January 17, 2011
Giving Feedback That Fuels Success
HOLD THE DATE! Webinar (free) on January 27th at 12:30pm -1:30pm ET..."Feedback That Fuels Success." Read on...
Happy New Year! I hope yours' is off to a great start. I know mine is and it's busy! This issue of TGIM Work-Life is a quick reach-out to share a few updates that may be of interest to you. Most notably, an invitation to a free one-hour Webinar, hosted by CICA, that I am presenting. It's on a topic that seems to be a hot issue these days: How to Give Feedback that Fuels Success.  

I thought this topic would be relevant because last fall, I found myself being invited to write, speak and coach around this issue quite frequently. A couple opportunities of note:  I helped design and co-facilitated a Performance Development workshop for leaders at an Ontario-based college. Feedback and coaching skills were integral to that program. As well, in September, Canadian HR Reporter, invited me to write an article on the topic which we aptly named: "Giving Feedback that Fuels Success".  You can read the article here.  Or you can also check it out at my blog post where I've posted other articles related to this topic.
Giving meaningful feedback is an essential part of a manager/leader's role -- but it doesn't come naturally for many people. But with the right skills, know-how and attitude, feedback conversations can be turned into opportunities to develop people, improve performance and even build more trusting relationships

If you are interested in this, then please register  for the Webinar scheduled for January 27th. The CICA has generously made it free and open to anyone interested (upon registration). Once you register (takes only a few seconds), you can either attend 'live' on the date or listen to the recording later on. If you know anyone who might be interested in the Webinar and/or this newsletter, please hit the 'forward email" link at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Stay tuned for next month's newsletter: Are You an Emotionally Intelligent Leader? In February, I am scheduled to speak at two major conferences on leadership and Emotional Intelligence. I'm very excited about these opportuntities and look forward to sharing more in a few weeks. 

In the meantime, here's to you and your TGIM (thank goodness it's Monday!) Work + Life!



Eileen Chadnick, PCC, ACPC, ABC
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In The News:    

From time to time, I get invited to write articles for the media and/or contribute some thoughts and ideas (via interview requests) for reporters who are writing on various topics. Here are a few recent articles that may be of interest:


Globe and Mail Careers: Setting the Stage for Career Action in 2011. The Globe and Mail's Wallace Immen invited a few people to weigh in on some of the 'must-do's' for an article on career success in 2011. I was honoured to be invited to contribute. You can read the article online at the CTV site here.


Retiring Right: This publication features a ton of tips for planning retirement. I was invited to contribute an article on the life planning side of things. It made it to the front page! The TGIM (thank goodness it's Monday) philosophy is critically important in all life stages not just during the full of your career. You can see my article in this report here. As well, lots of fabulous financial planning tips and resources. Financial and life planning go hand-in-hand when planning for a successful retirement (or any stage of life). For more on planning for 'what's next' (whether you see yourself 'retired' or otherwise) -- check out my other blog at:

The Gratitude Book Project...Update!


The Gratitude Project Book: I wrote briefly about this in my last newsletter but at the time, I hadn't even received the book yet. Over the holidays, my shipment arrived and I was impressed and delighted to be in the good company of the many co-authors who contributed their powerful and inspiring Gratitude stories. There are 365 stories - one for each day of the year. Turns out, mine was featured on January 8th -- right there in the brightness of a shiny new year! The Gratitude Book Project


If you'd like to read it, check out my blog post here and it will bring you to the page.  Better yet, if you'd like to read all 365 entries,  consider getting a copy for yourself - click here to buy from Amazon. Proceeds from the book (from main booksellers) are being directed to charitable organizations. 


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