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Terry Ingham, Editor                               Vol. 8, Number 5                    May 2011    
Current Events
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Event Summary


Farmers Market 



Brew Master's DinnerTuscany Italian Bistro  


Horse Heavens Hills Brewery 

May 1st


"The Marvelous Wonderettes"at the Princess Theatre 

May 6th - 7th


 Discover Prosser 

May 7th


Spring City Wide

Yard Sale
May 7th

Annual Kite Festival
Columbia Crest Winery
May 7th


 Sage Rat Run 1/2 Marathon

 May 14th


Lower Valley Children's 5k FUNd Race

Airfield Estates

May 21st


Dash Race for the Kids

 May 28th    


Breakfast at Wine Country RV Park

May 28th 


Sportsfest 2011

June 11th


Hogue Classic Golf Tournament

June 17th


Scottish Fest &  

Highland Games   

Prosser Food & Wine Park 

June 18-19th


Moteur de Vine 

Walter Clore Wine & Culinary Center

June 24th  


 4th of July Celebration 

July 4th


Prosser Fly-In  

Prosser Airport 

July 16th - 17th 


Art Walk & Wine Gala 

July 16th - 17th 


Princess Theatre Schedule 

Tickets to many of these great events are available at the Prosser Chamber of Commerce 

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What's Happening in Wine Country
White Pass   May always shapes up to be one of the most beautiful months of the year.  After an all time record cold April, we are looking forward to a warmer May. The passes are clear and the mountains are glorious. The pool and spa are open, the grass is coming up green and blooms are everywhere.  If you have been listening to the national news recently you have to believe that we live in a little bit of heaven.  No tornados or floods, just warm sunshine.  Now all we need is you!
  Spring Barrel Tasting was huge again this year.  We were concerned that our guests from western Washington would be put off by the snow in the Cascades but that is one tough bunch!  They came in droves to taste what will become some of the world's finest wines.  Our Saturday morning breakfast and evening microbrew tasting at Wine Country RV Park were also packed. 
  By the way, did I mention that asparagus is in full production? 


To see what's happening at many of our local events

click here for a video of Prosser's best.  



Apps for Web Enabled Phones 


The new web enabled cell phones are all the rage but what's all the excitement about.  Not only can you make a phone call but you have the entire world of the internet right in the palm of your hand.  Email, twitter and facebook are just a touch away.  The real power comes from little tiny programs that address your particular need.  These are called apps and there is an app for just about everything that you ever wanted to do. Here is a beginners guide for Apps. 


 There is one app that really amazes  

me.  Google Goggles allows you to take pictures of just about anything and Google will give you information on that item.  Google Goggle for Wine will find tasting information, cost and who produces it. 

Now all I need is my new Android phone!!

Pain Getting You Down?

   As we age we seem to accumulate more and more aches and pains.  Bodies wear out and complain about overuse and the abuse that we heaped upon them when we were young.  
Very shortly the Yakima Valley begins harvesting one of Natures best pain fighters.  Cherries will be picked in late June through July.  This article tells the story of their health benefits.    
Come on over and get the best in the Northwest at our Saturday morning Farmers' Market.

Good Eatin' by Kelly

Beef Stroganoff


1 1/2 to 2 lbs ground beef

1 large package of thin egg noodles,

1 medium onion, chopped, cooked and drained.

2 (8oz) cans tomato sauce

Several dashes garlic powder

1 large cnt sour cream graded sharp cheese

1 small package cream cheese


Brown meat and onion together; drain and add garlic powder and tomato sauce; simmer 10 minutes and set aside. Place layer noodles in bottom of large round casserole; spoon sour cream mixture over noodles . Add layer of meat mixture. Repeat. Sprinkle grated cheese over on top. Bake in 350 degree oven 30 to 40 minutes until bubbles. Salt and pepper as desired.


Will serve 10 to 12.  Delicious for a large group.
Scott & Kelly's Corner  

Scott & Kelly


      We're working so hard this month to get the park in tip top shape that we just didn't have the energy to say much but make sure you join us for Breakfast at the park, Saturday, May 28th, Memorial Weekend. 


See you soon,


Scott & Kelly 

Three for the price of two!!  Arrive on Monday or Tuesday, pay for two days and stay the third day for free.  

(This promotion will be in effect through the month of May.  Make you reservation for the first day and mention this promotion to get the third day free) 


The answer to last month's riddle was "The statue is located at VineHeart Wines"  Larry Holter was the fastest and got his certificate for a free nights stay.  Way to go Larry


Here is this months riddle -    


    You are standing at the edge of a hole with vertical walls exactly 42' above the bottom.  It is 37' to the other side.  You have two ladders each 18' long, 102' of rope, a garbage can and three 6" bolts.  How can you get from one side of the hole to the other side.


The fastest guest to email to: 

with RIDDLE in the subject line and the correct answer to the riddle will recieve a free one night stay.      


On The Wine Front


Wine of the Week:

Desert Wind Winery - 2008 Desert Wind Vineyard Semillon

The argument rages on!!  Is it corks or screw caps?  This article discusses the issues.  What is your opinion?  Vote here for corks or screw caps.

May 1stPouring Wine

    Columbia Crest

        Vineyard Tour

May 3rd

    Coyote Canyon       

        Coyotes Ladies Night 

May 7th

    Columbia Crest

        Annual Kite Festival 


May 12th

    Milbrandt Vineyards

        Wine 101:  Sparkling Redux         


May 14th

    Yakima Valley Vintners

        Grape to Glass Gala 2011 

    Milbrandt Vineyards

        Winemakers's Dinner with Milbrandt Vineyard 

    Airfield Estates

        Zumba on the Crush Pad 

        Red, White & Wine Gala   

    Gamache Vintners

        Bling Fling 


May 21st

     Alexandria Nicole

        Wine 201 


May 27th

     Desert Wind Winery

        Friday Night Supper Club 


May 28th

    Airport Estates

       Sip, Swirl, & Paint 


June 5th

    Columbia Crest Vineyards

        Vineyard Tour 


June 9th

    Milbrandt Vineyards

        French Cheese at Milbrandt Vineyards 


June 11th

     McKinley Springs 

         Barbeque Showdown & Benefit 

     Airfield Estates

         Creat-A-Case Blending Seminar  

     Milbrandt Vineyards

         3rd Anniversary Celebration   


June 18th

     Chateau Champoux

         Lemberger and Lamburger BBQ 


June 19th

     Desert Wind Winery

          Red Wine & Ribs 


June 24th

     Airfield Estates

         Movie Night 

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