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    Innkeeper of the Month 

San Juan Island WA Pet-friendly Lodging
Erin moved to Friday Harbor with her 3 four-legged friends in February.  Her easy going personality will put a big smile on every face.   If you are traveling with a four legged friend, Erin makes some killer doggie biscuits.
Friday Harbor Dining San Juan Island WA - Coho Restaurant
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2 blocks from the Inns
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Friday Harbor San Juan Island WA - Tucker House Inn
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Guest Photo of the Month
 San Juan Islands, WA Wildlife

 Paul from Zimmerman Minnesota shared this stunning sunset of his vacation on San Juan Island. Thanks for sending the photos and keep them coming.
A Correction
 San Juan Islands, WA Whale Watching

We are happy to report that we erred in our article last month about J-2 being missing.  She has been seen this winter by researchers.
Ken Balcomb, from the Center of Whale Research, encountered J pod off False Bay, San Juan Island last week.  Both new babies, J44 and J45, were with their respective mothers and looking healthy.
Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn Newsletter

Greetings from Friday Harbor!  As I sit down to write this newsletter, the first days of spring are appearing, I am thrilled to see all the buds on the trees ready to pop and the flowers ready to open.  There are signs all over town that the season is near.  Whale watch operators are readying their boats, Susie is moving her mopeds from winter storage, committees are planning the 4th of July Parade and the town is preparing to line the main streets with hanging baskets.  We hope that our newsletter will keep you informed of happenings on the Island, provide helpful travel tips, coupons, recipes and local articles.   In between our e-editions, you can check out our blog for updates.
Life on an Island
Many of our guests ask what life is like on an Island?  We tease that we live on a 'Real Island' as there are no bridges!  But all joking aside, most agree that we are fortunate to live here.  Life is like America 40 years ago - not because we are behind the technology curve. We have high speed Internet and IPODs.  It is due to the people that live here and the way we interact with each other.  Some might say that we are forced to develop this community bond because of our geographic isolation.  That might be true, but most of us moved here to experience a different type of life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Our neighbors are genuinely interested in you.  The "Hi, how are you doing,"  greeting is not mandated by a corporate customer service program but genuine and heart felt. We are a small rural community. 
There are no traffic lights in the entire county (the county includes all 170 islands that make up the San Juan Islands archipelago),  no Starbucks, Costcos or Walmarts - just an Island of small independently run businesses. We have a bowling alley, community theater and cinema that runs the latest featured films - and the best part no lines!
Friday Harbor, Washington
What draws us here is the beauty and simplicity of this picture-perfect historic seaport town surrounded by spectacular mountain and marine views.  This is a rare, unspoiled place for outdoor adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts and history buffs alike.
Our sense of community is not taken for granted but nurtured.  Last month, we all participated in a 'Rhythm Jam'.  Over 150 of our neighbors packed ourselves into the elementary school gym - each with their our own drum.  We demonstrated the power of the individual voice and that of the whole. We were able to set aside differences and accentuate our commonalities.  We all had smiles ear to ear as we looked around the room and made fabulous 'music' with those whom we call our 'neighbors' and share the Island.   I am not quite ready to trade in my flute for a drum, but the message we came away from was very powerful.
Pictured above, your four innkeepers - enjoying a rare night out together!  (left to right - Shay, Anna Maria, Erin & Dave)
Summer Ferry Tips 
Getting Here is Half the Fun
Wasington State Ferry to Friday Harbor
  • Travel is first-come, first served. Reservations only for international crossing to Sidney.
  • Plan on taking an early morning boat. The afternoon ferries are crowded and cars are often wait listed for later boats. If you plan an afternoon sailing, arrive 2 hours prior to departure time.
  • Leave your car in Anacortes and come by foot. The Inns are two blocks from the Friday Harbor ferry terminal. There are options for getting around the Island without a car.
  • Tickets purchased in Anacortes are for round trip travel.
  • Inter-island ferry travel is free for foot passengers and bicycles.
  • Pre-Purchasing tickets does not offer any priority boarding.
  • On your return trip to Anacortes, you can visit other islands without paying additional tariffs.
  • Four-legged friends are welcome. They can enjoy the crossing in your vehicle or on the car deck restrained in a crate.
  • Return to Anacortes worry-free. Put your car in line after the previous ferry leaves, come back to the Inn and enjoy breakfast, and then return to the terminal 15 minutes before departure knowing your car is safely in line.
We hope you enjoyed our newsletter.  We will publish from September to May and offer a special summer edition in June. 
If you would like to contribute an article or photograph, have an idea of something we should include in our next edition, please let us know.  You can also follow our regular news on our blogs at:
Don't forget to check out our specials.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

With warm regards from your innkeepers,

Anna Maria, Dave, Shay, Erin & Mollie
Harrison House Suites & Tucker House Inn
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Ferry for Free 
Spend 2 nights or more at either the Harrison House Suites or Tucker House Inn and we reimburse you for your ferry trip.  Good for car, driver and passenger.  Can not be combined with other specials, coupons or promotions. 
Valid through May 15th excluding holidays