March 2012
Do You Have a Wellbeing Plan?


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Inside this newsletter: I have my 2012 "Word" - Do You? And -- Invitation to a (free) Webinar: "Bogged Down and Overwhelmed? Strategies and Tips to Handle it."


I can't believe it's already March. The last two months seemed to fly by. I sprinted out of the new year and have been going strong ever since. It's been busy! But thankfully, a good kind of busy. Still, two months of go-go-go, can wear you down. That's why I'm so glad I have a 'Wellbeing Plan" this year.
A what....? Yup, a 'Wellbeing Plan". You may recall, in my December Newsletter I offered 12 Questions to Complete Your Year and Start Anew. One of the questions asked was what your 'word or theme' might be for 2012? Well, I found my word and it's "Wellbeing". Described  by Webster Dictionary as: "The state of being happy, healthy and prosperous". Another definition (the gurus from the world of Positive Psychology) refer to wellbeing as 'thriving' and flourishing". I like that. To thrive, of course, you have to look at all dimensions of work and life. I see the pursuit of wellbeing as an ongoing affair and multifacted. Personal, professional, financial, physical, spiritual -- and more. I'm paying extra attention this year to what feeds wellbeing and what depletes it; To the triggers, limiting habits and empowering habits.  I have a plan. And I'm helping some of my clients with their own wellbeing plans. Or at least parts of it.
How do we foster that wondrous state of contentment, fulfillment, engagement, resilience, prosperity, health and overall mojo -- at work and in life? Easier on some days but when the going gets tough -- well, we need lots of good habits, strategies and ways to cope. So I'm working my plan and encouraging others to work theirs'. My word this year is to stand more firmly than ever before for personal, professional, organization wellbeing. Care to stand with me on this?  Feel free to check out my blog post on this: "Wellbeing: My Word for 2012". 

Overwhelm - Challenging Our Wellbeing: One of the things that I know gets in the way of wellbeing is that expereince of being overwhelmed. We lose our sense of resourcefulness, creativity and mojo. And that puts our success at risk and impedes that sense of 'thriving' that we so covet.  It's easy to get bogged down in today's busy work environments (and busy lives) so that's why I chose this as the theme for my upcoming Webinar, hosted by CICA


Webinar Invitation: Bogged Down With Too Much to Do? Tips and Strategies for Handling it.The CICA has once again invited me to present a Webinar and to suggest the topic. On March 27th at 12:30pm ET, I'll be presenting a session with oodles of tips and strategies on how to manage the overwhelm so that you can stand more firmly in that place of thriving. No worries if you can't make the date. If you register, you will have access to the recording anytime after. It's free of charge. Read more below and please feel free to hit the 'forward' button or share this with anyone you think might be interested.


To Your Personal, Professional and Organizational Wellbeing! 


Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC
Big Cheese Coaching and Chadnick Communications

Webinar: Tips and Strategies for Handling Overwhelm...   
As part of its series of educational Webinars, the CICA, has invited me to present a webinar and has graciously opened up their registration to anyone interested (you do not have to be an accountant). Bogged Down and Overwhelmed -- Tips and Strategies to Help Cope.


Here's the detail: March 27th at 12:30pm ET (or register and listen to the recording any time). Free of charge.


Too much to do in work and life seems to be the new normal these days. The pace and volume of work-life demands is at an unprecedented level these days. How do you get it all done and stay productive for such extended periods? How do you maintain resilience and energy when the demands keep escalating? How do you find your mojo -- that sense of wellbeing and optimism -- when it appears you'll never get out from under that heavy list of 'to-do's?


I'll be offering a lot of tips and strategies I've learned in my own practice and ongoing learning as well as from research and lessons from the fields of positive psychology and wellbeing. 


REGISTER HERE. Free of charge. And no worries if you can't make the date because once registered, you can listen in to the recording anytime after.


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