November 2010
Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance Program
Issue No. 3

Re-entry initiatives have been gathering steam this month in Cuyahoga County.  U.S. Magistrate Judge Gregory White and U.S. Magistrate Judge Kenneth McHargh, two of the three judges running the Federal Reentry Court for the Northern District of Ohio, have expressed their admiration and appreciation for the Cleveland Lawyers' Initiative on Re-entry's (CLIR) efforts to mobilize lawyers on the issue.

On Oct. 20, CLIR representatives attended the monthly session of the Federal Reentry Court, where the judges, probation officers, public defenders and AUSAs discuss the case files of the eight participants in Federal Re-entry Court before the participants enter the courtroom, to share information. 

At the full court sessions, participants in the program discuss their progress and learn whether they have earned a monthly "credit" earned by making progress toward their monthly goals, testing negative for drugs, checking in with probation officers, sending out résumés or keeping their jobs. It takes 12 credits to graduate from the program. Participants and their families at the October session were told of CLIR's efforts to help and urged to attend the monthly brief advice clinics at North Star if they are facing legal obstacles in their efforts to reenter society.

According to CLIR head Brian Lamb, the project is really a remarkable effort on the part of judges, lawyers and POs to make a difference, by focusing intense effort and resources on a handful of volunteer participants who truly wish to re-enter society.  For more information about the court initiative, or to find out more about CLIR or to attend its next meeting on Nov. 17, please email Brian or call (216) 566-5590.
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Cleveland Lawyers' Initiative on Reentry (CLIR)
Brief Advice/Intake Clinics

North Star Neighborhood Reentry Resource Center, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
2010: December 10
2011: Jan. 14, Feb. 11, March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8
Periodic training sessions for new volunteers TBA - call Brian Lamb at (216) 566-5590 for more information.
Next CLIR meeting: Nov. 17 at Thompson Hine LLP, 3900 Key Center.
In the News
Catholic Charities, NEOCH Team Up to Stage Gourmet Meal for the Poor
On Oct. 22, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Catholic Charities Health and Human Services and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless would be hosting the Hand Up Gala, a fancy, formal dining event for low-income and homeless people, on Nov. 9.  At the event the groups offered about 225 attendees gourmet delicacies prepared by a professional chef, accompanied by a live jazz band to create a four-star atmosphere.
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Homelessness can cause mental problems in kids
On Oct. 24, InvestigateWest reported that the consequences of homelessness can be devastating and long-lasting for young children.  The typical homeless families in the country are headed by young women in their 20s, typically with two children, while nearly half those children are under age 5.  Among the problems suffered by children in homeless families are developmental delays, emotional and behavioral problems, and a host of challenges that stress their developing systems physically and mentally.  Therapists emphasize working with the whole family as a way to help children get back on track, and say building confidence in parents is critical.
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Homelessness in U.S. Key Issue During U.N. Human Rights Review
On Nov. 10, the Huffington Post reported that for the first time the U.S. was reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Council for its compliance with the entire range of human rights standards adopted by the world community.  Homelessness and the affordable housing crisis figured prominently in the meetings held across the country by the State Department in preparation for the Universal Periodic Review.  According to State, the lead agency representing the U.S. in the review, of all the human rights issues raised in preparatory meetings held with advocates, local governments, and civilians, housing was the number one issue identified.  The Council received a report documenting trends in homelessness and their impact upon the community submitted by a coalition of national and local housing organizations, coordinated by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty (NLCHP) and endorsed by over 60 organizations.
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No Place To Call Home For Many Female Veterans
On Nov. 11, NPR reported that over the past decade, the number of female veterans who have become homeless has nearly doubled to roughly 6,500, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Mental health experts say that while women's roles in the military have been changing, public perception has been slow to catch up.  Often women veterans are running into obstacles reentering civilian life and often don't turn to the VA for help; if they do, the clinics are frequently too far away or serve mainly men.  While the VA is working to improve its care for women, many female veterans are turning to other nonprofits not associated with the military for assistance.
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Volunteer Spotlight
Kari Coniglio
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP
Kari is an active volunteer in the Bankruptcy Bypass Program.  The CMBA and Legal Aid of Cleveland partner through the program to provide pro bono legal assistance to individuals, the majority of whom are low-income senior citizens, in resolving debtor-creditor matters in which bankruptcy filing is not an option.  Kari was a featured speaker on the program at the October CHLAP CLE.  To reach Kari, please email her or call (216) 363-4690.  To find out more about the Bankruptcy Bypass Program, call Legal Aid at (216) 687-1900.
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Cleveland Homeless Legal Assistance Program
This partnership between the CMBA and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless aims to serve those in the community in need of help but least able to access legal assistance. Volunteer lawyers staff regularly scheduled sessions at many locations throughout Cleveland, including homeless shelters, to provide legal advice and assistance to homeless or at-risk individuals. Attorneys volunteer at varying levels of commitment, from helping with intake interviews and providing brief advice to accepting referrals for direct extended representation.

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