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The Update
21 February 2012
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Ransom Arthur Monograph Wall Street Journal Article
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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This Update is rather long today, including:
  • The Ransom Arthur 1968 monograph
  • Wall Street Journal article on swimming
  • Upcoming SCAM Meet, Rinconada Meet, PacMasters Champs
  • USMS Prelim SCM Top Ten
  • PacMasters Newsletter

Have fun!!

Fun, Fitness & Competition

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Michael Moore
Coach of the Year
Thanks to all   


Thanks to everyone who submitted Coach of the Year nominations. The chairman appointed a committee to review the substantial number of nominations and will submit a recommendation for  the 2012 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year to the Pacific Masters Committee at the March meeting.
The 2012 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year award will be presented at the Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships.
Jon Steiner Memorial Mile


The  Jon Steiner Memorial Postal is almost finished. Money from this swim will go toward lung cancer research (the insidious disease that killed Jon). You can swim the mile anytime now to 29 February.
Swimming and Cardiovascular Fitness
Ransom Arthur 


In October of 1968, Ransom Arthur published a monograph Swimming and Cardiovascular Fitness in the Older Age Group and Swim Training in the Older Age Group that had the radical idea that heavy exercise might benefit the heart. From this radical idea came United States Masters Swimming
With the permission of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, we posted a copy of Ransom Arthur's monograph. In the monograph, Arthur said that once a week a training swim group could swim a 1500 Meter effort. 
On February 14, the Wall Street Journal referenced an article in the American Journal of Cardiology that said "Swimming reduces blood pressure and improves artery health in elderly adults." (Nantinee Nualnim, the lead author reported  in her PhD dissertation taking a group of sedenatry adults split them into two random groups, one group swam and after 90 days they were swimming 1450 meters inside of 45 minutes - We have come a long way). 
USF Valentines Day Meet
Updated Results Posted 


The results of the University of San Francisco Valentines Day affair have been updated and posted. Thank you to Duke Dahlin,Clare Rudd and the USF team for organizing a successful meet.
Over 400 swimmers registered for the meet. Congratulations to Laura Val who broke five national Short Course Yards Records in the ladies 60-64 age group{50 Fr, 50 Back, 100 Back, 50 Fly and 100 Fly ) and to Ann Hirsch who broke two national records in the ladies 80-84 age group (50 Breast and 100 Breast).
Open Water Pacific
2012 Update


The OpenWaterPacific website has been updated with all currently scheduled 2012 open water meets. The Pacific Masters Open Water Championships will be the One Mile event at the Hot August Chill, held at Donner Lake on August 19.
The results of the Pacific Masters - Q Swimwear Open Water Points competition are on the Open Water Pacific web site. Each age group winner of the points competition will receive distinctive suit from Q Swimwear. 
4 March 2012 


Strawberry Canyon Aquatic Masters is organizing its annual Short Course Yards meet 4 March 2012 at the Spieker Aquatics Complex, UC Berkeley. This very popular meet is offering the 50's and 100's for all four strokes plus the 200 and 500 Free, and the 100 and 200 IM.
The on-line deadline is 11:59pm 29 February and the will take deck entries for all events except the 500 Free.
Rinconada SCY Meet
17 March 2012 (St Patrick's Day)


The Rinconada Masters Spring Short Course Meet will be held Saturday, 17 March 2012. The meet features the 1000 Free and the 400 IM. It also has its famous (or infamous) 1650 Butterfly Special event
The  on-line deadline is 11:59pm 14 March. There is no deck entry for the 1000 Free, but the other events may be deck entered.
Pacific Masters Newsletter
Electronic Edition 

The March-April 2012 edition of the Pacific Masters Newsletter has been posted. The newsletter contains the Chairman's letter, meet sheets through the beginning of May and the results of the 2012 Open Water Points competition.


As it has been announced in the previous Newsletter, this newsletter will NOT be inserted into your copy of USMS Swimmer. This is an electronic copy of the newsletter, you must download it.
Join Pacific Masters LinkedIn


The Pacific Masters Swimming has a group in Linked in. All Pacific Masters Swimmers are invited to join the group, however, you must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the group. This is a place where our members can network with each other - so far over 400 members have joined. You must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the Linked in group.  
US Masters Swimming also has a Linked in Page where member can network. Pacific Masters has social media events in Facebook, Twitter and now Linked in.   
Pacific Masters SCY Championships
Soda Springs Aquatic Center 


This year the 2012 Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Championships will be held at the Soda Aquatic Center, Campolindo High School, Moraga, CA. For those who will be needing lodging, you should look for hotels in Walnut Creek.
Quicksilver Masters Spring SCY Meet 


A new meet is now on the Pacific Masters calendar - The Quicksilver Swimming Masters Spring SCY meet is being organized by San Jose Aquatics. The 21st April meet will have  and assortment of strokes, with the 500 free and 1650 free also being offered.
Preliminary Top Ten Listings
USMS Short Course Yards 


The preliminary USMS Top 10 listings for the 2011 short-course meters season, which ran 1/1/11 - 12/31/11, are now available. Please check for inaccuracies and email Mary Beth Windrath, the National Swims Administrator, with potential corrections BY FEB 27. 
US Masters Swimming 2012 Spring Nationals
Short Course Yards 


The first mail entry deadline for the US Masters Swimming 2012 Spring Nationals (Short Course Yards) is 2 March. This years Spring Nationals are being held in Greensboro, NC in the brand new Greensboro Aquatic Center. The meet is early this year 26-19 April 2012.
California Senior Games Championships
Deadline 28 February 


The 2012 California Senior Games Swimming Championships will be contested at Avery Pool on the Stanford Campus. Winners of these events will be eligible to compete in the National Senior Games Championships to be held next year in Cleveland OH.
The meet deadline is 28 February and there are no deck entries. You can register on-line. The Games promote healthy active lifestyles for adults over the age of 50
PacMasters SCY Records Relay and Individual


The 2012 PacMasters Short Course Yards Records have been posted. This page contains all the age groups (from 19-24 to 95-99) and each of the seventeen events.


The  Relay records have also been posted. The oldest record is from 1991 and of the ten oldest records USF has five.


Betsy Rapp and Paul Asmuth have the oldest records (both in the 1650 and 27 years old). there are 12 records that are at least 20 years old and 175 that are ten years old.


Thanks to Nancy Ridout for putting together all the records and the meet directors for putting together all the information that completes the process.

Gar Woods Polar Bear Swim  Not a Sanctioned Swim


The 22 Annual Gar Woods Polar Bear Swim is 3 March. It starts in from of Gar Wood Restaurant in Carnelian Bay, CA. It is a 250 yard swim. WARNING:

  The expected water temperature is 39 degrees

   The altitude is 6229 feet /1900 Meters

    The use of neoprene wetsuitsts or other non-porous attire should be considered because of the cold temperature.

   Participants should be adequately trained for this competition which combines hight altitude, cold water temperature and lengthy swim. Previous experience in similar conditions is highly recommended