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1 October  2012

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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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It is now officially Fall. We now have fewer hours of sunlight, the days get cooler and it is a glorious time of the year. 

We have the finished the last open water event of the year. The winners of the Pacific Masters Open Water Points Competition will soon become official. Thanks to Glenda Carroll our Open Water Chair for organizing our Open Water Meets, to Bob Upshaw who  creates and  keeps track of the Open Water Points, Marcia Benjamin who takes care of any open water points issues and to all of the Open Water directors and volunteers who work at the meets. Without any of our volunteers, our programs would not be as successful as they are.

The total number of Pacific Master's members is 10,970. We are just 30 members short of the 11,000 membership mark. We have registered 10,994 - so close.

US Masters Swimming has a new 3-minute YouTube video on "What's next for U.S. Masters Swimming
What's next for U.S. Masters Swimming
What's next for U.S. Masters Swimming

Enjoy the warm weather.

Fun, Fitness & Competition

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Michael Moore
Pacific Masters 
Short Course Yards Championships 
OnLine Entries Due Wednesday  

The Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships will be held at Walnut Creek's Clarke Swim Center Hearther Farm Park's 25 meter pool, October 12-14. Note that in the 1500 and 800 Free men and women swim together.
Entries are due by11:59 PM Wednesday 3 October. Or you can deliver your entries to Walnut Creek by 5 PM Monday 1 October 2012.
Sacramento Pentathlon

Sacramento Masters 40th Annual Sprint Short Course Meter Pentathlon results are posted on the website. Congratulations to Laura Val who broke three world records in the women's 60-64 50 Free, 50 Butterfly and 100 IM.   
Thanks to Andy Brenan and the Sacramento Masters for their work over the past 40 years in organizing this meet.
Pacific Masters Annual Meeting
11 November 

Pacific Masters Annual Meeting will be on Sunday 11 November at the Walnut Creek Shadelands Art Center in Walnut Creek. Janet Evans will be the keynote speaker. Bill Brenner of the USMS National office will be speaking on "Strategies and Tactics for Enhancing Your Club."
PacMasters Scheduling
for 2013 

The Pacific Masters 2013 schedule was approved by the PacMasters Committee. The Three pool championships are now on the schedule.
Thanks to John Morales for putting together the schedule and working with all the club volunteers, whose work allows us to have our great meets.
Service Awards 

At the November Annual Meeting, Pacific Masters will be awarding its service awards to our volunteers. There are four service awards: The Contributor of the Year Award, The Personal Achievement Award, The Distinguished Service Award and the Appreciation Award.
The Contributor of the Year is to recognize outstanding contributions to Masters Swimming. The Personal Achievement Award is to recognize long term dedication to our program and reward noticeable improvement in one's own skills and times. The Distinguished Service Award is to recognize outstanding contributions to Pacific Masters Swimming and the Appreciation Award is to express special thanks to individual or groups who have made significant contributions to Pacific Masters Swimming.
Anyone may nominate a person (or group) for the award. Nominations are due to the chairman by 15 October.  [more information and how to nominate]
Coaches and Assistant Coaches 

Coaches - we need your help. We are cleaning up our database for coaches and assistant coaches for teams in Pacific Masters. We've got some exciting things planned for our coaches in the coming year, but we know that we only have a partial listing of coaches in Pacific Masters, and we want to be sure and reach you all with our communications. 
If you are a coach or assistant coach, we'd greatly appreciate you contacting our Coaches Chair, Cokie Lepinski at [email protected] with your team and contact information.
MEMO Team Invitation 

MEMO (Marcia's Enthusiastic Masters Of Oakland) has come up with a creative recruiting message with an on-line YouTube. It is a two and a half minute video about the MEMO .
MEMO Swim Team Invitation
MEMO Swim Team Invitation
Pacific Masters by the Numbers 

Pacific Masters has exceeded last years membership total. Below are the teams that have more than 100 members (about 1.3%) with this years and last years totals (for all teams you can go to our Club Assistant page:
Club  12  11 
DAM  669 643 
STAN 537 556 
TCAM 495 479 
WCM  477 452 
MELO 368 379 
USF  344 343 
SCSC 305 361 
CRUZ 283 308 
MVM  268 265 
TEME 246 245 
MAAC 226 221 
MAM  226 225 
TSUN 209 218 
TVM  205 189 
NBA  203 141 
SERC 203 196
TOC  192 189 
BAC  186 171 
BAY  185 164 
DC   179 166
SCAM 176 166 
SMM  173 175 
SNM  164 165 
PCAM 161 176 
RAMS 144 152 
AAM  123 130 
RINC 114 106 
MPM  107 121 
SRM  101  95 
Number of people receiving the Update 15,932