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20 September 2011
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Thought and Prayers John Caughlin
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End of year Dues Reduction
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We have archived Pacific Masters Update. If you missed something or want to checkout what happened in the past, please check it out.



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Upcoming events:

Fall is almost upon us (two days away). The short course meters meter meets are rapidly coming upon us.

I have a long update about John Caughlin. I hope everyone sends a card of encouragement to John. No sympathy, just encouragement.

The Alan Liu Memorial meet is a fund raiser for Jill Mason while riding a bike seven years ago was injured  by a drunk driver. Profits go to help Jill. Coach Chris has a challenge for those who want to swim the 200 free.

Pacific Masters did well at the US Masters Swimming convention in Jacksonville, Florida. Davis Aquatic Masters took home club of the year. Five of our coaches were honored with the Kerry O'Brien Coaching award and five of our volunteers received the Dorothy Donnelly volunteer award. (see below).

Pacific Masters Swimming welcomes anyone who would like to gain and maintain fitness through swimming and encourages programs to foster this mission.

Fun, Fitness & Competition

Kind regards,


Michael Moore

Thoughts and Prayers
San Mateo Swimmer severely injured
Maui Channel Swim - Update 

John was about 200 yards from shore and the finiswhen he made a defensive move to protect himself from a power boat, raising his arms to protect his head. Lifeguards on jet skis were immediately on the scene to rescue and provide emergency treatment for John, but the boat propeller had caused horrific injuries to both arms, and he was rushed to Maui Memorial Hospital.As a result of the collision John suffered life changing injuries to both arms. His right arm was amputated above his elbow and he lost the thumb and forefinger on his left hand.   


Despite heroic efforts in an 11 hour operation, the surgeons were unable to salvage John's right arm and it was removed above the elbow. The left arm was reconstructed; however there was extensive damage to the left hand. John's left index finger, thumb, and a portion of the hand had been traumatically amputated by the propeller. The remaining three fingers sustained multiple fractures and severe lacerations. 


Just 4 days after the incident, John underwent another surgery to reconstruct what remains of his left hand. Additional surgical procedures and grafts will be needed to continue the reconstruction. 


Without the use of either of his hands, John will require 24/7 care for quite some time, and has a long, hard recovery ahead of him including surgeries and rehabilitation over the next twelve months and beyond. This was John's third Maui Channel Swim and his first solo. He has participated in many challenging open water events both in California and Hawaii. 


Anyone who knows John personally, will tell you what an uncomplaining, determined and generous spirit he has. It is people like John that make us all proud to be a part of the open water swimming community. We know that many of you want to reach out to John and support him during his recovery. 


John doesn't want, doesn't need and dont sent cards of sympathy, however, cards of encouragement should be sent. Send your cards, postcards  and letters of encouragement care of John's sister,


John Caughlin
c/o Jennifer Dorsey 
1210 Green Orchard Place
Encinitas, CA 92024.  


For those who would like to offer other assistance, all support is welcome. John has enormous challenges ahead. 
PacMasters Newsletter
not in USMS Magazine 

The Pacific Masters Newsletter is sent to all of our members as an insert to USMS Swimmer. Unfortunately, due to a mistake at the printers, the newsletter was sent to the Pacific Northwest and Utah LMSCs. 
PacMembers can download their copy of the newsletter by going to our website and downloading the newsletter.
As the newsletter is filled with time sensitive material, the PacMasters executive committee will be deciding how to proceed.
Pacific Masters at
US Masters Swimming
Aquatic Convention 

Davis Aquatic Masters 

Club of the Year


Davis Aquatic Masters received the 2011 Club of the Year Award - Local. DAM received this for their work over the past 30 years. Stu Kahn head coach received this award at the morning session on behalf of the team.

The award is given to only one local team each year.DAM received this award for their ability to develop programs that draw people in, support their swimmers, and set the standard for other clubs to follow.


Dorothy Donnelley Award Winners 


Leianne Crittenden, John King, Joanne Berven and Bob Upshaw were awarded The Dorothy Donnelly Service Award for their work in Pacific Masters USMS is forever grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who give their time, talent, and expertise to help all phases of our programs. These volunteers are some whose service stands out in its scope and its impact on the program and the USMS members who have benefited from their efforts on the local, regional, and national level. .


Jody Smith elected 

USMS Vice President Community Service

Jody Smith of Mountain View Masters was elected Vice President of Community Services, where she succeeded Nadine Day who was elected President. Jody has been a member of the PacMasters Officer at Large. Jody will have the Coaches Committee, Sport Medicine Committee and Fitness Education Committee reporting to her. As Vice President, Jody will serve on the USMS Executive Committee.


