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Exciting new options for Soul Portraits!

Winged woman breaking out of egg
Return to Innocence
I would like to share with you the recent event which has launched me into a whole new, additional way of doing Soul Portraits.  Rather than explain it to you myself, the following is written by one of my clients regarding the painting above and what transpired which led me to new insights.

"Jill Culver's artistry is truly a gift that keeps on giving!


I am an unabashed fan and patron of Jill Culver's artworks. For the past 7.5 years, I have been reveling in the steady stream of inspiration and insight that springs eternal from my Soul Portrait. When I sat for my portrait all those years ago, I had no idea the profound impact it would have over time. 


And just when I thought it couldn't get any better . . .


Recently, Jill offered to show me a new painting she was bringing to life.  She was between commissions, so she took to her oils and canvas completely open to see what wanted to come through, no client, no agenda.  The moment I laid eyes on her latest work I knew it was for me.  And I knew, with certainty, it was another Soul Portrait.  How astonishing to realize that, once again, Jill conjured poetic imagery that speaks so profoundly to my Soul's Journey as I perceive it today.


Amazingly, the imagery of 'Return to Innocence' is as much a likeness of "me" as the original . . . perhaps more so because metaphor is so powerful. It speaks to so much of who I am, what is currently unfolding for me, and who I am becoming. 


Bravo, Jill . . . and THANK YOU for being willing to do the profound work of Soul, with such delight, passion, supreme talent and willingness to continuously venture beyond the 'familiar' and the 'known'.  I'm sure I will continue to collect and enjoy your deliciously novel and sensational works for years to come."

I am deeply touched that my client's portraits mean so much to her.  And I love that what has come out of this experience is the realization that Soul Portraits can come in many different forms.  


I'm excited to explore and offer in addition to my regular Soul Portraits... Non-likeness Soul Portraits. This means that you would still come for a sitting like you would for a regular portrait (or provide a photo), but the focus will not be on your face. I would do my same meditation process to receive your image, and trust it will be specifically for you.  However, your painting may or may not include a human face or body.  And if it does, it will not be "your" face or body - just a symbolic version of you.    


So for those of you who may have wanted a soul portrait but were stymied by likeness issues, here is a new opportunity for you!


The other good news is that without the challenge of providing a correct "likeness" I think I will be able to do them more quickly and of varying sizes which will allow for a broader range of prices and affordability.  


I can barely contain my excitement about this and can't wait to see where it leads!!  If you are up for the adventure, give me a shout and we'll jump in together!  


Please consider sharing this with a friend. 


With love and awe at the beauty of life's twists and turns,




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