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28 May  2012
Memorial Day
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Its summer.

Yes, I know someone will tell me that summer really begins this year on 20 June at 4:09 PM (PDT) and ends on the Autumnal Equinox 22 September 7:49 AM (PDT); but well all know that summer began at 6 pm 25 May (the start of the Memorial Day weekend) and ends Tuesday 4 September 6am (the day after the Labor Day weekend).

Enjoy the summer, the longest season of the year. Be sure to put sun block on before you go out in the sun.  That tan may look great when you are in your 20's, but in your 50's the cumulative damage may cause you some problems.

Try something new this summer. If you have not been to an open water swim, we have some great ones scheduled. The Lake Del Valle .75 Mile is nice easy swim, in a beautiful  area.

Talk one of your friends into coming to a swimming practice. Write a note to your coach to tell him/her how coaching has made a difference in your swimming.

This week, there are deadlines for the USMS Summer Nationals (long course), the on-line pre reg deadline for the Davis Lake Berryessa open water swim.

Today is the day we commemorate all troops who fought and died in war for the United States, May they rest in peace.

Have fun

Fun, fitness and competition


Michael Moore
Limited Service
PacMasters Office 


There will be limited service in the Pacific Masters Office from 31 May to 19 June as Nancy attends the FINA World Masters Championships in Riccione, Italy. Nancy is the US Masters Swimming representative to FINA and sits on the FINA Masters Championships Committee.
If you need to get in touch with her you can email her at
Lake Berryessa


One of the biggest swims of the year,  Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim  is a very popular swim that brings in the crowds. You'll find masters swimmers, age groupers and triathletes. Water temp is comfortable. But you never know what conditions will be like at the start of the swim.  Plenty of parking and a shuttle runs frequently to haul you and your stuff from the parking lots. Bring a chair because the grass is full of foxtails and there are only a few picnic tables to sit at. You can pre-order a lunch...or bring your own food.
OnLine Registration Deadline 31 May. 
Lake Del Valle


Tri Valley Masters is organizngin a two day Open Water swim festival. 
OnLine Registration Deadline 31 May. On Saturday 9 June, will be the 5 and 10 K open water swim (registration has closed for the 10 K but you can still enter the 5K.
Sunday 10 June, there will be the .75 K and the 2.5 K Open Water Swim. OnLine registration closes, 8 June.
Meet Sheet Saturday and Sunday
2012 USMS Summer Championships


The US Masters 2012 Summer National Championships are in Omaha, Nebraska 5-9 July. Registration has already begun. The meet will be in the same pool as the USA Swimming Olympic Trials.
The registration deadline is 31 May.
2014 USMS Open Water Championships  
The 2014 US Masters Swimming Long Distance Committee is looking for host to organize the 2014 US Masters Swimming Open Water Championships. The west is scheduled to have the one mile swim and the >3/<6 mile swim. If any open water meet host would like to bid for the either event, please contact our Open Water Chair Glenda Carroll for more information. 
US Masters 2014 Short Course Championships

The US Masters Swimming Championship Committee is looking for bidders on the west coast for the 2014 Spring Championships. The meet normally attracts between 1500 to 2,000 athletes.
For a meet organizing the spring nationals, the club should have 
  1. At least a 50 meter pool
  2. Another pool for warm up
  3. The Ability to organize a high level meet.
If your club is interested or if you would like further information, please contact either Barry Fasbender or Michael Moore, both members of the Championship Committee.
Swim Across America

Swim Across America raises money to fight cancer. This year the Bay Swim will be swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge. The event is scheduled for 29 September, when the bay water is usually at its warmest. All the money will benefit two local groups: The UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and the  Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute. 
You can contact Susan Helmrich for further information.