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Boswell Book Company Newsletter                     June 30, 2012, Day 1182.



If you're wondering whether we have more than two events in July, do not fret. We'll have our regular July event newsletter on its way to you on Monday or Tuesday, complete with Alexandra Fuller, David Maraniss, Donald Ray Pollock and more. But I wanted to remind you that tomorrow (Saturday, June 30) is the Downer Classic Pro Criterium and that news obviously couldn't wait until next week. If you love bike races, you won't want to miss it. If you love parking a block from our store, you might want to delay your trip until Sunday.


Streets begin closing at 8 am and will stay closed until 10 pm. If you do want to park, my suggestion is to head south and west. There are a good number of spots around Eastcastle, and even more closer to Maryland Avenue Montessori School. The buses are also rerouted. But if you're walking here, you should have no problem.

Looking for some kid-friendly fun? The Downer Classic has it. There's a kids' activity area sponsored by St. Mark's Lutheran and Church in the City. A scavenger hunt will send you all over the shopping district, and let me say that we have excellent swag this year. And finally, there are kids' races too.

Registration for both the kids' races and the hunt begin at 10:30, and I should note two changes. Firstly, we will not be adding heats--when the age range hits capacity, it's full. But secondly, the prizes this year are Boswell gift cards, which some kids might like better than last year's prize (gift cards to a chain that is currently advertising cheap alcholic drinks on billboards around town.)

This race is a big deal, the crown jewel in the Tour of America's Dairyland series, with stops in eleven different cities. Want more info on the other races? You've got it!

Chris Cleave at Boswell on Monday, July 16, 7 pm, a Fundraiser for The Pablove Foundation. $5 Tickets Now On Sale.


Speaking of bicycle races, I've got to tell you about Chris Cleave's newGold 712 small novel, Gold, which comes out on Tuesday, July 3. It's the story of two competitive cyclists, best friends who nonetheless find themselves competing head to head. Kate has managed to balance her life. She's married to Tom, another cyclist, and together they have a young girl, Sophie. Zoe, on the other hand, has not let love interfere with her pursuit of the win. She's single, with some dalliances, no, a lot of dalliances.


So here's the problem. There's only one spot between the two of them on the Olympic team. And I should say another thing--Sophie has leukemia, and must undergo constant treatment and care. And how does Sophie cope? By pretending she is fighting battles as a Star Wars character.


There's no question, Cleave has done it again, matched the emotional wallop of Little Bee with a story that once again asks the serious questions. What would you give up to win? And what would you give up for a child?  The astute bookseller Valerie Koehler of Houston's Blue Willow wrote "Cleave has ripped my heart out again" and Ed Conklin of Santa Barbara's Chaucers raved that Gold "made me gasp, smile, and cheer."


Chris Cleave credit Lou AbercrombieI admit, I can sometimes be a jaded person. And I worried that Cleave's juxtaposition of competitive sports and caregiving for a child with cancer might not work. But this is the kind of book where you give your brain a little slack and go with your heart. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Two more things to tell you. One, we're hosting this event as a fundraiser for The Pablove Foundation, which helps kids with cancer and their caregivers. Tickets for the event are $5 and we'll donate the entire $5 to the cause. In addition, ticketholders will get 20% off any copies of Gold that they purchase.


Secondly, this is a very important event for me, as Little Bee was the last event I worked with at Schwartz, and the first that I helped shepherd as if I might one day have a store where I was hosting Boswellish events. And it still ranks as one of the most wonderful events I have ever attended. Chris Cleave is not to be missed. He's truly an amazing guy. If you've never seen the winter in Milwaukee video he made, you must watch it now.

Win a Book Club Date with Robert Goolrick on Monday, July 30, Plus Everyone's Invited to His Boswell Appearance at 7 pm.

What a coincidence that we are hosting Robert Goolrick and Chris Heading out to wonderfulCleave in the same month. In the winter of 2010, A Reliable Wife was fighting it out with Little Bee as the book club book of the moment. Most people I know read both. We're so excited to be hosting Mr. Goolrick for his new novel, Heading Out to Wonderful.

Stacie wrote a wonderful review, which I'd like to quote here: "This star-crossed story unfolds before us in slow motion, allowing us to fall quietly, deeply in love with the hypnotic former country bumpkin Sylvan Glass, alongside the mysterious stranger, Charlie Beale, as well as Sam Haislitt and Jackie Robinson (the dog), and the entire cast of characters who populate the small town of Brownsburg, Virginia. Post-WWII peace has settled over this sleepy community, and life has returned to a settled sense of normal, even as it's been slightly altered. Change isn't seen as a bad thing, though it is eyed with suspicion. Neighbors are still nosy and observant, but respect each others' privacy. This reserved nature, however, may be precisely what paves the way for tragedy to strike. And when it does, nothing will be the same for anyone in Brownsburg, least of all young Sam. Goolrick's new novel is a powerfully refined, sublimely memorable tale with language as beautiful as the romance is tragic. And it's, oh, so tragic."

Robert GoolrickWe certainly want as many of you as possible to come to our event on Monday, July 30, 7 pm (or if not ours, then the ones at Next Chapter or Books and Company). But what I mostly want to tell you about here is our win-a-book-club-date-with-Robert-Goolrick contest, going on right now.

Yes, your book club could meet with Goolrick 6 pm, an hour before our public event. Just email with the question you'd most like to ask Mr. Goolrick. No purchase necessary. Since it will be hard to choose the best question, we'll take all the entries with good questions and have a drawing. If you don't give us a good question, however, you won't qualify for the drawing. Here are three questions that are off the table:

1. When do you write?
2. Will there be a sequel to A Reliable Wife?
3. Is there going to be a movie?

I'm actually a sucker for authors recommending other authors so I'll let the "who do you like to read?" question stand. Entries due on July 15.

I promise that sometime next week, you'll receive our list of July events. But for a preview, you can read my thoughts about the new books by Sheila Kohler (July 9) and Alexandra Fuller (July 10) on the Boswell and Books blog. I discuss the quandary writers have about keeping to formulas in the former, and discuss the use of the term "sequel" in the latter. Oh, and both books were great!
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