A Night of Soulful Delight! 

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Are you introspective and looking for 
 fun ways to go deeper ?  Me too!


What I so love about the creative process is that you never know where it is going to lead.  So with excitement, I share with you my latest "nudge from the Universe".  


The response to my Soul Portrait Personal Inquiry Card Deck has been fantastic!  Many people have reported choosing a card and carrying the inquiry question with them throughout the day, seeing where its message shows up in their life.  (To see examples of the cards - Click here )


At a recent gathering I had, I brought out the deck.  Each person there pulled a card and we were amazed with what transpired.  Everyone resonated with their chosen card's message, gaining insights into aspects of their lives. Afterwards, it was suggested that I do "Card Parties" where I create this experience for others.


"A Night of Soulful Delight"  was born!  

These events will be playful and lighthearted while at the same time, open us to our intuition and the deeper messages of our souls.  


The level of sharing would be dependent on each individual's choice.  Given that we are all connected, I trust everyone will benefit from listening to what others share and from our own willingness to open to what comes up for ourselves. 


So if you love inquiry and imagination and have friends who like to connect in the same way, let's create an evening of exploration together.   You may want to consider it for a birthday celebration, or with your women's group, men's group, meditation group, etc.  


Contact me to discuss the details of how we can create this fun, affordable and memorable  "Night of Soulful Delight" together!  (Obviously, this also applies to daytime parties as well ; -)


With love and excitement,



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