Zambezi River

December 2009
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 Bloukraans Bridge Bungi
Zambezi River 
"Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all" Brian Jackman

Our Top 10 African Safaris will inspire you and fill your mind with the romance and adventure of the African bush.  Now is the time to travel, special deals are available for the picking.

Finest Africa will always offer you a memoriable experience, our business is based on referrals and repeat business.  We are your friend in Africa, a friend that will offer you expert advice, the best deals and most importantly we are the familiar faces you see when you arrive.
We are available to you 24/7 while in Africa.  View our safari guarantee.

Enjoy ticking off these African Safaris off your Bucket List... if there are still a few that you have not fulfilled, drop us a line and we will send you a no obligations quote.
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  1. Botswana Safari.  What sets Botswana apart from other safaris? One of the largest game populations in Southern Africa, place of the magical oasis of the Okavango Delta where a ride on a mokoro (dugout canoe) is unforgettable, vast stretches of untamed and unfenced wilderness with unrivalled game viewing. A suggested Fly in safari Find out more...

  2. Overlanding, a safe way of traveling through Africa via road, with  your family and friends. It is not a bus tour from A to B, it is a way of experiencing Africa, the expected as well as the unexpected.  Overlanding is the most economical way to explore the African continent and a great way to get a more genuine view of Africa than any travellers will ever experience.  Finest Africa will offer you a professional and memoriable experience, with reliable vehicles, delicious meals and expert guides.
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    View our incredible overlanding trips
    Best of Southern Africa Find out more...
    Botswana Circuit Find out more...

    There are many more overlanding experiences to choose from, please have a quick look at what is on offer from Finest Africa.  The Finest Overlanding Trips...

  3. The Great Migration in Tanzania.  The annual movement of wildebeest across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world. Originating on Tanzania's short grass plains of the southeastern Serengeti, the dwindling of the available grass is the impetus for this primal trek. The horizon fills with 1.5 million wildebeest, 200 000 zebra, 18 000 eland and 500 000 Thompson's gazelle, relentlessly tracked by Africa's great predators.

    View the migration on a Luxury Lodge Safari Find out more...
    Experience the migration on a Camping Safari  Find out more...

  4. Namibia Safari
    Meet the Namib: the oldest desert in the world; Damaraland: where the largest free-roaming population of black rhino resides; Cape Cross: a bewildering cacophony of Cape fur seals; Etosha: a blinding whiteness that is home to a surprising variety of wildlife. This is an all-encompassing safari that explores the spirit of this wide-open land - Namibia's most special wild places, its people and culture. Exposed and diverse landscapes, desert wildlife, scenic, jagged mountains, endless skies, and so-called 'barren' deserts all reveal a multitude and variety of life. On a safari in Namibia there is also an excellent opportunity to find even the largest of mammals surviving here - the desert-adapted black rhino and elephant.

    Best of Namibia Wing Safari  Find out more...
    Spirit of Namibia Safari  Find out more...

  5. Kruger Park has it all...

    Pure romance and ultimate decadence... one moment you could be lying in your bubble bath overlooking the African forests and the next out on your game drive parked in your Landrover in the middle of a pride of lions feasting on a fresh kill... return to your luxury lodge for dinner under the African night sky, before retiring to your king size bed and crisp cotton sheets.

    Comfortable Bed and Breakfast or self catering options are perfect for those who enjoy doing it under their own steam... there is so much to choose from to make it perfect for you. 

    Kruger Park as a family holiday is filled with adventure... you may wish to do a sleep out, high up in a 'treehouse' listening to the night sounds, dining by lamp light and sleeping under mosquito nets on comfortable matresses and duvets... bush walks with enthusiastic field guides that can't wait to share the little things and make it exciting to learn about a dung beetle. 
    Read more about the perfect Kruger Safari...

  6. Zambia
    A walking safari with a trained guide is the best way to experience a true African safari, where you are able to see the little things as well as the big... track animals by following their spoor... so let us get our hiking boots out and go on a walking safari in the remote parks of Zambia.  View our suggested itinerary...

    Zambia is for the adventurous soul looking for remote locations, where the African bush is enjoyed in privacy. Discover the unspoilt wilderness and untouched beauty of the Luangwa river... read more

  7. Gorilla Trekking, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

    Located in southwestern Uganda on the edge of the western rift valley covering 331 sq. kms, Bwindi Impenetrable NP is one of the largest natural forests in East Africa, supporting a large number of plants and animals not found elsewhere. About half the world's population of mountain gorillas reside in BINP. There ae estimated to be only 720 Mountain Gorillas alive today in forests of the Albertine Rift Valley.
    The vegetation, as the park's name implies, is composed of tropical rainforest with dense undergrowth.

    This rugged terrain makes hiking in search of gorilla strenuous work. Visitors who trek should be prepared for up to 8 hours of hiking. Good physical condition is required. A maximum of only 8 permits per day per family, with 6 groups habituated, are available for advance booking. Kindly confirm tour requirements as far in advance as possible to help avoid disappointment.

    After an early breakfast and a briefing by a ranger guide, enter the gorilla sanctuary for your adventure. The beauty of this rain forest is spectacular. The area offers dramatic steeply forested landscape and is incredibly dense, but criss-crossed by numerous animal trails allowing access to tourists. The time taken and the terrain covered varies with the movements of these great primates. The thrill of spending time observing these gentle and endangered giants is an awesome, exciting experience to be long savored. Many find it to be a rare and moving opportunity.
    See our Gorilla Trekking Safaris...   
  8. Canoe the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe was widely regarded as one of Southern Africa's top safari spots.  The country continues to maintain a high level of service even during these difficult times.  Zimbabwe's main safari areas stretch from the upper Zambezi to the Lower Zambezi Valley, Hwange National Park, Matopos, Great Zimbabwe and the Eastern Highlands.  The best canoe safaris available anywhere, run along the shoreline of Mana Pools National Park and although a new canoe safari 3 day trip has started up in Mozambique, there are no safaris on offer elsewhere which quite match the Zimbabwean settings and style.
    Find out more...
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