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Terry Ingham, Editor                               Vol. 8, Number 3                    March 2011    
Current Events
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2011 Event Summary


-Spring Barrel Tasting

April 8th-9th

Spring Barrel Tast
iSold outng 

 April 15th-17th

Spring Fling Festival

April 16th-24th

Annual Easter Egg Hunt 

April 23rd

Spring City Wide Yard Sale
May 7th

Farmers Market

Starts May 7th

Princess Theatre Schedule

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What's Happening in Wine Country
      This February, Red Wine & Chocolate brought in good crowds to the  wineries but rough weather in the mountains stopped many of our western Washington guest from enjoying that delightful combination. 
          In March things are a bit quieter.  We celebrate 


St. Patrick's Day.  The Irish had many great sayings and prayers.  They have a rather unique view point on life that is often very practical and real to life.  Here is one of many of their blessings:


                   "May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you

In the palm of his hand." 


If you are not a believer in leprechauns, take a look at this video of one caught in action.  If didn't see him, have a couple more green beers and look again.  Repeat until you see leprechauns.
          For our basketball fans, March also sees March Madness as 65 of our countries premier colleges fight for the bragging rights to be the #1 college basketball team in the nation, but in Prosser things are very quiet in March.

calendar of major events 

To see what's happening at many of our local events
 click here for a video of Prosser's best.


Event Alert!!

 Last month I told you about Spring Barrel Tasting.  This wonderful educational weekend draws great crowds to Wine Country.  But.......
unfortunately Wine Country RV Park is 100% full for this weekend.  There is a great alternative to this weekend.  Response to this weekend has been so great that many of the same wineries that are doing barrel tasting on the Spring Barrel Tasting weekend are also now are doing a pre-Spring Barrel tasting event on April 8th-9th.  This weekend is much quieter and more personal.  You can sample
from their barrels as their winemakers educate you in the subtleties of wine barrel storage  and blending.  Go to Wine Country or call (509) 800-726-4969 for your reservation today.  

Good Eatin' by Kelly

Yummie Buckeyes!!!!!!            


2 jars peanut butter, plain or nutty.
2 boxes confectioners sugar
1 pound butter
1 bar Bakers semi sweet chocolate
Gulf wax 1/4 bar
As many cookie sheets as you can lay your hands on or 4 (whichever comes first) 

Can you hear your arteries moaning and feel your  sugar level reaching about 500, lol.


Take off your rings, this can get messy. lol. And don't forget to wash your hand before you start

Mix together the peanut butter and butter.  After the peanut butter and butter are blended thoroughly, start adding the confectioners sugar. This will reach a consistency that you have to start using your hands to completely knead it in. Are you having fun yet?

Now get all your cookie sheets ready.

Pinch enough of the mix to make about an inch in diameter ball. After you roll each one into a ball,place it on the cookie sheet After each sheet is filled, place a toothpick in the center of each ball. You should have about 4 sheets of balls, or about 150-175 balls.

Put these in the refrigerator and let them harden.

While they are getting firm in the fridge, chill out and have a glass of nice wine. Check the little balls for hardness and if they aren't ready have another glass of wine. After the second glass of wine you and the little balls should be ready. If you are a fast drinker, and the little balls aren't ready, have another glass, go to bed and finish these tomorrow.

Last step, almost there.

Place the chocolate in a double boiler. It will be smoother and more consistent to break up the chocolate.  Add to the chocolate some Gulf wax, this is necessary to make the chocolate stick to the little balls. When there are no lumps and everything is nicely melted, take the little balls out of the fridge. Pick them up one at a time by the toothpick and swirl them in the chocolate. Do not cover them completely, leave an area around the top so they look like a buckeye. (I've never seen one, but I will take the word of the person who gave me this recipe.)

Almost there, now place each buckeye back on the cookie sheet, and place the trays of buckeyes back in the fridge to set up. This shouldn't take long. . .............and.......Voila........BUCKEYES

Just in case you made these all in the same night and you had all those glasses of wine, PLEASE dont forget to take out the toothpicks before you eat them.

These are best made with friends. They can be kept in an airtight container, not your friends, the buckeyes.  Bring them to Wine Country RV Park and share them with me! 

Scott & Kelly's Corner  


Scott & Kelly

Spring is coming fast so get that RV out and get it ready for your trip to Wine Country RV Park.     


Scott & Kelly 



The answer to last month's riddle was a raw steak.  By putting the steak under their saddle they tenderize the steak??? Julie Clark was the fastest out of two correct answers.  Way to go Julie.
Here is this months riddle -  

Can you decode this code?

The fastest guest to email to: 
 with RIDDLE in the subject line will recieve a free one night stay.

On The Wine Front

Wine Taster2

Uncertain as to what is the proper method to taste wine.  Take a look at
this interesting video that will help fill you in.   


If the crowds get you down or you can't get reservations for Spring Barrel Tasting, try pre-Spring Barrel Tasting.  Many of the wineries have opened their doors for the week before Spring Barrel Tasting to give their guests an opportunity to Barrel taste without the crowds.  Come a week early and get all of the benefits without the crowd

March 10th

    Milbrandt Vineyards

        Wine 101-Sake Milbrandt Vineyards 


March 12th  

    Coyote Canyon Winery

       1st Annual, Red, White and Wine Gala 


March 13th  

    Alexandria Nicole Cellars

        ANC March Madness 


March 17th

    Kestrel Winery

       St. Patrick's Day Wine Walk  

March 19th

    Milbrandt Vineyards

        Spring Fling


April 1st  

    Alexandria Nicole Cellars

        Wine 101       

    The Clore Center

        Opening of the "Outdoor Event Facility"   


April 3rd

    Columbia Crest

        Vineyard Tour

April 7th

    Milbrandt Vineyards

       Wine 101:  Cabernet Sauvignon 


April 8th-9th

     Some wineries

         Pre-Spring Barrel Tasting

     Alexandria Nicole Cellars

         Pre-Barrel Bash 


April 15th-17th

    Many wineries

        Spring Barrel Tasting 


May 1st

    Columbia Crest

        Vineyard Tour


May 7th

    Columbia Crest

        Annual Kite Festival 


May 12th

    Milbrandt Vineyards

        Wine 101:  Sparkling Redux         

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