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PEARL, Aftermarket Mentioned as "Top-10 Trend" Changing Electrical Industry

Editors at Electrical Wholesaling say "Making Peace with the Aftermarket" is one of the top 10 emerging trends that will impact the electrical industry in the near future. According to the editors, PEARL..."has made strides in clarifying the challenges surplus dealers face and putting the necessary tools in place to raise their credibility among the rest of the electrical industry."...Read More
EC's Going Green Graph
Electrical Contractors Going Green - It's Not Just a Fad
As PEARL publishes the electrical industry's first analysis of the embedded energy costs and benefits of reconditioning versus new product using virgin or recycled materials, a recent NECA survey shows that 60% of electrical contractors - up from 47% in 2007 - worked on "projects with green or sustainable building elements." By 2010, up to 20% of revenues from the largest firms will come from projects that have green elements. PEARL members, are you letting your 'green' flag fly?...Read More

Part 6: Molded Case Breakers and Maintenance
In this in-depth series of articles looking at the specifics of circuit breaker design, operation and maintenance, the sixth and penultimate installment focuses on a product line dear to the hearts of PEARL members: molded case circuit breakers and related maintenance...Read More

Electrical Supply Chain Undergoing Major Shifts
From the OEM, to the distributor, to the GC, there's a major blurring of business activities and processes right now as companies throughout the electrical supply chain seek a bigger part of the pie. Economics are driving it, while technology is helping to make it possible. This is a must read if you want to get a glimpse of the electrical industry's future....Read More

BucketPEARL Link Fills Gaps in Square D's Electrical Supply Chain While Saving the Environment
PORTLAND, August 15, 2010 - A Square D service center is just one of hundreds of companies that have located obsolete, hard-to-find, and reconditioned electrical service equipment through the PEARL Link feature at PEARL Link is a Web-based search form that allows buyers and sellers of used electrical equipment to send a query to all full-voting members of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) by filling out a short, eight-line form on the PEARL website, More

Extra! PEARL Breaking News: PEARL Marketing/Newsletter Committee Achieves Industry First for PEARL, Electrical Industry
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Tech Talk: Answer the Challenge for Chance to Win 4GB iPod!!
Call it the Summer doldrums, or a 9.5 on the difficulty rating, but last month's question stumped our valued readers. The question was: Name someone other than Edison who fought hard against the advent of AC power and why did he take that position. This is as common a name today as Edison or Westinghouse. The answer, of course, had everything to do with money. For a variety of reasons, John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan saw AC power as a threat to their personal fortunes. This month, PEARL $AFE is lobbing you a softball question, but next month, watch out! We're going hardcore. You better be a reconditioning expert to answer next month's trivia challenge!

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How To: Inspect, Recondition, and Test Medium Voltage Switchgear
Switchgear is a broad term that covers electrical distribution systems made up of metal clad or metal enclosed cabinets containing switches or circuit breakers. The switches might be fused or non-fused. They might be air break or vacuum break. While manual break devices are the most common, medium voltage switchgear could either be electrically closed or opened. Circuit breakers may be air break, oil break or vacuum breaker -- even SF6. Where the breakers or switches are electrically closed, opened or both, there will be a requirement for control power source and control power wiring. The source might be a remote separate source of low voltage brought in from outside the switchgear or it might be provided by transforming line power down to the necessary control voltages. This standard covers the cabinets, bussing, relaying and control circuits only...Read More

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Issue: 17, August 2010
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How To Recon MV Switchgear
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