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Friday Harbor Dining
Family Art Days
Mollie's Meals & Treats
Farewell Dear Friend
Textile Guild Spins at Tucker House
Featured Recipe
Coconut Pinapple Tarte
With a bunch of "foodies" working at Tucker House Inn, Harrison House Suites, and Coho Restaurant, our pot lucks are always more tasty than the standard casserole and bean dip affairs.  This stellar contribution was Alphonsine's dessert.  Click here for the recipe.

Pineapple Tart

Friday Harbor Dining San Juan Island WA - Coho Restaurant





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Island Museum
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 Family Days

A free summer art program at the Sculpture Park runs every Saturday from July 3rd through
August 28th
Family Vacations San Juan Island 
Great for families traveling to the island, each weekend a resident artist will teach hands-on classes for kids to create works of art to take home.

The July 3rd class with Francie Hansen and Kevin Roth, Co-Chairs of the annual "Trash to Treasures" booth at the San Juan County Fair, will be especially fun, helping children unleash their creativity while saving landfills by re-using and recycling.

 Check out their
Mollie's Meals & Treats  
Mollie's Meals & Treats

 Innkeeper Erin's
dog biscuits have become Mollie's legacy.  Available in assorted flavors, your dog will "sit pretty" for one of these treats!

Click here for more information.
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Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn Newsletter

We are excited to introduce our new Innkeeper /Catering Manager / Pastry Chef, John Alexander Hamilton.  For the past few months, John has been creating the three-course breakfast menus to rave review from guests, as well as preparing all the desserts at Coho Restaurant.  Yet it's his experience with catering and kitchen management where John really shines.  He has already started developing menus for special private dinners and events for guests and outside parties alike, both on- and off-site. 


John Hamilton

John's relaxed style and friendly personality make our inn guests feel welcome, and help to keep kitchen tension at a minimum.  We are so fortunate to have a chef of John's caliber, helping us to move to a whole new level of service. 


Most recently, John worked as Co-Chef at Circa Alehouse and Gourmondo Catering, both in Seattle.  A stint at Balboa Café in San Francisco brought him to the West Coast, where he fell in love with the commitment to fresh, seasonal, locally-grown products.  A native of Indiana, since moving to the Pacific Northwest, John has done some competitive sailing and has developed a passion for gardening and sustainable farming practices, and the environmental issues facing the region.  His other interests include reading, history, anthropology/archaeology, and global politics. 


We welcome John to the island and the Inns and look forward to welcoming you as well,

Anna Maria & Dave

Farewell Dear Friend

April 27 was a blue Tuesday for all of us at the Inns.  Our beloved yellow lab, Mollie, was having great difficulty throughout the day, and took her last breath about 5:00 that evening. 


Mollie & Dave, Mt. Young, English Camp, SJI
Mollie & Dave at the Top of Mt. Young

In the early days of the Inn, Mollie would greet guests and welcome all, but as her arthritis and stomach problems advanced, she became increasingly reclusive.  It was only through the devoted care of Innkeeper Erin Dannelly that Mollie lived to her remarkable old age of 14 years.  Erin developed a special raw-food diet for Mollie, made with the same organic, sustainably-grown islands food products that we serve at the Inns and restaurant, often feeding Mollie by hand if Mollie wasn't quite up to standing.  You know how labs are; they love to eat, no matter how bad they feel.  But when Mollie stopped wanting to eat, we all knew her days were numbered.


Erin also created an entire line of dog treats in multiple flavors, so that Mollie could enjoy treats just like everyone else.  But it wasn't only Mollie who delighted in these special biscuits.  Erin started selling them at the local farmers' market and they became a big hit with island and visiting dogs alike.  Mollie's Meals and Treats, each batch hand-made by Erin in our commercial kitchen, are now sold in stores throughout the islands as well as on-line.


Though people and dogs are coming and going throughout the inns as the busy season ramps up, there is still a feeling of emptiness for us.  We all miss Mollie's presence, her sweet face coming up to greet us good morning, her quiet breathing as she lay on her bed in the business office.  She touched us all, and lives on in our hearts.  Farewell dear friend.

Annette Dysart Turns Fleece From Sheep She Raised Into Yarn
Annette Dysart
Textile Guild Spins at Tucker House

News has been spreading of the Inns new policy of allowing the use of our public spaces to non-profit organizations for meetings.  The first group to take us up on the offer was the San Juan Island members of the San Juan County Textile Guild.  Last month a small contingent of their membership set up their spinning wheels in the Tucker House living room and began creating beautiful wool yarn.  The gentle sounds of the spinning wheels and light patter of the artisans lent a homey, comforting feel to the house.  


They are creating yarn from the fleece of the sheep that one of their members, Annette Dysart, raises.  The finished yarn will be woven into a 22"x72" shawl, to be raffled off at the San Juan County fair in August.  (If you're on-island Wednesday August 18 to Saturday August 21, be sure to check out their handiwork at the Textile Barn.) 


The group will be meeting in the Tucker House living room on the third Thursday of every month.  Members of the organization are eager to talk about their craft, and will readily answer any questions guests may have.   To see more photos of the spinners and read about the process, see our blog.

Tuer House Bloglogxtile Activities at Tucker House

Textile ActivitiesTucker House

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