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Auld Lang Syne
29 December 2011
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New Registration Year
Jon Steiner Mile
10 K Clinic
TOC 1500
Freestyle Clinic
USF Valentines Day Meet
Club Survey
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Planning 2012
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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On behalf of Nancy Ridout, our registrar, the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Pacific Masters Committee, we wish you a  Happy New Year. May you have a great holiday season.

For those of you who have re-registered for Masters swimming, thank you. For those who register before 15 January US Masters Swimming has arranged a special program from USMS sponsors (information is in your re-registration packet).

Congratulations to Marisa Churchill of USF Masters who was featured on the cover of Swimmer as the Greek Goddess of Kitchen and the Block. (Sorry it took so long to recognize her; BTW don't wear that swim suit in competition :-)  ).

Happy New Year!!

Have fun!!

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore
New Registration Year


Our new registration year started 1 Novmeber. Swimmers can register on line at You can register any time 24/7. Currently we have  over 5,200 swimmers registered for 2012 (about 49% of last years membership) - thanks to everyone who has reregistered. A list of number of registered swimmers by club is at the end of the Update.
A gentle reminder that every swimmer at a practice must be registered for your club to be covered by USMS insurance.
You can see who is registered by going to the Club Assistant Website, You can see who is registered by club by clicking on the club - be sure to click on the 2012 year.


Jon Steiner Memorial Mile


The  Jon Steiner Memorial Postal has begun. Money from this swim will go toward lung cancer research (the insidious disease that killed Jon). You can swim the mile anytime now to the end of February.
10 K Clinic
Allmost filled 


 In 2012, there are two close by 10K swimming events TriValley Masters is organizing a 10K in June at Lake Del Valle and the USMS National Championships will be held in Jacksonville, Or (about a eight hour drive).

Pacific Masters is sponsoring a clinic for those who are thinking about competing in a 10K Open Water Event. There is limited space and the room is almost filled. The dryland workshop will include how to approach training, feeding during the race, race day preparation and recovering after the race. 
The TOC 1500 


The Olympic Club is organizing its 1500 M event. You must pre-register for the 1500 by 11:59pm 11 January. As this is a meters meet, your age group is determined by your age at the end of the year. If you swim the 1500 now, you have some recovery time before your next meet.
FOG City Quadrathon


The FOG City Quadrathon is on Sunday 22 January 2012. This meet is four freestyle events (the 500,100,200, and 50). It is an afternoon meet and he meet goes quickly.
Entry deadline is Tuesday 17 January 2012. You can deck enter at this meet.
Freestyle Clinic


The SwimSTITUTE of Sacramento will be sponsoring a freestyle clinic with Olympian  Chloe Sutton on Saturday 28 January 2012. Chloe won the 10K at the Pan Pacific Games.
USF Valentines Day Meet


The USF Valentines Day Meet is being held on 11 February. There are  significant changes to the meet this year. The first is that there is no deck entry at the meet (you can enter the meet on-line until 11:59 PM the evening prior to event - 10 February). Also this year, swimmers will compete in just the 50s and 100s, so the meet will go very fast. Since this is the Valentines Day meet, men and women will seeded together.
Club survey


I sent out a club survey to our club contacts. From the survey, the Places to Swim page is created as well as a home page link to the your club. There are 116 clubs and 115 good email address that can be used by Survey Monkey - there is one club contact that does not want to be contacted by Survey Monkey. If you are a club rep and did not receive a survey, contact me . Results from the survey will be used to update the PacMasters web pages.
Change in Officers


With the election of officers at the Annual meeting the following will assume office on 1 January 2012. 


Chair: Peter Guadagni (WCM) 
Admin Vice Chair: Michael Moore (USF) 
Operation Vice Chair: Jim Clemmons (MAM) 
Secretary: Leianne Crittenden (WCM) 
Treasurer: Kildine Harms (WCM) 
Member-at-Large: Caroline Lambert (FREM)  
We wish the best for all the new officers in their two year term: 
Planning 2012


With the start of the new year, it is time to plan what we would like to accomplish during the new year  - we can all make our swimming resolutions. For the competitive swimmer, the Pacific Masters schedule is on the web page, there are the Short Course Nationals (being held a little early this year) and the Long Course Nationals (being held at the US Olympic swim trials pool in Omaha, NB. This year the FINA World Masters Championships will again being held in Riccioni, Italy
There are the postal events, with The 2012 USMS Speedo One Hour Postal starting Sunday. USMS has other postal events during the year.  For swimming who would like to track their swimming during the year, USMS has the Go The Distance.
Join Pacific Masters LinkedIn


The Pacific Masters Swimming has a group in Linked in. All Pacific Masters Swimmers are invited to join the group, however, you must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the group. This is a place where our members can network - so far over 300 members have joined. You must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the Linked in group.  
US Masters Swimming also has a Linked in Page where member can network. Pacific Masters has social media events in Facebook, Twitter and now Linked in.   
Club Registration


Here is a list of clubs that have 50 or more swimmers registered for 2012.
DAM 370
WCM 308
TCAM 295
STAN 289
MELO 175
MVM 172
MAM 159
USF 156
CRUZ 151
SCSC 135
TEME 118
TSUN 118
SERC 114
SCAM 111
NBA 108
BAY 96
TVM 93
BAC 90
DC 88
SMM 87
SNM 79
TOC 68
AAM 65
TAM 54
SRM 53
MPM 51