp, who was trained as a gardener in Luxembourg, and continuing with my Grandparents, Art and Julia Forth, my parents, Marv and Leona Schumacher, and now Henning and myself, Forth Floral has been growing plants for the spring season for 110 years.
Henning grows successive crops of annuals and vegetables so that even into June our customers have a great selection of fresh, hardy bedding plants to choose from.  
Today, our business has grown with Rhinelander and we have 30,000 square feet of greenhouse between our original Brown Street location and our production greenhouse on North Hanson Lake Road.  We always strive to look for new and unique plants and flowers as well as giftware to offer in our store.  In addition to the fresh cut flowers we grow, we import cut flowers on almost a daily basis.  
Most of our employees have been with us for many years giving our customers the advantage of their knowledge and talent.  
Spring is a hectic time of year for us, but we always look forward to seeing our gardening customers every year.  It's almost like welcoming back family.  Please let us know how your garden grows. We love to hear from you.  It helps us to bring you the highest quality plants, best suited to our climate here in Northern Wisconsin.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the days are getting longer....
Happy Spring!

Ruth Hempel 

Come See Our New Products!

Hummingbird Feeder

Just in time for Spring we have Par.A.Sol Hummingbird Feeders!

Made in Mexico from 100% recycled glass, not only are these eco-friendly but they are hanging works of art!  Perfect for hanging in any window!


Also in time for the warm months ahead, we have soothing Bamboo Chimes to adorn any deck or patio.  They are hand made in Bali and offer soft mellow tones in comparison to their metal counterparts.  


Bird Bamboo Chime



For your outdoor parties and get-togethers, we have a new line of Amazonlights Premium Citronella Products. Available in Incense Cones, Incense Sticks and Garden Candles, this line contains 300-500% more essential oils than most other products. These are also perfect for using while gardening for a Deet-free solution to keep the mosquitoes away.


Amazon lights      

Forth Grown Special of the Week!
May 14th-20th 

1 Gallon Perennials $9.59 (reg. 11.99)


Pack of the Week:

Pansies 4pk $2.25 (reg. $2.79)


Colonial At Home 
Check out our exciting Seasonal Scent Program 
Every month we feature a fragrance that helps you set the mood in your home for that particular time. 

This month's Scent Of The Month is:

Stop in to enjoy this scent mix of lush berries, sweet plum, fresh melon and watery greens that blend into cyclamen, violet petals, gardenias and jasmine. 

Plus get 25% off this candle for May only!

 A Child's First Garden 


If you have young ones and would like to get them interested in gardening we have some tips to get you started: 

A small plot with two or three species of flowers should be just enough for their first garden. Consider plants like snapdragons, lamb's ears and nasturtiums, which all do well in sun. Bleeding hearts, pansies and violets are more shade-loving plants. 

Let the teaching and learning begin by letting them help plant, weed and water throughout the season.  By letting them "own" their new garden, they are sure to get excited, learn and create many new memories throughout the year. 

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