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The Year of the Dragon
23 January 2012
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



2001- 2010



It is a new year, for those of you who have re-registered for Masters swimming, thank you. The next Newsletter will be an on-line newsletter and not part of USMS Swimmer. Club reps should be sure that the registrar has the correct email address for all their members.

Change of Date on Schedule: The Strawberry Canyon meet is on the schedule for 4 March.

The California State Senior Games will be held at Stanford, California. You must qualify at a state championship to go to next year's Senior Games Championships. Swimmers who will be 50 by the end of the year are eligible to compete.

The minutes from Pacific Masters Swimming annual meeting have been posted.

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Have fun!!

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore
New Registration Year


Our new registration year started 1 November. Swimmers can register on line at You can register any time 24/7. Currently we have  over 7,000 swimmers registered for 2012- thanks to everyone who has reregistered. 
Coaches and Club Registrar, you can check your membership and see who is registered on your team, as well as see who from 2011 has not yet registered by going to the Club Assistant web site. Click on your club - all the  2012 registrations are listed.


The TOC 1500 


The results of The Olympic Club 1500 have been posted on the web site. Thanks to Paul Carter, Laureen Welting and the Olympic Club for organizing the first event of the new year. 
FOG City Quadrathon


The results of the Fog City Quadrathon have been posted. Laura Val, in her first short course yards meet after aging up, swam four events and broke four records in her new age group- 60-64 (50 FR 27.19 (old 27.27 Patricia Murphy) ; 100 Fr 58.06 (old 59.41Charlotte M Davis ) ; 200 Fr 2:07.35 (old 2:13.65 Charlotte M Davis )and 500 Fr 5:43.91 (old 5:57.32 Charlotte M Davis ).


Thanks to Diane Davis, Matt Roberto and the Fog City Masters for organizing the event.

National Qualifying Time


The US Masters Swimming National qualifying times have been posted on the USMS. The short course yard championships will be held in Greensboro, NC, in April. SCY qualifying times are posted
The long course national championships will be held in Omaha, NB in the same pool as the Olympic trials. The US Masters Swimming long course national qualifying times have been posted
Jon Steiner Memorial Mile


The  Jon Steiner Memorial Postal has begun. Money from this swim will go toward lung cancer research (the insidious disease that killed Jon). You can swim the mile anytime now to the end of February.
USF Valentines Day Meet


The USF Valentines Day Meet will be held on 11 February. There are  significant changes to the meet this year. The first is that there is no deck entry at the meet (you can enter the meet on-line until 11:59 PM the evening prior to event - 10 February). Also this year, swimmers will compete in just the 50s and 100s, so the meet will go very quickly. Since this is the Valentines Day meet, men and women will be seeded together.
Thoughts and Prayers
Maria Pease 1960-2011 


Maria Pease, MD who swim at different times for Tsunami, Fog City and USF passed away in October. In late 1989 Maria coached Tsunami Swim Team.
A very strong swimmer Maria had many top ten swims, in 1986-1990, including a top time in the 800 Free in 1986. She did not compete much 1990 to 2009, but returned to competition in 2009 where she had a top ten time in the 400 Fr and in 2010 had a top ten time in the 500 Fr and 200 Fl.
She was diagnosed with cancer in March 2010 and passed away in October. She leaves two children Walker and Caroline and her partner of 26 years Cathy Koger.
New USMS Club and 
Coach Services Director


US Masters Swimming has a new Club and Coach Services Director. Bill Brenner, 53, is dedicating himself to expanding the quantity and quality of Masters local clubs and coaching.
He would like to foster development and growth of new Masters programs at facilities desiring to offer an adult swimming programs. <more>
Becky Fenson
Open Water Butterfly 


Becky Fenson, who swam for Fog City and Burlingame Masters recently swam the 10K little Rd Lighthouse Swim in New York's Hudson River - All butterfly - for the second time. <USMS article more>
Go the Distance


US Masters Swimming Go the Distance is commencing the 2012 GTD season (1 Jan through 31 Dec). You can log in your distance for each day of the year to see how you do against your plan for year. It is free and you will receive free stuff from Nike for meeting certain milestones.
Join Pacific Masters LinkedIn


The Pacific Masters Swimming has a group in Linked in. All Pacific Masters Swimmers are invited to join the group, however, you must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the group. This is a place where our members can network with each other - so far over 400 members have joined. You must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the Linked in group.  
US Masters Swimming also has a Linked in Page where member can network. Pacific Masters has social media events in Facebook, Twitter and now Linked in.   
2012 USMS Rule Book


The 2012  US Masters Swimming Code of Regulations and Rules of Competition (the Rule book)  is available on line. For competitive swimmers, it is always good to read the Swimming rules, they are only four pages long and cover all four strokes.
USMS Video Channel


US Masters Swimming has instituted a Video Channel on YouTube. Included on the site is the Stanford Masters breaking the Men's 4x200 Free Record (Undated).
Unclaimed Property


The California State Controllers Office has a web page on people who are owed money by the State of California. It is fun to check with the Controllers office to see if you are owed money. You can also check your family, friends and company. It takes less than a minute to check and it is free money.
On the Web

Ali Hall writes on the USMS website about "the Things We Say (to Ourselves). She quotes from the American Psychological Association research. <more>
 For those who set new year resolutions, Katie Irwin writes about setting new years resolutions -  more about setting goals than resolutions. One must have a plan more than good intentions. <more>
The Wall Street Journal wrote about Missy Franklin "Swimming's Rich Little Poor Girl" as part of its look to the 2012 Olympics.
Jason Gay wrote in the Wall Street Journal about "27 Rules of Conquering the Gym." With a few edits it could be written as the Rules of Conquering the Pool. Very well written and very funny.
By the Numbers

Below is a list of clubs who 2012 membership is 90+. Thank you to the coaches and volunteers of the clubs, who make this all possible.
Registered PacMasters swimmers 7060
DAM 491 
STAN 400 
TCAM 380 
WCM 376 
MELO 237 
USF 216 
MVM 207 
RUZ 198 
SCSC 196 
MAM 187 
TEME 155 
TSUN 153 
SERC 141 
NBA 139 
MAAC 131 
SCAM 131 
TVM 130 
BAC 126 
DC 124 
SMM 123 
BAY 122 
SNM 106 
TOC 103
 RAMS 98 
PCAM 95 
Linkedin Members 410
Contacts on email list: 14,883