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An electrician and an apprentice repair a circuit breaker from an industrial panel.
Electrical Industry News

The Ins and Outs of Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Circuit breakers can protect systems from overcurrents and short circuits when properly maintained. To properly use these devices, it's essential to understand how they work and how they are constructed. In this article, PEARL member Shermco Industries, Inc., describes the popular types of circuit breakers...Read more 


Schneider Electric Announces Safety Notice for Masterpact Circuit Breaker

The Masterpact NW Circuit Breakers manufactured by Schneider Electric -- listed at 88 to 6300A and assembled in North America -- may have a nonconforming washer on primary terminal mounting screws. As a result, a low clamp force between the terminal and the breaker/cradle could result in overheating at the loose connection. Get your answers to frequently asked questions...Read more


How to Find the Short Circuit Duties for Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers 

and Fuses  

Part 1 of a two-part article uses a simplified power system to find the short circuit current duties of circuit breakers and fuses. Because a short circuit fault can cause a high level of current to flow, the electrical equipment must be able to withstand the stresses of the current, and the interrupting devices must be able to interrupt it. Otherwise, it can lead to equipment failure, a threat to facility operations, or worker injury or death...Read more  


ANSI Approves NEMA Standard on Switches
Preventive maintenance is key to the longevity and reliability of switches. To ensure that switches are properly maintained, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved the National Electrical Manufacturers Association's standard for distribution equipment...
Read more 

Economic Slowdown Creates Surge in Demand for Reconditioned Equipment

As a result of the economic slowdown, companies are turning to PEARL members to purchase reconditioned electrical equipment. By adapting to new market segments in their areas, some of these members are experiencing record sales...Read more.



PEARL Member News  

SIMS Conference Slated for September 5, 2012  
The Shermco Industries Motors and Switchgear (SIMS) Conference will be held in League City, TX, on September 5, 2012. A leader in electrical maintenance, repair and safety training, Shermco knows the time constraints of engineers, maintenance managers, and electrical maintenance professionals...Read more


Issue: 41, August 2012
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PEARL Technician 
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Completes Draft of Technical Requirements
The PEARL Technical Committee continues to meet regularly by conference call to work on the new PEARL Technical Certification. The committee has just recently completed a first draft of the technical requirements for each of the four levels of certification.