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Spring 2012

Spring is in the air - this is always a great time to be in the outdoor ANYthing business!  There is lots of LED news this month...you'll have to read about the new 120V PARs we are now stocking.  We're calling them our "economy line" - that's code for cheaper, ya'll.  We also have some exciting new LED products from FX and Focus, plus a price DECREASE (wait, what??) and PAR38 improvements from Moon Visions.   

New LED PAR Lamps

We have added an "economical" PAR LED lamp to our inventory.  They are made by Toshiba, a very reputable LED company, and are rated for both damp locations and enclosed fixtures.  We are stocking the 16W PAR30 (in a long neck!) and 20W PAR38, all in warm white (3000K), neutral white (4000K), and cool white (5500K) color temperatures.  Click here for a cut sheet on the new PAR30 and PAR38 Toshiba lamps.


List price for the 16W PAR30 is $72 and list price for the 20W PAR38 is $94.  This price is before any trade discount we offer. 


These are only available in 120V and are only available in a PAR30 and PAR38 (no PAR20)... but as I tell my 2 small kids at home "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit." 


These new LED lamps are available now!  Go sell 'em!

New 12V LED Products

We are excited to have some new products in our showroom!  It's been 10 years since we moved into our fabulous building, and its time for some "fluffing" up in our showroom!  We now have a cool new "grass" in our "flower beds" in our showroom - and we are adding some new LED fixtures from Focus and FX.
FX's entire line of Pathlights are now available in LED!  They previously only offered the popular DemiLite and SaguaroPetite.  While we are not stocking all of these pathlights (yet) as always we can order any and all of them.  So if there is a FX pathlight you love - consider using it in LED now!
FX also added new LED Wall Lights.  Very sleek and small - perfect for illuminating steps, columns, etc. Click here to read more about the PO Wall Light from FX.

We also have brought in Focus's SL08 in LED.  It's so thin!  No back box is needed and it measures only .875" deep!  A remote driver is required but is included with the fixture.  For use with magnetic transformers only.


Rubber Stabilizers

Surely by now you know that our Moon Visions 22W PAR38 LED is awesome!!  It's available in both 120VAC and 12VAC; add our "mercury vapor" green lens and overall spread lens to it, and you'll swear it's real moonlight!  Since it brags 18 diodes and a built-in fan for heat dissipation, it is a little top-heavy.  It's been known to rattle around in the fixture (especially as a downlight) when way up in the tree tops. So Moon Visions is now supplying both the 12V and 120V PAR38 22W LED lamp with a custom made rubber donut stabilizer.  It will hold that awesome lamp in place and keep it from jiggling around in your fixture.
Moon Visions Price Decrease
Yes, you read that correctly... Moon Visions had a price DECREASE on their R30 14W LED and R38 22W LED due to added inventory volume.
New List Prices:
14W 120V R30 - $138.70             22W 120V R38 - $194.60 14W 12V R30 - $133.20               22W 12V R38 - $184.60

*these prices are before any trade discounts we offer**
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Thank you for your continued support and patronage!  Until next month....


Melissa Chapman
Business Manager
Landscape Lighting Supply