Michael Moore was elected the Oceana Zone Chair. Masters Swimming is divided into eight zones. The Oceana Zone is comprised of the Pacific Masters LMSC and the Hawaii LMSC. 


Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award


Coaches Ken Dumont, Don Swartz (of North Bay Aquatics) Brian Stack (Manatee Masters), Hermine Terhorst (Santa Rosa Masters) and Jody Smith (Montain View Masters) were awarded the Kerry O'Brien Coaching Award.The award is given to award the passion, dedication, and heart that these coaches bring to the pool deck.

End of Year
Dues Reduction 

The Pacific Masters registration decreases in September and October. The end of year Registration fee is $32 instead of $44. All registration expires 12/31. 
For those non-members who wish to swim in any of our events during the rest of the year, you can pay the reduced end of year fee.
Alan Liu Memorial Meet


The 9th Annual Alan Liu Memorial SCM Meet will be organized by the Mountain View Masters and take place at the Eagle Pool, Mountain View California on Suday September 25th. Included will be the 800 Free Relay and the 200 Free Relay.



At our upcoming Alan B. Liu meet on Sunday, Sept. 25, MVM has typically made a donation to Jill Mason in support of Jill Mason, former MVM swimmer. As many of you know, she and Alan were hit by a drunk driver while riding their bikes on Easter morning in 2004. Jill's life will never be the same as she was permanently paralyzed, and our on-going support of her is very important.
For the 3rd year in a row, we have a FUN way to support her: by sponsoring each event at our meet. 

In exchange for your (minimum) donation of $25 to the "Jill Mason Fund," your sponsorship will be announced during the meet. For example, "Up next is the women's 400IM, sponsored by Coach Laura, in heat one..."  

We are asking for sponsors for each event from our MVM teammates and other teams for all 32 events. Individuals, groups of lanemates, be creative! 

To request sponsorship of a particular event, please email Coach Laura (  Sponsorship checks should be made out to "Jill Mason" can be brought to the pool or mailed through September 22. Mail checks to 485-D Easy St., Mtn. View, CA  94043


The Chris Campbell Challenge
I am swimming the 200m free.  Swim the 200 free and race me.  For Mountain View Masters Swimmers, Here are the handicaps:  If you swim in lane 8, you need to add 20 seconds to your actual time.  If you swim in lane 7, you add 10 seconds.  Lane 6 gets zero modifier--you race me straight up.  Lane 5 gets to subtract 13 seconds from the actual time, lane 4 subtracts 26 seconds, lane 3 subtracts 39 seconds, lane 2 subtracts 52 seconds, and lane 1 subtracts 65 seconds.   If your modified time beat my time, I will put $5 in the Jill Mason Fund.  If my time beats your modified time, you put $5 in the Jill Fund.  


If you are from another Team and you wish to contribute, give me a shout and we'll work out an appropriate modifier for you.  The same is true if you wish to do something other than freestyle.   And don't forget, you don't have to race m e to contribute to the Jill Mason Fund.   Questions, comments or other bets, give me a shout at
Richmond Plunge Masters
Keller Cove Swim for Kids Sake 

The Richmond Plunge Masters Killer Cove Swim for Kids's Sake will take place at Keller Beach, Richmond, California on Sunday 25 September 2011. This will be the last open water meet of the season.  

Sacramento Masters
39th Annual Sprint SCM Pentathlon 

The 39th Annual Sacramento Masters Short Course Meters Pentathlon will be held Sunday 2 October 2011 at the Schaal Aquatic Center on the UC Davis Campus.


The meet starts at noon, Swimmers are encouraged to pre-enter the meet.

Pacific Masters 
2011 Short Course Meters Championships 

The 2011 Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championships will be held at the Clark Swim Center, Heather Farms 14-16 October. This will be final short course meters championships for the year. 


Swimmers are encourage enter on line. The registration deadline is 11:59 PM 5 October. 2011.

Swim Across America 

Swim Across America's annual swim to raise money to fight cancer is on 24th September 2011. So far they have raised half of their goal of $300,000. Team Regina (see last weeks Update) has raise $1,350 and the UCSF Team Survive has reaise $3,823 - there are other teams who have raised more money). For more information go to their website at

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The Pacific Masters Swimming has a group in Linked in. All Pacific Masters Swimmers are invited to join the group, however, you must be a member of Pacific Masters to join the group. This is a place where our members can network - so far over 50 members have joined

US Masters Swimming also has a Linked in Page where member can network. Pacific Masters has social media events in Facebook, Twitter and now Linked in.