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All You Need to Know About the Industrial Electrical Market

Need to know more about the U.S. industrial market, its health, its prospects, and how the electrical supply market supports the domestic industrial base? Check out this overview of the market's key trends and sales opportunities...Read More

IEEE To Revise Transformer Reconditioning Standards

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board has approved two projects for the revision of standards for evaluating and reconditioning transformers, including PC57.12.34, which is related to Pad-Mounted Compartmental Type, and PC57.140, for Liquid Immersed Power Transformers...Read More 


Remember When Client Relationships Didn't Involve Legal?

The author believes in new ideas and technology, but says the personal touch that built so many business relationships still works best...Read More 


Can Someone Translate This Motor Nameplate for Me?

The nameplate on an induction motor holds the key to matching a replacement. Learn what data NEMA says is mandatory, what is optional, and how to make sense of it all in this informative article...Read More 


Tornado RecoveryEquipment Recyclers Help Communities after Tornado Disasters 

Tornadoes across the Southeast, Midwest, and Massachusetts twisted buildings, downed trees, mangled vehicles, and caused infrastructure rubble. The bulk of the debris is being landfilled, but more and more is being recycled in safe, responsible ways....Read More

Low Interest Rates Should Help Support Construction Recovery

Last week, the financial world once again teetered on the edge of the abyss, and the U.S. Federal Reserve calmed the waters by promising low interest rates into 2013. This column says that move should help support easier credit, but won't solve the economy's larger problems...Read More


PEARL Adopts New Compliance Resolution Procedure to Enforce Electrical Reconditioning Standards

In an effort to improve the safety of the electrical industry, the Professional Electric Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL), a standards development organization for reconditioned industrial electrical product, is making its new compliance resolution procedure available to the public...Read More


Want to sell more circuit breakers?  Here's the easy way to increase your sales. 

Tech Talk: Answer the Challenge for Chance to Win an iPod!!

How deep is your knowledge of safe electrical practices, testing and electrical reconditioning? Follow this link  to see this month's question and email us your answer. A winner will be drawn from all correct answers at the end of August. While you're answering this month's trivia question, you can bask in the brilliance of last month's winner, Don West of Southland Electrical Supply, out of Burlington, NC, and learn the answer to last month's question. 

Issue: 29, August 2011
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Electrical Industry News
PEARL Adopts Standards Compliance Resolution Procedure
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  PEARL Expands to Include Electrical Service Organizations  


PEARL expands membership categories to include electrical Service Organization companies with reconditioning facilities and redefines the Associate Member category. The new Service Organization category applies to all electrical service companies that have a permanent facility for electrical reconditioning. Members of the Service Organization class have full Voting Member privileges and rights. In addition to a permanent reconditioning facility, Service Organization members must meet all other PEARL member requirements, such as minimum of $1 million in annual sales, adhere to PEARL standards and Codes of Business Practice...Read More

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