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Terry Ingham, Editor                               Vol. 7, Number 6                          June 2010  
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2009 Event Summary

June 12th
June 13th-14th

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What's Happening in Wine Country

Lawns in spring

    Spring has sprung in Wine Country.  With an unusually wet May our flowers and grass have gone crazy.  Rich and his crew have whipped the lawns into the best shape we have seen in years.  Our underground drip irrigation has been a challenge but they have risen to meet it.  It allows us to water our lawns with much less water (read eco-friendly) without sprinkling your RV.  BUT!!  we do have to be careful about putting stakes, awning spikes and pet screws in the lawns or you might wake up with a lake at your site.  Memorial Day was huge at the park with another great BBQ.   
    My perennial favorite, local asparagus, is in full production and extremely plump this year.  Stop in at the Saturday Farmers Market and get the freshest asparagus available.  We are also looking forward to fresh cherries.  Cherries will be available in just a couple of weeks.       
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Deb & Rich's Corner
    Today, Memorial day, we stop and give thanks for our brave men and women who serve and have served this great nation here and throughout the world.  Our special prayers and thanks go out to all those and their families  who have given the full measure of sacrifice so that we might live in freedom.
    Our busiest weekend of this year wraps up a very busy and exciting beginning to our 2010 travel season.  We are tracking ahead of last year with everyone wanting to get out and enjoy the wonderful experiences the wineries and Prosser have to offer. Aside from the usual attractions in the area this weekend, the pool and spa were extremely popular with our guests for their end of the day relaxing. A beautiful mid 70's weekend provided many opportunities for outdoor activities or just lounging around with a good book.
    With reservations trending up, make your plans now and book early. The wineries are in full swing with new releases and new varietals. Our restaurants and shops are also in full swing and the weather is great.
Later  Deb & Rich

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Love Quilting?
 Every Tuesday a wonderful group of local ladies gather together in our south meeting room and make the most amazing quilts.  I haven't ask them, but I am sure they would love to have you join them.  Bring your sewing machine and quilting materials and show them what you've got.
Recipe of the Month by Rich

Bobby's Perfect Burger       
Photo by Steve Giralt
Burger by Steve Giralt

Shape 6 ounces of 80 percent lean ground beef chuck into a uniform patty, no more than 3/4 inch thick (don't overwork the meat). Make a depression in the center with your thumb so the burger won't bulge; the indent will rise as the patty cooks. Preheat a grill or cast-iron grill pan to high. Brush the burger with canola oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill until golden brown and slightly charred, turning once (7 minutes for medium-rare). Avoid pressing with a spatula! Add cheese for the last minute of cooking.

Spice Rub - Bobby coats his patty with a rub before grilling:


  • 1 tbsp ancho chile powder

  • 2 tsp Spanish paprika

  • 1 tsp each dried oregano, ground coriander, dry mustard, ground cumin and kosher salt

  • 1/2 tsp pepper

  • 1/2 tsp ground chile de arbol

rub generously on each burger
 Shop at Bobby Flays for great BBQ sauce
 Presented by "Five Star Food Network"

Jeff Kern is back!!  This guy is tough and really fast.  Fastest implies rate and the fastest rate that he walked from Prosser to Dallas was 3 mph.  The other information was just a distraction.  I was impressed with how many of you were able to calculate the length of time it took to make this walk.

Here is this months riddle -  

Which of the following statements are true?

  1. At least one of these ten statements is false.
  2. At least two of these ten statements are false.
  3. At least three of these ten statements are false.
  4. At least four of these ten statements are false.
  5. At least five of these ten statements are false.
  6. At least six of these ten statements are false.
  7. At least seven of these ten statements are false.
  8. At least eight of these ten statements are false.
  9. At least nine of these ten statements are false.
10. At least ten of these ten statements are false.

The fastest guest to email to: 
 with RIDDLE in the subject line will recieve a free one night stay.
Check our calendar at and find out when we have Toofur Tuesday and get a second night free when you check in on one of these Tuesdays. 

On The Wine Front

Nothing is more enjoyable than a late afternoon on the patio at one of our great wineries enjoying your favorite wine and appetizers.  Life is too short so commit yourself to making every possible moment relaxing, reinvigorating and enjoyable.

Willlow Crest

                  Enjoying the wine

June 3rd
    Desert Wind
        Cooking Class with Frank Magana
June 4th
    All Exit 82 wineries
        Sip & Stroll
June 5th
    Milbrandt Vineyards
        2nd Anniversary Celebration
June 6th
    Columbia Crest
        Vineyard Tours
June 10th
    Milbrandt Vineyards
        Wine 201:  South American
June 11th
    All Exit 82 wineries
       Sip & Stroll
June 12th
    McKinley Springs
        Barbecue Showdown and Benefit
    Cowan Vineyards
        Vino Y Tapas
June 18th
    Kestrel Vineyards
        Simple Supper
    Mercer Estates
        Dinner at Mercer Estates
June 19th
    Chateau Champoux
        Lemberger/Lamburger BBQ
June 20th
    Desert Wind
        Third Annual Red Wine and Ribs Celebration
June 25th
    Desert Wind
       Cool Desert Nights Show 'n Shine
June 26th
    Desert Wind
       Friday Night Supper Club

    Gamache Vintners
      Revelry on Red Mountain
July 8th
    Milbrandt Vneyards
       Wine 201: Portugal
July 17th
    Horse Heavens Hills Wineries
       Horse Heaven Trail Drive
July 30th
    Desert Wind
        Friday Night Supper Club
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