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Eagle's Nests   

Eagle's Nests

We are lucky to have local, farm-fresh duck eggs to showcase in our Eagle's Nests. 

Eagle's Nests

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Friday Harbor Dining San Juan Island WA - Coho Restaurant


One night only -  

Friday, March 18th - Coho Restaurant and the San Juan Community Theatre will team up for a lively night of Cuban fare and song.  See our website for more details on acclaimed Afro-Cuban songstress Bobi CÚspedes and our 3-course special meal.  The package is only $47 per person, tax and gratuity excluded.  Call (360) 378-3210 to order your tickets for the performance and (360) 378-6330 to make your dinner reservations. 





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Photo of the Month: Winter Fun

Our guests  

Richard and Brigitte M., from Bothell WA, always bring one of our favorite visitors, Gizmo.   

He loves people, and gets along with Mona pretty well too!

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Coho Honey Granola 

Each morning guests start off breakfast with our homemade granola.  It is packed with whole grains, seeds, and nuts in a base of organic old fashion oats lightly flavored with a local organic honey, olive oil and spices.  Stir in some plain organic Greek-style yogurt with fresh seasonal fruit and this is the breakfast of champions!   


Order through our online gift shop.

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Visitors are often charmed by the seemingly small town "wholesomeness" of Friday Harbor.  To them, a community that rolls up the streets at 9:00, and celebrates the county fair as the social event of the year is like stepping back in time to the 1940's.  Our guest Patrick R. from Washington D.C. told us how amazed he was during his morning walk.  He had gotten up early and decided to stroll the streets before breakfast.  He couldn't believe how everyone he passed said "Good morning" to him, and actually meant it!  "The first thing I did was check for my wallet, because in D.C., the only ones who say 'good morning' are thieves or people who want something from you!" 


MV Olympic
The MV Olympic Ferry spent summers in the San Juans in the early days of ferry service.

Of course, in the '40's, it truly was a close-knit community.  Locals Emily Reed and Carolyn Haugen wrote several plays about local women for the Playwrights Festival of 2010.  In their play Salt & Pepper, they wrote about Ruth Sundstrom, a farm wife from a long line of island growers.  In one scene, Ruth's line was "You know, those Navy men all had pictures of pin-up girls above their bunks. Clyde wrote and asked me to send him a photo for over his bunk. Bet his was the only pin-up of a farm girl with straw in her hair and her dress down to her ankles! No matter. He wrote often and his letters came simply addressed to "My darling wife, Friday Harbor, Washington. He knew I'd receive them as I had a job at the post office sorting the mail."


Sixty years later, life on the island isn't actually that far removed from this era.  Stephanie, our Guest Services Coordinator had to deliver an envelope to someone who was waiting at the ferry terminal.  When she arrived, the walk-on passengers had already boarded.  Stephanie asked the ferry worker if there were any more waiting to board.


"No, they're all aboard.  Who're you looking for?"

"Tiffany S."

"Oh, Tiffany S.?  I know her!  I went to high school with her.  Hang on, let me call the bridge and have her paged."


Sure enough, over the loudspeaker a pleasant voice asked Tiffany S. to go down to the car deck to collect her package.  Problem solved. 


In another instance, Stephanie had to get a box to the UPS pick-up station at Post San Juan.  Hamid, the owner, said, "Oh, I'm sorry, you just missed the guy!  But he's probably in the ferry line.  Go down there and tell him I said it was ok for him to take your box."  Sure enough, the UPS driver was in the queue, and Mike, the driver, was ready for boarding.  He took the package, without question or hassle.     


Only in a small town can you get away with things like that, where people know and trust each other, and really mean it when they say "Good morning."  That's just one of the many reasons why we love it here on San Juan Island.




Anna Maria & Dave

Island News 


Islanders often come to together to chip in for worthy causes. It is amazing how the Island runs on dedicated volunteers.  One of the latest "causes" is for the health of our dear island itself.  April 9th is the Great Island Clean-Up, when we'll attempt to rid the major roads and beaches of litter.  Soroptimists, Rotary, Kiwanas, and Lions Clubs are all participating, as well as Friends of the San Juans, the Chamber of Commerce, the Girls Scouts and more.  Visitors are welcome to help as well - we especially need all the help we can get on the beaches; the never-ending bits of plastic that wash ashore from the Pacific Gyre are a danger to marine life and shore birds alike, and ultimately end up negatively affecting our whole ecosystem.  If you're looking for a meaningful way to celebrate Earth Day, here's a good opportunity.  For more information, contact


The Island is home to one of the premier marine research labs, the University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories.  Their annual open house on May 14th is not only an opportunity to tour the campus that overlooks Friday Harbor, but to meet scientists and research fellows.   Pacific Octopus

Scientists and students will showcase their marine science research, answer questions and provide demonstrations.  Guests can step aboard their 58' research vessel, the R/V Centennial, and check out its remotely operated vehicle, oceanographic tools, and high-tech sonar systems.  There will be a demonstration of SCUBA equipment and a SCUBA dive from the FHL dock. Children are encouraged to attend.


Speaking of marine life, the Whale Museum is hosting their 5th Annual Greeting Ceremony Dinner & Auction.  When the resident pods return, they do what appears to us humans as a greeting ritual, like saying "Hi, guys, haven't seen you in awhile!  How's your season been?"  This event echoes that greeting, celebrating the return of the resident pods while raising funds to support the Whale Museum's projects.  Join them for food, fun, bargains in the silent and live auctions, and a whale of a good time. Mark your calendar for Friday, May 13, 6 pm at the Mullis Center.  This event is open to the public.  For more information, contact the Whale Museum at 360.378.4710.


Another place that's now

Our Spacious New Co-Op Space Has Lots of Room For Growth

open to the public, at certain hours anyway, is our new San Juan Island Food Co-opGently growing from a tiny retail space no bigger than a shoe box, the co-op has moved into a cheery, spacious location next to Bakery San Juan on Mullis Street.  Here's where you can buy locally-grown produce, bulk foods, and interesting products at affordable prices.  For more information on hours they are open to the public, see our blog.


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You may be aware, we've gotten new software for our reservation system.  All of us are still learning our way around the system, so please bear with us if we're a bit slow when you call.  We did our best to transfer your pertinent information forward, but we may have lost some data in the transition.  If you would be so kind, when you have a moment, please log on to our guest information page and let us know your preferences and special dates.  That will help us stay in touch and serve you better.


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