June 27, 2011
The Yin and Yang of Summer
Welcome to my 'Not-So-Monthly' newsletter! 
We're closing in on the month of June. How the heck did six months go so fast!? It has been a busy 2011 so far! I bet the same for you. Well, as July approaches, I am experiencing a bit of a Yin and Yang yearning for what I'm wanting this summer.
On one hand, June marks the half-time of 2011. So part of me wants to reflect, check in and make sure I am on track to make this a great year. I know how fast times flies so I want to grab this opportunity to do a half-time review and re-energize and re-focus my goals and intentions for the second half of 2011. 
On the other hand, it's summer for goodness sake! I want to kick back a bit, rest, play golf, have more bbqs, see more of friends and family, read more books, vacation and find some time to do nothing, nada, zilch. 
Well, I am going to both. That's Yin and Yang for y'a. How about you?
The Yin and Yang philosophy is about two opposites dependent on each other for balance. So to plan, engage and thoughtfully prepare for the second half of 2011, we also need to do that 'summer rest/fun' thing. And likewise, to truly enjoy that break, isn't it so much better knowing you are on track and know what you have/want to do going forward after your break?  
So this issue of TGIMworklife newsletter honours both intentions. 
THE YIN: For those of you who are game to do a Half-Time 2011 Review & Reflection Exercise, see this article that I wrote on my blog. I relate a bit of my experience reflecting on my half-time and I share 6 thought-starters with lots of questions to help you start your own reflection.   
THE YANG: Just for fun and to honour the spirit of the laid-back part of summer, here's an article I stumbled across from a Forbes blog that you might enjoy. "How to Quit Your Career For the Summer".  From my perspective, the author is a bit extreme in her advice about doing no work but I do like her overall message - especially the part about making time for the ice cream truck! 
Another article, in the spirit of truly giving yourself a break: "What I DIDN'T do on my vacation and why I'm ready for work on Monday". I wrote this last year at the end of a summer 'staycation'. This year will be a little different for me as I'm heading to Sedona finstead. Can't wait - red rock here I come! And yes, lots of rest too.
There's more! Also in this newsletter (scroll down): a word about some new stuff coming soon from Big Cheese Coaching on the EQ front; and a few more articles that you might enjoy related to career advancement, retirement (life) planning and one of my most recent posts called "Small Rock, Big Tumble, and Bigger Questions" (Hint: I tripped and fell while jogging earlier this week -- and reminded myself that there are no such things as accidents and coincidences in life!).   

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and ideas with you. Wishing you a summer that is abundantly in balance with both Yin and Yang. See you very soon! 



Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC
Big Cheese Coaching and Chadnick Communications
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 Coming Soon: EQi 2.0   


New programs coming (EQi 2.0; workshops, other)!


Some background

One of my favorite phrases/questions I use when talking about emotional intelligence (EQ or EI) is: "You gotta have smarts to succeed but what kind of smarts?' IQ and technical skills are important but insufficient on their own. The kind of smarts that are increasingly critical to success and fulfillment are those related to emotional intelligence.


In my spring newsletter, I mentioned a few presentations I gave this winter at various conferences on the topic of Emotional Intelligence (EQ / EI) at Work. In my talks at both AFOA and IPAC, I emphasized that EQ is not a singular concept -- but rather an array of social, emotional and personal skills in which we have varying levels of strengths and fluency.  I encourage people not to think in extremes -- as all 'low EQ' or all 'high EQ'. Rather, to appreciate the breadth of skills related to EQ and that we may have areas that we shine and areas that can use some development. I am certified in the EQi and EQ 360 assessement programs that identifies 15 of the factors related to EQ. I incorporate EQ into my coaching programs because it provides great fodder for insights and personal/professional development plans. I wrote an article about this for HR Reporter a couple years ago. 


Earlier this spring, MHS (the company behind the EQi program) announced a major revitalization of the EQi and EQ 360 -- to be launched this summer. The timing couldn't be better because one of my goals (reinforced when I did my 2011 Half-time reflection), is to jazz up my EQ offerings. The new version is even richer in context and much more user-friendly for clients.Some of the dimensions have been tweaked and the changes are for the better. Clients can get a good look at their strengths (and areas for development) in these dimensions (with 3 specific skills in each theme):


Self perception; Self expression; Stress Management; Decision Making; Interpersonal -- including Happiness. 


I'll bring this more alive very soon in upcoming communications. So stay tuned to hear more on a new and improved EQi and EQ 360 offering as well as new programs for coaching, workshops and more.


Of course - if you can't wait, then please do get in touch! 

In The News...


Making the Most of a Lost Opportunity (Globe and Mail - Mentor Minute): A recent scenario from my coaching practice inspired my latest Mentor Minute column in the Globe and Mail. 


The gist of the scenario articulated by a 'reader': "I thought I was in line for a promotion to a leadership role, and with my supervisor's encouragement, I invested my time and money in developing my skills and took on more responsibility. My supervisor just told me the promotion is on hold due to unforeseen organizational changes and not my abilities. I am freeling frustrated and wondering if my efforts were wasted and if I should consider moving to another employer."  


See the artice for some of the advice offered (note: in the real coaching engagement, a whole lot more happened).   


Small Rock; Big Tumble; and Bigger Questions: I was out for a morning run full of optimism and that zen feeling until I tripped, fell and crashed. Ouch! Sore ankle, bloody knee... I panicked! Uh oh -- will this fall derail all my wonderful summer plans for golf, running,Sedona hiking? 


Read how this little tumble reminded me of some important lessons and that there are no accidents or coincidences in life (from my TGIMworklife blog).


Do You Have the Green Light to Retire? (Globeinvestor): This article was written by CFP professional,Ted Rechtshaffen, President of Tridelta Financial Partners. Ted wrote about the importance of life planning as part of the retirement (financial) planning process, particularly for boomers getting ready for that next stage of life. Ted invited me to contribute a couple thoughts since one of my specialty areas is coaching boomers for their "so-called-retirement". I call this 'UnretiredLife" because it looks nothing like the past generation's version of retirement. You can read more this and the new paradigm of so-called 'retirement') at my UNretiredLife blog.




Well that's it for now. If I keep you longer you may miss your summer! I do hope you found this newsletter of value. I always welcome feedback, questions and comments. 


Happy and safe summer to you all. Let's raise a toast to us each spending our work+life time meaningfully, productively and unique to our own version of TGIMworklife!



Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC

Big Cheese Coaching

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