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Friday Harbor San Juan Island WA - Tucker House Inn
Mollie's Meals & Treats  
 Mollie's Meals & Treats

 Mollie and Innkeeper Erin sell biscuits at the San Juan Island Farmer's Market and at the Inn's.  Mollie leaves a few treats for our four-legged guests. 
Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn Newsletter

Have you ever noticed how people in small communities always talk about the weather?  We Islanders are no exception.  We just love to marvel, year after year, over the fickle fluctuations of Spring weather.  One day it'll be sunny and warm, the next downright freezing - but maybe sunny, the next day it hails, and on it goes.  If you count all the five-minute blips of sun, we actually get more sunny days here than in my home town of "sunny" California.
It's said we're "the banana belt" of the Pacific Northwest, in the "rain shadow" of the Canadian Mountain Range, meaning the rain passes over the top of the mountains and arcs right over us to dump onto the mainland.  Why, we even have a store here called Banana Belt Boutique.  That said, it's still far from most people's interpretation of "warm," and we still get our share of rain.  The difference is, the rain doesn't faze us - we just keep doing what we're doing, business as usual.  I remember the first Island Stage Left production I saw; it was held at the director's home, folding chairs set up in front of the simple, uncovered, outdoor stage.  It started raining, and the actors - professionals that they are - never skipped a beat; they just kept on with the performance as if nothing had happened.  The audience members simply pulled their jacket hoods up and continued to enjoy the show.
That's life on the island.  We just keep doing what we do, rain be damned.  If the weather cannot stop a theater performance, it certainly won't stop us from grilling.  We love barbecues at South Beach or Jackson's Beach no matter what the weather.  What could be better than freshly-caught grilled wild salmon? And one of the things we do here is grill our meals; indeed, what could be better than freshly-caught grilled wild salmon?  Though the grill at Coho is inside, this Italian Salsa Verde, our recipe of the month, goes well on any grilled meat, seafood, or poultry, whether is cooked under a powerful range hood or the simplest outdoor grate.  It's one of our most commonly used condiments at the restaurant, most recently making its appearance paired with a stuffed pork chop.  The key is to use a variety of fresh herbs, and to chop them by hand to avoid bruising the herbs.  Let your creativity go wild here, substitute any tender herbs you might have on hand.
Enjoy the bounty of the season!
Welcome Stephanie!
 New Guest Services Coordinator
Many of you might have already had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Pima-Sarantopulos regarding your upcoming holiday.   She joined us this spring as our Guest Services Coordinator.  Not only is she taking care of the concierge services to make your stay more enjoyable, she is also the editor of our newsletter. 
We are so fortunate to have Stephanie as part of our team.  Her background as a publisher of a small food-related newsletter and producer of an accompanying cable television program, along with her warm effervescent personality make her the ideal for this position.  Stephanie also has culinary arts training which give her an insider's understanding food and wine. 
She is a generous volunteer to our community involved with Soroptimists, Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center and the Islands Oil Spill Association to name a few.  Stephanie her husband Jeff, and new-to-them yellow Lab, Cooper, now make San Juan Island their full-time home after cruising on the family sailboat.  She has exciting stories to share about their four years at sea with their two beloved chocolate Labs. 
If you would like to contribute an article or photograph, have an idea of something we should include in our next edition, please let us know.  You can also follow our news on our blogs.
With warm regards from all of us in Friday Harbor,

Anna Maria, Dave, Stephanie, Erin, John & Mollie
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Ferry for Free 
Spend 2 nights or more at either the Harrison House Suites or Tucker House Inn and we reimburse you for your ferry trip.  Good for car, driver and passenger.  Can not be combined with other specials, coupons or promotions. 
Valid through May 20th excluding holidays

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