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August 2010

Welcome to the August edition of Landscape Lighting Supply's monthly e-newsletter.  Sorry... I skipped July - but ever since we announced our LED Promo (did you hear about that??) we've been super busy - and I didn't want to inundate your inboxes.  So this is an "early" August newsletter, and then I'll get back to the mid-month newsletters in September.  Feel free to forward our newsletter to anyone else that would be interested in learning Watts Up in the landscape lighting industry!
They're HERE!!!
TV With StaticNo not Poltergeist... our 12V and 120V LED's!
We are so excited that our first shipment of 12V and 120V LED's are here and in stock.  Just a reminder, we have the following wattages and sizes (click on the provided link for a PDF cutsheet):
And then our next shipment of lamps (due around the end of September) will include Warm White (in the 5W, 7W, and 14W), 15 beam spreads (in the 5W & 7W for feature spotting) and 40 beam spreads in all 3 sizes and in all 4 wattages! 
Beam me up...
Doctor SpockWe now have beam spread info! 
We've sent our LED PAR's and new LED Floodlights to be evaluated so we could accurately share with you their beam spreads, throw distances, and footcandles.  See attached PDF files (by clicking on the link below)for this helpful info - should make designing your next LED project a breeze! 
*Please note that the LED PAR's in the 40 beam spread is not available yet, as we don't have the lamps in stock yet.  We will update the Photometric chart as soon as the lamps are received and evaluated*
10W LED Floodlight              10W LED Floodlight
LED Floodlights                   LED 12V & 120V PAR's  
We're listening...
ListeningTo all of your suggestions, so keep them comin'! 
For example...
  • A customer in San Antonio pointed out that our MV MR16 Bullet would benefit from an MR16 socket that utilizes a clip to "hold" the base of the MR16 light bulb
    • DONE!  Look for this product upgrade in September.  By using the MR16 Socket with the built in clip, you can confidently use it in an open downlight fixture without the anxiety of wondering whether your light bulb will be there in 6 months!
  • A customer WAY up north (Canada Eh!) commented that although our "new" textured powder coat is far superior to other brands, it was still was prone to chipping on the edges.
    • DONE!  We consulted with our powder coater, and they added a "special sauce" (as they like to call it) to our paint process specifically designed to make powder adhere to the edges more efficiently.  This change was made with our most recent shipment of bullets - so look for this product upgrade now!
School's Out For Summer! 
But its never too late to educate yourself! 
10W LED FloodlightSo... here's a few "Did You Know?" facts.  Who knows, you might learn something new! 
  • Did you know that our new 12V LED PAR's can run on an electronic transformer?  A lot of manufacturer's LED's CAN'T utilizes these little guys without causing the LED's to flicker - but not ours!  They CAN run on both magnetic AND electronic transformers.
  • Did you know that our new 12V and 120V LED PAR's contain tiny fans to alleviate heat issues?  Yep, you read that correctly, our 14W PAR30 and 22W PAR38 12V & 120V PAR Lamps contain tiny fans that constantly run to cool down the LED electronics... and we all know that HEAT is the #1 killer of LED's!
  • Did you know that we 100% test EVERY one of our new 12V and 120V PAR LED's?  Yes, before ANY of our new PAR's make it to our shelf, they are 100% tested in our "clean room" where they are assembled.  This "extra effort" step we take, makes your life and our life easier!
  • Did you know that we redoing our website?  Yes, sadly, after 6 years of trying to update and maintain it myself, we are hiring a professional company to make some awesome improvements!  Including a special section for our contractors to request quotes online, plus more thorough cutsheets of all of our products.  Look for this exciting change in September!
Last But Not Least...
 BroomA Couple of "Housekeeping" Things: 
  • Universal Lighting has implemented an 10% price increase on all of our Metal Halide ballasts.  This price increase will take place August 15th.  We will wait to raise our prices until that date, but feel free to contact us after August 15th for an updated price list.  This price increase will effect loose ballasts, ballasts in boxes, as well as all Mercury Vapor Kits...  sorry to be the barer of bad news...all the more reason to switch to our new LED's!!!
  • From this point forward, we will be asking for a 50% down payment on ALL special order items.  It seems we are running into a lot of canceled projects, or projects that get placed on hold for months.  This 50% down payment will cover any restocking fees that might occur if/when the material is returned to the manufacturer.
Awww... ain't that sweet!10W LED Floodlight
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Thank you for your continued support and patronage!  Until next month....

Melissa Chapman
Landscape Lighting Supply