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April 2010 - Vol 2, Issue 4
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Product Spotlight: Vehicle Expansion Unit
Tradeshow Recap: AUSA
BFTT Completes Barge Test
AP Labs Receives Boeing's Gold Supplier Award
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Product Spotlight: Vehicle Expansion Unit (VEU)
The Vehicle Expansion Unit (VEU) from AP Labs provides a rugged multi-function platform for deploying and consolidating applications within military vehicles used in harsh battlefield environments. 
Over recent years, the evolution of advanced applications has led to a proliferation of subsystems performing a variety of mission-critical functions in today's military vehicles.  The VEU supports efficient integration of multiple applications in a single rugged chassis, with scalability for up to three independent processors plus video encoding of up to four MPEG channels. Combining independent subsystems within a single thermally efficient fanless chassis provides a compact footprint for optimal Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and improved maintainability. 
Vehicle Expansion Unit (VEU)
By offering a high degree of flexibility in processing power, data throughput, removable solid state storage and standards based interface options, the VEU supports a full range of vehicle-based applications, such as C4I, mission planning, data recording, vehicle maintenance & monitoring, and real-time tactical display video streaming.
At the AUSA Exposition in February 2010, the VEU was demonstrated running Northrop Grumman's NCOMS-P software, which provides fact-driven Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) capabilities for operators/maintainers of military vehicles.
Northrop Grumman NCOMS-P Platform
Northrop Grumman NCOMS-P Platform
(See the following article for more on the AUSA Exposition.)
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Tradeshow Recap: AUSA Winter Symposium & Exposition
The AUSA Winter Symposium & Exposition, held February 24-26 in Ft Lauderdale FL, once again offered an awe inspiring spectrum of sophisticated weapons systems and military applications that often seem like science fiction but in fact represent the state-of-the-art in war-fighting capabilities. 
AP Labs was pleased to participate in the AUSA show, both through demonstrations of advanced systems with a number of our key partners and through collaborative partnering sessions that will lead to the next generation of futuristic applications.

A spotlight collaboration was in the Northrop Grumman booth, where AP Labs assisted in showing the NCOMS-P system deployed on the VEU (described above). This advanced software system monitors a whole range of sensors mounted in the engine and all around the vehicle to ensure that the driver and crew are constantly aware of all the things that you and I tend to take for granted with our own method of transportation. When on a mission in unfriendly territory and a long way from base it is imperative that, if anything on your vehicle is about to fail or needs some care and attention, you need to know about it immediately - - before a failure occurs! The NCOMS-P system makes use of a CANbus network on the vehicle to monitor everything. In addition the VEU computer hardware solution takes in video feeds from a number of cameras mounted strategically on the vehicle. The video streams are networked to display along with the vehicle data, either in the vehicle or remotely.

AP Labs' Andy Mason & Michael Humphrey In Northrop Grumman AUSA Booth
Northrop Grumman Booth at ASUA

Another of our customers displayed a fixed camera system that resides atop a mast deployed from the roof of armor protected military vehicle. Each one of four individual cameras covers one quadrant for its field of view, which is processed in real time by the system's unique computer and software combination. The video processing system receives the four input streams and "stitches" them together into an integrated 360 degree digital image.  The output is viewed on an interactive on-vehicle display console and can also be transmitted over an intelligent network system for use "back at base".  To top it off, the system is designed to compensate for jitter and movement, thus providing usable real-time image data whether the vehicle is in a stationary location or travelling at high speed over rough terrain.

As previously mentioned, every AUSA Exposition represents both a chance to see the latest sophisticated applications and a chance to sow the seeds for future innovation by meeting and brainstorming with existing partners and potential new collaborators.  The past February's AUSA session was no exception, offering a number of very interesting and exciting opportunities.  Stay tuned and watch for us to be involved in the development of a new generation of hard-to-believe applications in the near future.

BFTT Update: MIL-S-901D Heavyweight Barge Test Completed
The latest version of the Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT) system, AN/USQ-T46D, provided to the US Navy by AP Labs, has recently completed MIL-S-901D Grade B Heavyweight Barge Testing. The MIL-S-901D specification covers shock testing requirements for shipboard machinery, equipment, systems, and structures, excluding submarine pressure hull penetrations. The objective of this test was to verify that the BFTT Equipment could withstand shock loading that might be incurred aboard U.S Navy combatant ships during a near-miss explosion. Qualification testing was performed at the NTS facility in Rustburg, VA. The testing was conducted utilizing Navy standard 60-pound HBX-1 charges suspended at a depth of 24 feet below the surface of the water. The equipment was subjected to 4 shots at various standoff distances from the Floating Shock Platform, (FSP).
BFTT Barge Test

AP Labs has been involved in the US Navy BFTT Program since 1995, acting as the primary production facility and system integrator for the core BFTT hardware. In addition, AP Labs provides engineering services, design and logistics support to the program.
For the continuing program, AP Labs will be responsible for production of the BFTT systems and associated hardware to include assembly, configuration, alignment, integration, and testing. The systems are assembled and tested at AP Labs facilities in San Diego, CA and delivered to Navy facilities and contractor sites in preparation for shipboard installation, as directed by NSWC Dam Neck.
AP Labs Wins Boeing Gold Supplier Award
AP Labs is pleased to be a recipient of Boeing's Gold Supplier Award for excellence. Gold is the highest supplier rating given by Boeing.  The Gold Supplier award was in recognition of AP Labs' acheiving both 100 percent on-time delivery and 100 percent acceptance-rate quality as supplier of systems for Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB), which demonstrated the use of directed energy to defend against ballistic missiles.  AP Labs is honored by the Gold Supplier Award and by the opportunity to partner with Boeing on such an important mission-critical application.
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