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What Electrical Test Equipment to Use, When and Where

Proper use of test equipment and procedures should be part of the fundamental training for all qualified persons. Section 130.4 of NFPA 70E states that only qualified persons shall perform testing work within the limited approach boundary...Read More

PEARL President Highlights 2011 Electrical Safety Conference

Brian Corekin, President of PEARL and Monster Fuses (Portland, OR), says this year's conference will focus on 'green' business opportunities for the secondary electrical supply market, ANSI accreditation, and continuing education training...Read more

Participate in Electrical Wholesaling's Top 200 Electrical Distributor Survey

Electrical Wholesaling's Top 200 is studied and saved by many manufacturers, distributors, acquirers, analysts and investors. Within the electrical wholesaling industry, being listed brings a company considerable prestige, much as making the Fortune 500 does for U.S. businesses in general...Read more

Learn How to Specify Protective Devices for MCCs

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part series on specifying protective devices for motor control centers and make sure that your customers are ordering the right part for the application

Do You Have a Question for PEARL?

The PEARL headquarters wants to answer questions about the Association, technical-how-to-recondition questions, and the reconditioned electrical marketplace. So if you have a question, click here to send it to us. We'll be sure to share the answer through this newsletter, and our Tech-Assist discussion forums...Email your question


New White Paper Addresses Need for Technical Testing, Reconditioning Standards for Secondary Electrical Supply Market

A new white paper from the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) discusses the need for technical testing and reconditioning standards in the unregulated secondary electrical supply market...Read More

Tech Talk: Answer the Challenge for Chance to Win iPod!!

How deep is your knowledge of safe electrical practices, testing and electrical reconditioning? Follow this link to see this month's question and email us your answer. Winner's will be drawn from all correct answers at the end of April. While you're answering this month's trivia question, you can learn the answer to last month's question.

How To: Inspect, Recondition, and Medium Voltage Transformers:
Dry-Type Transformers, Padmount Transformers, Power Transformers

From the original power source, such as the utility generator, transformers of medium-to-high voltage are used to step up or to step down voltage for the most efficient and cost effective transmission of electrical energy. They can be found in utility switchyards, on power poles, in shopping centers, schools, manufacturing and process plants, and more. Proper maintenance of this equipment is critical and proper preparation for re-application is no less critical...Read More

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Issue: 25, April 2011
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Electrical Industry News
New White Paper Addresses Need for Technical Testing, Reconditioning Standards for Secondary Electrical Supply Market
Win An iPod!!
How To ReconMedium Voltage Transformers: Dry-Type Transformers, Padmount Transformers, Power Transformers
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