Does this spark any memories?

 Twinkle Head

"It's a wonderful feeling to look at myself and laugh and then let 

loose my grip on control of the moment. I want it forever."


I must say this image was a total surprise to me ... not that they all aren't. Imagine this...a sophisticated gentleman with a British accent who worked in the technical field and banking industry.  My meditation brings through an image of him in cowboy flannel PJ's and a beanie hat. Really?!   Of course, I paint what I see and to my delight, he was thrilled with it!  Clearly there is a very playful, fun side to him and the common response of people seeing his portrait is "He looks like someone I want to know!"  When I look at this portrait, it reminds me to lighten up, not take myself too seriously, access my childlike wonder and have fun! Thank you for that Twinkle Head!
This painting will be hanging in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Novato, where my studio is, from this Saturday the 21st through Feb 26th.  I also have a piece hanging in the lobby.  The Reception is this Saturday 5-7. Come on by!  


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