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PEARL Standards, Network Helps P&F Supply Add Medium-Voltage Services

AURORA, CO - A little help from your friends can go a long way. Just ask Mike Pennell, president of P&F Supply Co. (Grand Rapids, MI). Pennell has been providing low-voltage electrical equipment and reconditioning services to a nearby potash processing plant in southwest Michigan for many years. But when the client recently asked if P&F Supply could recondition five medium-voltage 5kV contactors during a regularly scheduled maintenance shutdown, Pennell turned to his associates in the PEARL network to gain the equipment, expertise, and skills he needed to work on medium voltage equipment...Read More

Do you sell switchgear?  Here's the easy way to increase your sales.  

PEARL Photo ContestGive Us Your Best 'Shot' For Chance to Win an iPod

Get out your cameras because PEARL is giving away an iPod for the best photo or video of an electrical product covered by PEARL Reconditioning Standard Section 1100. The photo must be an original photo, owned and copyrighted by the submitter. By submitting your photo, you agree to give PEARL free use of the photo. Send a digital copy of your photo or video to and good luck! A winner will be chosen at the end of the month and announced in PEARL's next newsletter.

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How to Sell Electrical Equipment to Hospitals

Hospital and medical facilities will account for 11% of new construction in the U.S. this year, and the trend isn't likely to dissipate as the average age of the country's population continues to increase in coming years. Read this primer on how to sell to this market, including discussion of market drivers, cost considerations, group purchasing organizations, electrical code requirements, and more...Read More


Arc Flash Calculations Are Right, If Device Works As Advertised

This article gives an excellent summary of how to calculate an arc flash rating to tell maintenance workers how to avoid electrical catastrophes, but it does have one fault: All arc flash calculations are based on manufacturing specifications for a device rather than tested values for that device. PEARL members have learned time and again that "batch" testing new equipment versus testing each and every device means your arc flash calculations will be right most of the time. But do you want to bet your life on a probability or a proven fact?...Read More

Pressure Builds on Electronics Manufacturers to Recycle

Pressure is building on hi-tech manufacturers to stop the mining of precious metals and find a way to reverse the negative impact on our environment. The question is how are manufacturers going to make the necessary changes in order to save our environment, reduce the rising costs of these precious metals and avoid potential liability from the disposal of their products? The answer is to have a green sustainability program in effect...Read More 


Lucent Gets Into Telephone Switch Remanufacturing for Disaster Relief

In 1996, the Special Customer Operations (SCO) business at Lucent Technologies entered into the 5ESSŪ switch used-equipment market primarily through the sale of circuit packs. During the latter part of 1997, the SCO remanufacturing scope expanded to include the remanufacturing and resale of 5ESSŪ wired equipment such as shelf units and cabinet assemblies. Today, the remanufacturing capability has the inventory and infrastructure to provide nearly all of the 5ESSŪ equipment required for full switch deployments...Read More

Issue: 31, Oct. 2011
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New Photo Contest -- Win An iPod!!
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PEARL Board Discusses ANSI, Technician Certification at Biannual Meeting
PEARL BoD Meeting
PEARL's Board of Directors recently met in Orange, Connecticut at the Marriott Courtyard on September 17. Topics for discussion included PEARL's ANSI initiative and a proposed Technician Certification and Training program.

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