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Electrical Industry NewsAEMC December Leaderboard 2009
UL Warns of Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) with Inadequate Corrosion Protection
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying AHJs, electrical contractors, electricians and retailers that the Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) products, manufactured by Guangdong Walsall Steel Pipe Industrial Co., Ltd., may not be adequately protected against corrosion...Read More

Make Sure the Gen-Set Is Big Enough to Start Industrial Motors
Many PEARL members sell generator sets to industrial facilities to supply temporary power, but you need to make sure it can handle the high inrush current from large motors, which can run up to six times the full load current...Read More

Circuit Breakers Part 4: Time Curves, Fault Currents, and Coordination
The fourth installment in this 6-part circuit breaker paper discusses time curves, fault current, series rated devices, selective coordination, line and load terminal connections, and ambient compensated circuit breakers...Read More

PEARL Elects Board of Directors, Adds Alternate Director Position
During the association's recent annual meeting held in Denver, PEARL members re-elected the Board of Directors to a new term. The Board subsequently added a new, non-voting Alternate Director position and elected Michael Habeeb of North American Switchgear, Inc. (Cleveland, OH) to that position...Read More
PEARL President Recaps 2010 Conference
Internet Committee Discusses Recent Growth in PEARL Website Traffic
From race cars to technical presentations on how to work with electrical OEMs, PEARL President Brian Corekin highlights the happenings at PEARL's recent annual conference held in Denver. In other PEARL news, the Internet Committee Chairman and Past President Bill Schofield talks about how members are making PEARL Link work for their bottom line, growing Internet traffic and plans to make PEARL's website even better.
Tech Talk: Answer the Challenge for Chance to Win a 4GB IPOD!! 
This month's trivia question takes you back into U.S. history, including an electrical device that was developed in the mid-18th century and is still used today?
...Enter Contest

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How To Inspect, Recondition and Test of Low-Voltage Contactors and Relays 
As directional, check, and globe valves are to plumbing, contactors and relays are to electrical systems. In this section we are looking at magnetic control devices for low voltage circuits...Read More

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Issue: 15, June 2010
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UL Warns of EMT, Sizing Gen-Sets and Breakers, PEARL Election
Win An 4GB IPOD!!
How To Recon LV Contactors, Relays
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