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Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn Newsletter

Greetings from Friday Harbor!  Happy 2010 from San Juan Island.  As we put the last of the holiday celebrations behind us and look ahead to 2010, we reminisced  about some of the wonderful, poignant, and memorable moments of 2009: 
1. Mayor Jones cutting the Town of Friday Harbor's Centennial Birthday Cake with his Navy Sword.
2.  Celebrating the birth of five new baby Orcas.
3.  The Town of Friday Harbor union workers offering to take eight furlow days in order to save job cuts for their non-union colleagues.
4.  Finding the only main line snake on the Island on Thanksgiving Eve to clear tree roots that were backing up the Tucker House main sewer line. 
5.  Biking the Island and stopping to marvel at the Olympic Mountains. 
6.  Tossing Candy and Centennial Pins from Engine 5 at the 4th of July Parade. 
7.  Stealing the favorite Secret Santa present during our annual holiday party with our extended Harrison, Tucker and Coho 'family.'
8.  Participating in John Rutter's Magnificat performance with the Victoria Chamber Orchestra and the San Juan Singers at the San Juan Community Theater. 
9.  Hosting a terminal guest and their friends who wanted to enjoy one last visit to San Juan Island together.   
10.  Celebrating Christmas Eve with Elsa, Octavio and their extended family - sitting around their kitchen table eating tamales and pisoli soup and enjoying family, conversation and good cheer. 
As you begin your list for 2010, may your year be filled with reflective, funny and memorable moments.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Anna Maria & Dave
Watchable Wildlife

San Juan Island WA BirdingThe San Juan Islands are home to a wide variety of plant life and magnificent watchable wildlife; whales, seals, eagles and hawks to name a few.  Many of our guests come to the Islands in summer to see the Orca whales, but the winter is also a magical time to visit.  The San Juans are the winter home for a number of northern migrating species including the Trumpeter Swan and Rough-legged Hawk - species you would have to go to the Arctic Circle to see in spring! One of the best viewing areas for birding is American Camp on the south end of the Island.

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