My Radio Interview with 
"Love Letters Live"

Felix and Kitty

Are you appreciating your loved ones?  Are you telling them what's in your heart?  Or are you waiting to do so in a Eulogy?

Janet Gallin is encouraging us to write those love letters now on her program called "Love Letters Live". The show is heartwarming and inspiring as you hear people's stories and listen to their letters. They may be a war veteran writing to a family in Viet Nam -- someone writing to say goodbye to a loved one or a heartfelt letter of gratitude to a mentor.  By sharing what is in their heart, both parties are blessed and lifted through the experience.  

Since my interview, the radio station was sold out from under them and Janet is now looking for their new "on air home".  In the meantime, Janet continues on with this wonderful show through the internet at I encourage you to check this out and to write your own love letters now while people are around to enjoy the reward of such a genuine and profound gift.  

(Interviews are 30 min each)

With love,


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