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Refurbishing Can Extend the Life of Utility Assets by Decades
This white paper from ABB takes a hard look at whether to repair or replace aging utility gear. The paper suggests several ways to determine whether repair (PEARL calls it reconditioning) or replacement are the best option. The paper estimates that the cost of refurbishing a high-voltage breaker is about 60% of new, while LV and MV switchgear can easily see another 10 years of life with good maintenance (registration required to download the paper)...Read More

Building a Better Warehouse for Electrical Distributors
Large inventories of electrical product going back decades is the hallmark of a PEARL member. This places considerable strain on warehouses. The NAED's TED Magazine looks at how a handful of different sized electrical distributors recently dealt with the need to expand and reorganize their warehouses, and the financial and operational benefits they realized as a result...Read More

Do You Have a Question for PEARL?
The PEARL headquarters wants to answer questions about the Association, technical-how-to-recondition questions, and the reconditioned electrical marketplace. So if you have a question, click here to send it to us. We'll be sure to share the answer through this newsletter, and our member-only discussion forums...Email your question
PEARL Brings Electrical Reconditioning Standards to Las Vegas IAEI
Members of the PEARL Board of Directors recently gave a presentation on PEARL, it's library of technical standards for electrical reconditioning, and best practices to the Las Vegas, Nevada Chapter of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)...Read More

GE does it. Also Eaton, Fuseco, AVO Training, and hundreds more. It helps them get more customers - cheaply ! Click to learn their technique.

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How To: Inspect, Recondition, and Test Medium Voltage Transformers: Dry-Type Transformers, Padmount Transformers, Power Transformers
From the original power source, such as the utility generator, transformers of medium-to-high voltage are used to step up or to step down voltage for the most efficient and cost effective transmission of electrical energy. They can be found in utility switchyards, on power poles, in shopping centers, schools, manufacturing and process plants, and more. Proper maintenance of this equipment is critical and proper preparation for re-application is no less critical...Read More

Location. Location. Location. Just like in real estate, your Internet address is extremely important to your business. Here's how to maximize it.

Tech Talk: Answer the Challenge for Chance to Win 2GB iPod!!
How deep is your knowledge of safe electrical practices, testing and electrical reconditioning? Follow this link to see this month's question and email us your answer. Winner's will be drawn from all correct answers at the end of November. Learn the answer to last month's question on ampacity and bask in the brilliance of last month's winner: Gary Benzenberg of Industrial Electric Testing, Inc., out of Jacksonville, Florida....Enter to Win!

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Issue: 20, Nov. 2010
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