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Terry Ingham, Editor                               Vol. 8, Number 10                   Oct. 2011    
Current Events 
Event Summary
   Farmers Market 




Apple & Pumpkin Festival:





Sept. 17th-Oct. 22nd 


Barnyard Mystery  


Corn Maze

Sept. 17th-Oct. 29th


2nd Annual October Fest

Oct. 1st 


25th Annual Conncours D' Elegance
Mustang Show

 Oct. 2nd 



 Oct. 8th


Alfred Hitchcock fan alert

"Psycho" will be playing at

The Princess Theatre

Oct. 15th


Veterans Day Parade 

Nov. 11th 


Princess Theatre Schedule 

Tickets to many of these great events are available at the Prosser Chamber of Commerce 

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What's Happening in Wine Country
Fall in the Valley

      September was another huge month with unending events in Prosser.  We saw the 1st beer tasting at Wine Country RV Park during the Balloon Rally BBQ provided by Whitstran Brewery.  My personal favorite was Larry's Scottish Ale.               October is much quieter but still a wonderful time to come to Wine Country.  Crisp nights turn the foliage beautiful shades of yellow and red and makes sleeping great.  Grape harvest is in full swing as is crush at the wineries.  Many of the wineries have special grape stomping events that anyone can participate in.  Apples are at their best right out of the orchard and they are in harvest right now.  We still usually have perfect sunny mild days, so take one last chance to visit us.   


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See a Calendar of major events in Prosser    



Click here for current weather in Wine Country.


Good Eatin' by Kelly

Crock Pot Mulled Cider

1/2 cup brown sugar 
2 quarts cider
1 tsp. allspice, whole
1 1/2 tsp. cloves, whole
2 sticks cinnamon
orange slices 


Put all ingedients in a crock-pot.  Tie whole spices in cheesecloth or put in tea strainer.  If spieces are added loose, strain before serving.  Cover:  cook on low 2 - 8 hours.  Serve from the crock-pot with a ladle.


Great for those cool fall evenings!


Scott & Kelly's Corner  

Scott & Kelly

     Our first Balloon Rally was awesome.  We couldn't have had a better group of people in the park.  The BBQ and band were lots of fun.  What we enjoyed the most was when we looked out the window of our RV in the morning and saw the sky full of those big colorful balloons.
      It's now apple and pumpkin picking time and we are going to head over to the new mystery corn maze and see how long it takes us to get through it or lost, whichever comes first.  Also don't forget about the up coming 5K Vineyard Run/Walk and Grape Stomp in early October.   


See you soon,

Scott & Kelly 
 The answer to last month's riddle was:
Tim is 3, Mary is 15, Jane is 8
Bob Pittelli all the way from Arizona was the fastest subscriber to get the correct answer. This was a tough one and only two got it correct.


Here is this months riddle -   What might have "Pretty Boy Floyd" done to help our current economic woes?   


The fastest guest to email to: 

with RIDDLE in the subject line and the correct answer to the riddle will receive a free one night stay.      

Comments from the tasting room 

 Paul Gregutt ( has a number of interesting comments from tasting room servers.  These should help guide us when we are out tasting at the winery tasting rooms.
Tasting room bum
Is this you?


There are some things that should not be tolerated in a tasting room. Not just for the sake of the employees, but out of respect for the other patrons, and for the hard work and talent that has gone into the winemaking. But your friendly wine pourer will never tell you Mr. or Mrs. Consumer, that your thoughtless disregard for common courtesies is REALLY CHEESING THEM OFF!   Here are a few comments from tasting rooms.


"There seems to be this thing out there, that tasting is all about getting the buzz on, vs. getting an education about what is happening in the vineyards or the cellars, or learning about the specific wines the winery is selling. Can we mention that tasting is all about buying good wines from the winemakers, learning to pair wines with foods, sampling new vintages etc... not about getting a buzz on."

"Pay the tasting fees if you are not purchasing. Again and again they sneak out without paying for their tastings, or they think that if one person in the group of 7-8 buys one bottle that the rest of them don't have to pay."

"In a busy tasting room, please get your pour and move away from the tasting bar to make room for others to enjoy as well. It's irritating to try and taste when people refuse to move, and harder for those who work the tasting room to keep people moving."  

 "A ride on a tour bus/van/limo should not give you a sense of entitlement. Sharing a glass to avoid a $3 tasting fee is tacky and a sure sign that you aren't there to buy. And just because your dog can fit into a purse does not mean you should take it everywhere with you."


Some of these make you laugh, others not so!!


On The Wine Front

Grape stomping2
Get into the act and help make the next great wine.
Grape stomping at Airfield Estates

Yakima Valley Grape Harvest is moving into full swing!

Check out this entertaining wine blog 
by Paul Gregutt

Oct. 1st

Milbrandt Vineyards

Experience Harvest 


Oct. 2nd

Columbia Crest Winery

25th Annual Concours D' Elegance Mustang Show  


Oct. 5th

Desert Wind Winery

Cooking Class


Oct. 8th

Airfield Estates

Vineyard Run, Grape Stomp, Lunch, & Winemaker's Dinner 

Coyote Canyon Winery

Grape Stomp and Harvest Festival 


Oct. 15th

Alexandria Nicole Cellars

Ed and Glenn's Excellent Adventure  

 Milbrandt Vineyards

Winemaker's Dinner: Featuring Top Chef Robin Levanthal

Steppe Cellars

Wood Fired Pizza

Thurston Wolfe

Featuring their Winter Artist Russ Dix thru December 


Oct. 28th 

Desert Wind

Friday Night Supper Club


Oct. 29th 

Desert Wind

Wine Education Class:  Meet the Variety 


Nov. 2nd

Desert Wind

Cooking Class:  Fall Favorites


Nov. 18th

Desert Wind

Friday Night Supper Club

Nov. 19th  

Desert Wind

Holiday Open House 


Nov. 25th-26th

Many Wineries

Thanksgiving in Wine Country 

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