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Early Summer 2011

Please forgive us for our "late" spring newsletter.  We've been super busy here as the weather in Texas has been ideal for landscape lighting!  We have some new and exciting things to share, so read on!  And as always, feel free to forward on to anyone else who wants to know "watts up!" in our landscape lighting industry.

Introducing...Moon Visions Extreme-Coating Process

Hopefully by now, you are well-familiar with the family of Moon Visions' bullets.  They are made right here in Texas and are full of exceptional features that make them stand above the rest!  Check out this latest cutsheet: Moon Visions Bullet Family
Well -we got to thinkin'...if we are moving in the direction of LED lighting, with lamps that are rated for 50,000+ hours, then we'd better have a fixture that could last at least 150,000 hours!  If the lamp is burning 8 hours a night, the fixture is in the elements 24 hours a day...so it must endure 3 times as long as the LED.  And even though our bullets are made from the highest quality cast aluminum, then cleaned in a 5-step bath, and finally powder coated with an excellent super polyester Duracoat...we felt like we needed to go even further to ensure a 150,000 hour life: thus we discovered the Extreme-Coating application. 
Extreme-Coated Bullets
What is Extreme-Coating?  It is a process in which an epoxy "paint" becomes molecularly bonded to the fixtures and essentially becomes part of the fixture itself.  It provides total protection inside and out, because every crevice, hole and recess is covered. Here is a helpful hand-out we made to explain the process: Extreme Coating Process.   Moon Visions is the only company that provides this type of protection!  This Extreme-Coating was given an accelerated life test by the Army, where it sat in a salt fog chamber for 3200 hours.  The results concluded that the coating could last 20 years!   Add our superior powder coat finish on top, and you've got one amazing product. 


New Lenses for PAR LEDs

This whole new LED world is a different change for all of us.  We know we have a great product - our LEDs operate at 1.22 watts each, have a forward

PAR3818 Lenses

OSL, MV Lens and Ring Assembly
voltage of 3.6vF, and operate at 375 milliamps...just like they should.  But we are still learning about the color and spread of the LEDs, and exactly how to design with them.  In listening to some feedback from our customers, we have added a "mercury vapor green" lens and an "overall spread" lens option to each of our lamps.  The green lens simulates that mercury vapor look that we just can't completely achieve with the 5000K lamps; it adds that tinge of green that is needed to enhance the vegetation and really looks like moonlight.  The overall spread lens doubles the beam spread of the lamp; so a 40 degree lamp with a spread lens is now an 80 degree lamp.  It also breaks up the light and softens it just a touch.  We have fabricated a lens clip that will hold both lenses if you wanted both effects.  These lenses are available for all lamps - in each wattage and in both 12 and 120 volts.

We're Listening...

As I mentioned above - this LED game has a whole new set of rules and we're unfortunately learning as we go.  But...we are listening to your suggestions and making changes along the way to perfect our LED family.  When we first started along this LED venture, we were only concerned with more light! and more power!  But it has come to our attention that these lights are quite powerful - and the amount of light they produce has definitely not been a problem, despite their minimal wattage rating.  We have customers all the time who think they need a 22 watt, only to return it for the 14 watt.  With that being said, we have introduced a more subtle light to our LED family: a 2.5 watt.  This lamp is a PAR20 and fits in the MVS series.  It is available in both 12 volts and 120 volts; in warm white (3500K) it is in 15 and 40 degrees, and cool white (5000K) it is in 25 and 40 degrees.  The additional spread and green lenses can also be added.  New 2.5W LED Moon Visions Lamp 



And in case you need another reason to go LED...

Even though we just had a 10% (yes - TEN percent) price increase from Universal Lighting Technologies just last August, our ballasts went up another 10% last month.  Yikes!  We also heard officially from EYE Lighting, our mercury vapor lamp authorities, that ALL mercury lamps will be gone in 2016.  We knew that was coming...but now we know for sure.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but hopefully you make lemonade out of lemons and can use this as a selling point for LED lighting!

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Thank you for your continued support and patronage!  Until next month....


Amy Mina
Business Manager
Landscape Lighting Supply