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June 2010

Welcome to the June edition of Landscape Lighting Supply's monthly e-newsletter.  Feel free to forward our newsletter to anyone else that would be interested in learning Watts Up in the landscape lighting industry!
Turn on your Floodlight!
That's a Neil Diamond reference if you didn't get my humor on that one! 
Ever wonder if their will ever be an LED Floodlight that is as powerful as the BIG metal halide box floods?  Well... wonder no longer!
By mid-July we will be stocking a new line of low-wattage HIGH OUTPUT LED floodlights!  Seriously, these suckers pack a huge punch!  Here's the lowdown on what we will be stocking:
10W LED Floodlight
10W LED Floodlight

30W LED Floodlight
10W LED Floodlight
10W LED Floodlight
  • LED SQ10W 12V WW - 10W 12V 3000K Floodlight (approximately 600 lumens)
  • LED SQ10W 12V CW - 10W 12V 6000K Floodlight   (approximately 850 lumens)
  • LED SQ10W 120V CW - 10W 120V 6000K Floodlight (approximately 850 lumens)
  • LED SQ30W 120V CW - 30W 120V 6000K Floodlight (approximately 2500 lumens)
  • LED SQ50W 120V CW - 50W 120V 6000K Floodlight (approximately 4200 lumens)
Typical applications/uses for these AWESOME LED floodlights:
  • Floodlighting
  • Wall packs
  • Building signage
  • Security lighting
  • Wall washing
Here are a few of the features of these AWESOME LED floodlights:
  • Available in 12V (10W only) and 120V
  • Replaces existing low efficiency flood lights
  • Uses CREE LED chips
  • Gray powder coated, die cast aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation
  • IP65 rating, with sealed tempered glass lens
  • Universal Voltage, 100-285 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 120 beam angle
  • LED life of 50,000 hours, LM-79 rated
  • If used to replace incandescent or quartz lamps - it will reduce electrical costs by 80%
  • If used to replace metal halide lamps - it will reduce electrical costs by 40%
  • Other colors and beam angles available through special order
We are also designing a 3 sided bug shield to be used in conjunction with this floodlight - more info to come on these exciting new floodlights next month!  But looks like we can kiss those old, huge floodlights goodbye! 
Sittin' on the dock of the bay...
Bay1Our warehouse bay that is! 
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 12V and 120V LED's.  They should be here by the end of the month!
We stocked up on our wonderful line of Moon Visions bullets and will be ready to sell our LED's by the 100's soon!
Look for a special announcement in your inbox announcing their arrival!
Ain't no stopping us now...
Stop SignWe're in the groove! 
Now that we've started the process of manufacturing our own LED PAR bulbs (12V and 120V) - the possibilities of what we can do next - are endless!
For example... because of requests from YOU our contractors - our next shipment of LED's will also be available in Warm White!!  (Look for those in August).  And, some of y'all mentioned that you would prefer a wider beam spread on our LED PAR (knowing that you will lose a little bit of the punch to do so), so we are also looking at bringing in some of the PAR's in a 40 degree beam spread - maybe even wider!
AND - we are kicking around bringing the 7W PAR30 and 14W PAR30 in a super tight beam spread in Warm White.  You might be asking yourself, why??? - why to put it in our Feature Spot fixture of course!  Everyone loves the look of highlighting a fountain, statue, birdbath, etc. with a nice warm punch of light and using that 50W AR111 lamp.  Great lamp - but its expensive, its 50 Watts, and it has a short lamp life... so why not use a super bright, super tight, LED lamp instead!!
See, we are very accommodating... if YOU have a special request, just email, call, or fax us.  If we don't have it - chances are, we can probably get it!
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Thank you for your continued support and patronage!  Until next month....

Melissa Chapman
Landscape Lighting Supply